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    Intel i5-4670k @ 4.0GHz
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    Kingston HyperX Savage 1866MHz - 4x8GB
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  1. the refresh rate info was greyed out so I didn't realise you could change it
  2. Managed to find how to change the refresh rate in Windows. It auto-reverts to 30hz every time I connect which is annoying, but livable. Thanks anyway.
  3. The TV identifies it as a PC whether its plugged into HDMI 1 or 2. One port has a "eARC" tag but other than that, no difference. I looked at the different game mode settings and can't find anything that makes a difference. It's an Amazon Basics HDMI 2.0 cable.
  4. Find a stock-checker discord server for your region and you can subscribe to get notifications for particular items (e.g. a 3xxx card, a PS5, a ryzen cpu etc) when a retailer is updated with stock. If you act quickly (within 5-10 minutes of the notification) you may be able to snag one before they sell out.
  5. Hello, I am trying to connect my PC to my 4k TV. I have connected the TV via HDMI-to-HDMI. I've looked at settings on the TV and cant see anything relevant. I don't know why it can only display 30Hz when normally without the PC connected, it displays 60Hz fine. Any advice? I have looked at suggestions online and can't find a solution. Its a brand new TV, a Samsung UE50TU7100. Specs are here - https://www.samsung.com/uk/tvs/uhd-4k-tv/tu7100-50-inch-crystal-uhd-smart-tv-ue50tu7100kxxu/ The specs don't state whether it requires a certain connector to use 60Hz from a P
  6. Doesn't make much difference, I've now got the taskbar dark again but it still looks different to how it looked before.
  7. A few months ago my Windows randomly changed my colour scheme / theme and I cannot figure out how to change it back. The taskbar and start menu used to be modern windows 10 but they look now like something from windows 98. The light grey is really ugly and in the "Colours" settings, the only colour option, affects small buttons and writing rather than the overall theme. I have looked through all the settings in the below window and no idea how to get it back. I recently re-installed Windows and am trying to sort a few things out, as this has been
  8. I managed to switch the BIOS from UEFI mode to CMR (or something) mode and just restarted the PC and it boots into Windows straight away! No need to reinstall windows. Thanks anyway for the help!
  9. is that normal? Seems really strange that I would have to re-install windows just because I have changed cpu. I will give it a try though if I can.
  10. To clarify, this is not a new build. I've just replaced my old Intel cpu, so got new CPU, Motherboard & DDr4 ram. Nothing else has changed. Ive never had issues booting windows, and the PC was working fine earlier. I removed the other drives leaving just SSD. Still doesn't boot, although everything is now in taiwanese for some reason.
  11. Yeah windows is installed on my Samsung SSD. The bios detects the SSD as well as my other HDDs and the other components of my PC.
  12. thanks for the reply. I cant see how to do that. My options for priority boot are:
  13. Hi there, I've installed my new cpu/motherboard and I can't boot it. System: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x MSI Tomahawk B550 Corsair 3600mhz RAM 2x8gb CL16 SSD (windows drive) & 2 hard drives I intially had debug lights on for DRAM and BOOT. The BIOS the motherboard came with was from 3 September. As I have the new ryzen 5000 which is newer than the september BIOS, I plugged in a USB with latest BIOS from MSI website. Flashed the BIOS successfully. Now, I have debug light of BOOT. I don't know why it is not booting
  14. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I think - *think* - I've settled on buying a B550 Gigabyte Aorus Elite - it has everything I need and should have native 5600x support, and it is reasonably priced.
  15. Thank you very much for that heads up. How do I tell whether a motherboard has this feature? Is there a name for this feature? All the motherboards I can find for sale advertise them as compatible with 3rd gen - not 4th gen. Regardless of the chipset.