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  1. Have you ever met someone so annoying that you want to punch them in the face? Wish they get hurt? Or would you use other methods ? I just suddenly wanted to know how people would deal with this and let their imaginations run wild.
  2. hi



      hi? sorry I wasn't using LLT website for a month

  3. I just came back to check my account after a few days, and I checked the notices.




    dexXterlab97 has a new status

  4. Is my TV compatible with Apple TV?

    won't be much use for me as the TV is 1366 x 768
  5. Is my TV compatible with Apple TV?

    ok, thanks for the advice/advise
  6. Is my TV compatible with Apple TV?

    because of its low resolution?
  7. Is my TV compatible with Apple TV?

    ok thx
  8. Is my TV compatible with Apple TV?

    My mom wants to buy a Apple TV for everyday entertainment, I checked the official Apple website to see whether its compatible or not, so I came here. Our Current TV https://www.cnet.com/products/samsung-la32r51b-32-lcd-tv/specs/ Apple website https://www.apple.com/hk/en/apple-tv/specs/
  9. Spotify Opens at login (Mac)

    that's what I did
  10. Help me name my car!

    Effiel 65 (They made "I'm Blue") kinda like a joke name that is Andromeda or Strobelite (Song by Gorillaz) to be honest I don't know
  11. I've had this problem for a long time already, everytime I turn on my computer Spotify opens itself. I've set the option of "Open Spotify automatically after you log into the computer" of "Startup and Window behaviour" to "No" already. I've also deleted the Spotify app in "Login Items" of "Users & Groups" But Spotify is still popping up no matter what. Is there anyway to fix this? Please help, I've been bothered by this for a long time.
  12. AMD RX Vega & Threadripper Specs & Pricing Discussion

    When you think you can finally get a high performance card for a low price. BAM 300watts Now you have to get a new PSU. Though I do like how they are selling it in bundles to TRY to fix the problem of coin miners, but since it's so powerful I don't think coin miners would care about the extra things, they would probably just sell the parts online or give it to others.
  13. Red alert download

    I want to play Red Alert, but not sure whether the download is safe or not. http://portingkit.com/game/201
  14. i7-7700k price. Will it go down again?

    Well that is true, but most people would want to go for the better ones if they could afford it.
  15. i7-7700k price. Will it go down again?

    ye... sadly... May the odds ever be in our favour (Am I using the phrase correctly? Odd for me to be asking.)