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  1. We're undergoing renovations, so due to space constraints Lucky is currently being stored at an off-site warehouse. Don't worry though, we love him as much as you do and will be bringing him back as soon as we can.
  2. As much as we love our custom 16 monitor desk from iCTABLE, due to recent renovations we no longer have any available space for it in our warehouse. As a result, we are looking to sell it to a worthy home! Any interested buyers will be responsible for arranging pickup and transportation from our office to their location, so this offer is mostly aimed at people in the BC lower mainland. If you are interested please message me with your best offer. Serious inquiries only, please.
  3. We use Asset Manager 2016 by Kaizen Software Solutions (https://kzsoftware.com/).
  4. Looking for a couple Hordies to push Mythic keys with me and my friends. HMU.
  5. I might just take the money I would spent on clothes and get a new tattoo instead. It's a real "look better naked vs look better clothed" dilemma.
  6. I really need to upgrade my wardrobe as well. What are you gonna get?
  7. Ugh. I love it, but it makes me fat. That's my relationship with beer.
  8. Yes, you can come out now. Has anyone had any experience with commissioning art on Sketchmob or similar sites? I kind of want to get some drawings done up of characters of mine from roleplaying games.