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  • Birthday February 9

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    Behind You ;)
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    Not Telling
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    praying to the great shrek, nothing else more ;)
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    Gender: Not Telling... ok fine male.
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    don't worry bout it fam


  • CPU
    Amd Ryzen 7 1600x
  • Motherboard
    some am4 motherboard
  • RAM
    32gb ddd4 3133mhz
  • GPU
    gtx 1080 ti fe
  • Case
    thermaltake h21
  • Storage
    4tb wd caviar, 2 tb wd green, 512 gb samsung 970 m.2 nvme ssd.
  • PSU
    evga 80+ gold 850watt power supply
  • Display(s)
    Samsung CHg9 49" OLED 32:9 ultrawide 144hz monitor, LG 32" 4k ultrawide freesync monitor.
  • Cooling
    Be quiet case fans, some cooler for my cpu.
  • Keyboard
    Corsair k70 cherry mx speed
  • Mouse
    logitech g510
  • Sound
    grado sr125e, beyerdynamic mt 120, logtitech light sync sound system.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64-bit oem

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  1. That escalated very quickly on my topic... Also do i really post disturbing things on my status thanks for the feedback i hope you think i am at the very least reasonable.


    Edit: Besides my pc specs...

  2. Why Apple Is Bullcrap. Apple is always saying there new products are revolutionary well I suppose that can be more clearly stated as revolting but are they really?
  3. So do you at least agree with me ( and also thank you for the advice ) Or am I just crazy?
  4. All your doing is making an inconvenience. I recommend a anti-bot system but not this. It doesn't matter how much more "defense" there is on the sign up screen there will always be scammers the best you can do is get rid of them not making it harder for everyone else. Some people may agree with you but tons with not as well just let it go and take out the accounts of the people who want to make it harder for us to enjoy this website. Simple as that. Apologies for being rude and perhaps you think I don't mean it but now that I see that your trying to be reasonable I am trying to set
  5. Yeah and I'm talking about how you expect them to make this set in place and you demand it like you own the site
  6. are those all your headphones?  

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    2. FloRolf


      I focused more on home theater sound over the last months, when I bought a 5.0 Klipsch Setup that I haven't put in my profile yet iirc. Gotta do so some day. 

    3. UncleTHICC


      there it is! I have spend years on this! It was a gift from my grandpa he has taught me how to clean records how to make turntables and other useful things I very much look up to him. I connected this entire system to not 1 but 2 vcr's , my computer, my 5 turntables, cd player. I absolutely love it the room is spectacular!

      Photo on 7-14-18 at 7.00 PM.jpg

    4. UncleTHICC


      Those speakers are known as the IRS V's The greatest speaker ever. My grandfather got them for 25 grand but retail msrp is around 60k very expensive i have them paired with my conron johnson premiere 1 amp and i have it connected to a 300 dollar tube amp. I have 3 preamps on the same system and the tv is a 65" OLED 4k TV

  7. Precisely and theres a dude that thinks you can all deal with that. I like people that take responsibility for there own needs and not asking other people to do it for them
  8. I understand this is a very spamy incident but to demand some "defense" against false claims is ridiculous. Just report them if it makes sense to the moderator they'll hopefully terminate the account not to be rude because most butthurt people will look at my reply and say "hey he's mean what a pee pee head" And perhaps not like that but in a very immature way. Also someone on the thread that got banned said that he's been doing this shit for years, number 1. how did he find out, number 2 that means he been doing this for years wtf is he devoted is entire life to amd lol. repor
  9. im gonna repeat myself once more "I think you don't quite understand the definition of fanboy. Were not devoted to nvidia we just want to game. The guy is being annoying and making false claims on our great christian site."
  10. I think you don't quite understand the definition of fanboy. Were not devoted to nvidia we just want to game. The guy is being annoying and making false claims on our great christian site.