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  1. *HEAVY BREATHING* *Sweat drips down the cheeks *Hand slowly move towards the monitor And... There is no and
  2. so it's too expensive compared to the mining efficiency?
  3. it might be, it might not I guess it's dying down at your guys' place but not in hk I think
  4. How does the memory affect the mining?
  5. So... I've got my results back, and luckily my parents allowed me to buy the parts (which I haven't done yet) for the pc itself. I went to my local computer centre (HK) and tried to look for shops that sell 1080s. I found it strange for multiple shops not having any left in stock, I then asked one shopkeeper and he said it was because people (a$$hole is what I call them) are buying multiple GPUs to mine bitcoin... So sadly I have to downgrade to a 1070. I would like you guys to comment what you think about the current situation maybe in your country/city, since some are having the same problem but with different GPUs. Thank you.
  6. Oh shipping is not a problem as I'm living in a city which there is a huge computer centre.
  7. As I got my results back, I am finally able to build the pc that I've wanted to for a long time. but my parent (dad) said the the cooler master mastercase maker 5 is too big and wants me to find a smaller one, I could try and convince him by clearing up desk space, but I want to find one now for back up plan. im looking for a ATX mid tower case that has top 240mm radiator support (going to use H100I V2) that is smaller than (L x W x H) 520 x 230 x 540 (approx. size for CM mc maker 5) I wanted to use CM because of their freeform modifications ( which I still do), but if I have to, I would change. please help, I really want to build my rig sooner PS wanted to get GTX 1080 but apparently its sold out because people bought multiple ones for mining.
  8. Im currently doing a project with my fellow friends and we are trying to write some string and convert them into MD5 hash. is it possible to not import <CommonCrypto/CommonCrypto.h> ? if not, is it a must to start a new project then adding "-Bridging-Header.h" in the product module name?
  9. ok I see
  10. Why Asus? I thought msg had a higher clock speed which is better, right?
  11. So as the results of my exam are coming. Im planning on my build that I waited for around a year for. pcpartpicker : I want at least 80 fps on max settings in games for example, GTA V, R6S, Overwatch ( which I haven't gotten yet) et cetera and temperatures at less than 70 degree celsius. is it enough? I also want to see some opinions on this build on what I can change to make it better. Thanks a lot
  12. When playing the game, I have to turn, right? as in am I correct but when I hold down "a" a things appears in the top left corner with different variety of a like àáâä et cetera please help I really wanna play I'm getting a pc soon
  13. Is there any? I want the ones that look clean and are easy to understand.
  14. School.






     Yeah, I'm waiting for results of examinations that come out next week, so I might be able to get my dream PC (Parents said, have to get <60 out of 245 people)

  15. Thanks guys.