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    Trying to maintain my 5 gHz oc
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    i7 8700k @ 4.9 gHz
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    MSI - Z370-A PRO
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    16 GB DDR4
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    logitech g502
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  1. So i just tested this out, and if I put the time capsule into bridged and port forward on the gateway provided by fioptics, everything works perfect. Thanks for trying to help!
  2. Ok thanks so much for the help.
  3. Ok thanks. I've attempted that in the past with no success so I'm going to do a bit more research on that model specifically.
  4. I have a quick correction. I have one with the wan port plugged in (time capsule) and another that is wirelessly connected so just plugged into power (express).
  5. I'll make a diagram, give me a few min to double check some stuff. I've got two because I live in a large house where one doesn't cover everything.
  6. Oh, sorry. Both of them actually have Ethernet cables plugged into the WAN port. Should I move the secondary router (airport express) to the other port (its just labeled "ethernet" with two arrows pointing in either direction)?
  7. You're talking over my head. Sorry.
  8. Apple is stupid and they don't have an ap mode, but the second one is set to "join a wireless network." I've never had any connection issues with this setup.
  9. Howdy boys! I've never been the best with networking even though I've been around computers my entire life. I'm planning to make the transition to android pretty soon and the green bubbles are the one thing really holding me back. I know its stupid but the vast majority of my friends make fun of people for them so I found a pretty nice solution. I found something called weServer that requires port forwarding and I have a simple question that google has returned some pretty conflicting results for. I'm currently rocking a fioptics modem (that can act as a router but I have that dissabled) and two of apple's airport express routers (trust me not my first choice). I've tried to port forward on the airports multiple times with no success and I was wondering if maybe I needed to also open the port(s) on the modem as well. Seems like a pretty simple question but google has not been my friend for this and I won't have anything to test if the forwarding worked for another week or so. Thanks so much and sorry if that was a lot!
  10. I'm looking for a mesh network system with three routers or one main router and two extenders included. Anyone have any good recommendations? I've read up and everything seems to have its own drawbacks. One thing is too pricy, another has no out of band management control, etc.
  11. Two years ago I would have said stay the hell away from AMD but I'd recommend looking in that direction before you purchase an intel CPU. Next, I think you're going to be happier in about 6 months (+) when prices drop on things like RAM and GPU's. I'd also like to know your budget so I can see If all of your money is being allocated correctly. Also, you might want to get a HDD so you don't only have 120 gb of storage. SSD's can be nice for booting off of, but when you have no storage for games because thats all you purchased you'll be sorry. Finally, check out pcpartpicker to oranize EVERYTHING relating to your pc build.
  12. I've been using a DLNA to access some videos on my phone due to my small amount of storage and ease of use. I was wondering if there was anything that would allow me to remotely access and view the data on another server other than my home WiFi (ex: sitting in Starbucks and streaming downloaded videos from pc to phone.) Don't roast me for not doing research, because I've spent about 20 min searching, but nothings come up. I'm pretty confident its my lack of vocabulary related to the subject bottle necking my searches, but nevertheless I need some help.
  13. I have an H115i so I need to get 140mm (NF-F12 are 120mm) so do you have any specific recommendation?
  14. The corsair H115i stock fans are functional, but a little noisy for my taste. I've received a $50 amazon gift card this morning so I'm trying to spend that rather than hunting down the best deal on another site. Need two fans, any recommendations to maintain that $50 budget, the quiet aspect, and the performance aspect. I've also posted my current fan curve which is set for noise, not performance. Thanks!
  15. I'm thinking about switching back to windows 7 because of how many random problems I have with windows 10. What am I losing if I go the direction I'm currently considering? Also, I understand that windows 10 has dx12 support and windows 7 does not, but until a number of games adopt this I'm not terribly worried. Also, I'm going to do the install when I upgrade to my 8700k later tonight. Anything conflicting? Thanks!