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  1. Yes, i have figured out if i unplug the CPU 8 pin it will stay on. Could that mean anything?
  2. I have troubleshooting lights and the "CPU" one lights up when its on.
  3. Hello, i have just put together a new pc build and when i go to turn it on, it will boot up for 1/2 a second then turns off. Specs: Intel core i3 7100 Msi h310m pro-vd motherboard 8gb micron ddr4 Evga 450BT psu Cooler master hyper T2 Extra info: Ive treid; Cmos reset, reseating ram, removing cpu and putting it back in. And the issue persists Any ideas to what could be the culprit?
  4. I have a Dell Inspiron, the default audio drivers are waves Maxx audio/Realtek and all I want is the standard Microsoft audio drivers. To remove this "program" thing I've already tried: Uninstalling the device MULTIABLE TIMES Going into my hard drive and searching "Maxx" and deleting everything And nothing seems to work... Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. i use the pin almost every day but it did say something about "pin required after 72 hours"
  6. Ok so i have the LG G6, and i can't log into it, my pin is just not working. I've tried restarting it and literally nothing happening. I have no idea what to do so i came here, does anyone have any idea to as what is going on and more importantly how i can get back into my phone. Thanks
  7. Ok if you could use USB to transfer files to your brain then those memory loss pills will stop selling, and then because some of them are made with jellyfish, the jellyfish will overpopulate and then someone who goes to Florida for a nice spring vacation is going to get stung and some of the (:b) drive is gonna get corrupted and then the dude that got stung is going to spread the corrupted files and then 1/2 the population of the earth is going to have corrupted brain files, and these people will reproduce so then all the newborn babies with have a corrupted bootloader and so in like 100 years the whole world will be like windows vista enterprise and everyone will have the same intellect as 40 year female facebook users and then Jesus will come again and he will get the brain virus, die and then everyone in heaven is gonna have brain.exe has stopped working. then everyone will get sucked into a black hole the end
  8. Despacito 4 is only out in canada, and everyone knows canada isn't real. 

  9. i have a LTT video suggestion: Why is everyone buying AMD ryzen?? 




    1. UncleTHICC


      amd ryzen is for pc gamers who video edit often so technically people are buying it for that use unless they are completely unknowledgeable and buy it because it doesn't bottleneck a gtx 1080... even though there are cheaper options with same performance besides video editing

  10. Yea the problem is specific to that mouse a month or 2 old
  11. Hello everyone, i have a "gaming mouse" that i got off eBay and it seems to be alright but i have noticed when dragging things in like 3D modeling programs that it just let up and either stop dragging the object or click on an object in the background. Also when i drag windows on my desktop it will sometimes just stop even when i have my finger firmly pressed on the button. I dont know if its because of the mouse or a software issue. Anyone have any ideas to solve this phenomenon? Thanks!
  12. Why not put the studs on the outside so you can actually see them

  13. Hello everyone, i got a lg g6 and i recently dropped in a 1/2 inch of water... And im a little worried that i could do damaige. What should i do? Even if it has a ip68 rating, there is still the unprotected ports and the speakers.
  14. 'Cause when the feelin's right I'm gonna run all night
    I'm gonna run to you! 

  15. Ebay uses emojis and its horrible 

  16. Im a fucking god at pubg mobile 2 "winner winners" in my first 4 tries 

    1. aisle9


      Yeah, but when's the last time you got laid?

    2. hardtofindinthefuture


      go to my "about" section, im guessing you can figure it out from there. 

  17. How ya gonna do it?

    Your gonna PS/2 it!

  18. I recently bought a core 2 quad, and the retards that shipped to me had a sticker on it, now how can i remove this glue stuff from the metal part?
  19. Eins, zwei, drei

    Shiki-shiki Schweine!