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  1. I honestly don't know much about higher end mobos. I'll just go with whatever he's saying. Also, yes the ram is good. Get it before the prices shoot up.
  2. Gigabyte had a good cooler. Asus has many different versions you'll have to specify for a recommendation. MSI should be avoided ATM, their coolers haven't been the best this generation. Zotac, I have no idea. Look up some reviews of the specific cards for more info Hope this helps
  3. That's pretty great, your job I mean. Ok so about the motherboard. It's a really expensive one and unless you really need something that's on the motherboard such as some weird port or headers that you don't have on other mobos, you should not really be getting that one. Unless, you intend on serious serious overclocking, which I would not recommend on a work PC cuz, you will be trading performance with stability. A more expensive mobo does not give you more performance, in general (you really should not be pairing a 3950x with a 70 dollar mobo, but even some decent mobos like the b450 tomahawk will do the trick, not that I'm recommending buying that motherboard) Have a look at this thread, it's a tierlist for mobos. I would say get any mobo from tier a or s- that fits your needs (port, headers, features etc). Try and save as much as you can cuz with this covid 19 thingy, freelance work is gonna be spotty. I wish you best of luck. Also once you are done with the build, check your temps, gpu, cpu, drives and stuff. Sometimes your case is choking airflow to components and may lead to higher temps which will lead to premature death of CPUs and GPUs. If this is the case, you might wanna look into a case that prioritizes airflow. Good luck with the build. Have a nice day / night
  4. Hi Ashbee. Concerning the RAM, you might wanna have a look the the QVL of your motherboard to find which sticks will work the best on your motherboard. My advice is go with a 3600mhz kit. Your PSU should be a-ok Also, just curious, why are you buying such an expensive mobo, do you intend on serious overclocking?
  5. Use hw info just to be sure. I have always used hwinfo for monitoring fah, never fails me.
  6. Ok. I will take my video card to his home after this curfew is over. I literally can't leave my house. Other than the hospitals and police stations, nothing is open. Might be a while. This sucks man, he doesn't have any money now. With this covid thing, I'm not even sure if they'll pay interns like him any money.
  7. Well, s***. Any idea why or how, or do you know any1 on this forum who might know what happened here?
  8. Yes, I tried the card on my machine. Didn't work. Could the psu have gone bad? We built the system on the Thursday and there was some lightning that day. His graphics card died on Friday.
  9. There are currently a shortage of WUs (i.e there's so many users that the university servers have a difficult time getting all the info and sorting it). Just let it be, your gpu will start doing the number crunching when there are more WUs. That's my take on this.
  10. Ok. So I made a thread a few days ago where I explained that my friend's computer would not turn on. At that time I wasn't sure what it was but I asked him to lend me the video card for sometime and I pretty much immediately found out the problem. And yes it doesn't boot on my pc either. Gigabyte Windforce RX 460 4gb (factory OC) Here are a few pictures of the back of the card (I assume the actual gpu, the silicon, is fine but I haven't opened it cuz I don't have any thermal goop) Can anyone tell me what might have caused that particular component to die, and if it is fixable. Things to keep in mind: My friend did not OC his gpu or memory or anything at all except his ram (xmp), he was installing Fortnite on the computer when he heard something and his computer turned off. Then he couldn't get it to post, the mobo lights up and stuff but the gpu doesn't output anything (the fans spin tho) Everything that my friend has is new, except his video card and psu which I sold to him. A corsair vs450 and the above mentioned video card, I have had both running in my computer for 3 years and have never had any issues with either. The rest of his specs are b450 tuf (atx), r2600, 16gb 3200mhz oloy ram, 500gb silicon power ssd. All help is appreciated, if I remember any more details, i'll be sure to include them down below
  11. My man, the motherboard lights up and all. The PSU is perfect. He even bought a new monitor. Still no output. The GPU seems to be the issue. I'll go to his place when I'm free
  12. https://www.anandtech.com/show/12670/the-samsung-970-evo-ssd-review https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/9254/seagate-firecuda-520-1tb-nvme-pcie-gen4-2-ssd-review/index.html Personal opinion: Go with whatever's cheaper, they both are pretty damn fine ssds
  13. It's been working perfectly for the last 3 years on my system, was working perfectly on his yesterday. I don't think it's the psu
  14. I have my own card, I could bring that one to his place tomorrow. btw, is it better for him to come over cuz I have a lot more hardware at home to see what's working or not? 3 different keyboards and mice, 2 monitors, and my personal system and lots of cables including displayport
  15. He said he checked the hdmi connections mutiple times. TV doesn't have DP or dvi-d. RX 460 is completely bus-powered (so it doesn't need to be connected to the psu) any other tips?
  16. try going into ur bios and changing the speed from there AFTER uninstalling any software you have. See if that fixes the problem. If it's fixed then maybe go and install fan control software again. I'm no expert, and this is all I have to offer. I hope your problem gets solved
  17. This is not the first time he has turned on the PC. In fact I helped him build it yesterday and we installed Windows and all graphic drivers and a game. Everything was working like a charm. Today he came back from work and says he cannot get anything an output from the PC. It turns on of course but there's no output to his TV. He also mentioned that there was no power to the front usb ports, the keyboard and mouse didn't light up. Anyways, I asked him to reseat the graphics card and he did but nothing happened. I asked to cycle thru the inputs on his tv but that didn't work either. I also asked him to clear cmos but he can find the pins on the mobo. I tried looking at the pictures online but none of the were high res. Manual didn't help (the manual was spectacularly unhelpful, my gigabyte board which I bought 3 years ago for half the price had way more useful info, anyways I digress). I'm kind of out of options as I'm not quite sure what's causing the problems. Hoping you guys can help. Here's the specs: b450 tuf, r2600, vs 450 psu, oloy 16gb 3ghz ram, rx 460 OC. Sidenote: I sold him my old graphics card and and psu and they have been working perfectly for the last 3 years I also ran memtest for 5 mins yesterday with the ram set to 3ghz, and there were no errors (in my experience if the ram is bad, errors are gonna show up in the first 90 secs but anyways they ram wasn't looking faulty cuz windows was acting normal)
  18. Hey, man sorry for saying the tuf was inferior to the x470 pro carbon, I completely missed it. My apologies. The tuf is better BTW, look at all the boards, see which ones also have the features you want such as 2.5g or 5g lan or more fan headers and all that kind of stuff. It will be awesome if you want to upgrade down the road and you don't need to worry about upgrading ur mobo cuz it doesn't have enough headers or it's throttling your CPU's performance
  19. Oh s*** Im so sorry, my apologies.
  20. It's not bad, but you might wanna have a look at the amd mobo tier list, it's very helpful indeed: from the tierlist I recommend (X470 Gaming PRO Carbon)
  21. I would definitely not wanna pair a 2080ti with a 550w psu. Also, I'd still go with the 3700x and x570 steel legend., I speculate games coming out will not like having only 8 cores
  22. This is also a great option, cuz IMO the 2080ti is way to expensive, again my opinion but I'd go with another mobo since that one didn't do too well in the vrms department if I remember correctly. This one does well ASRock X570 Steel Legend WiFi AX (according to the tier list in another thread on this forum)
  23. Hi there. So first of all, I will highly advise against the 9600kf, it will not handle modern games very well cuz it has no hyper threading. I'd recommend the 3600(180 usd) and a x470 mobo such as the X470 Gaming PRO Carbon (150 usd). 2ndly, the aio is a terrible value, I'd personally go with the nh d15 (or the black chromax version for 100). If you want an AIO then the evga 280mm is a great value (https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=400-HY-CL28-V1) it's even on sale 3rd, if you don't need the rgb I'd say go with chromax fans from noctua, cuz they are quieter
  24. Yikes GN just dropped his review, it's bad for the price https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvwnuHHIeY0