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  1. Pasi123

    About dual core

    2008 was 12 years ago? I'd recommend upgrading it to some Core2 Quad. I had a Pentium Dual-Core E5200 on one PC and I upgraded it to a Core2 Quad Q6600 which I BSEL modded to 3.0GHz. It's not a Pentium D. It's a Wolfdale just like Core2 Duo E7000 and E8000 series.
  2. Pasi123

    Gpu upgrading

    What happened to the back of the PC? You could use a low-profile GTX 750 Ti on it, but you probably can't lock it since the back of your PC is really badly bent.
  3. Pasi123

    Is 1080p at 27" that bad?

    With a bigger 1080p monitor you don't get any more space on your desktop compared to a smaller 1080p monitor. Everything just looks bigger which might be a good thing if you have bad eye sight. With a 1440p monitor you have noticeable more space on your desktop (if you don't use scaling). 27" 1920x1080 = 81.589 PPI 27" 2560x1440 = 108.786 PPI 24" 1920x1080 = 91.788 PPI 32" 2560x1440 = 91.788 PPI (IMO 32" is too big as a monitor) 42" 3840x2160 = 104.9 PPI
  4. Pasi123

    PC build advice

    You could get a 6c/12t Xeon for really cheap and then overclock it to 4.2GHz or higher. But if you have a lot of money to use, then the Ryzen 7 2700X is a pretty good upgrade.
  5. Pasi123

    1440p 144z 24inch or 27inch???

    24" is perfect for 1080p. For 1440p I'd recommend 27".
  6. Pasi123

    Picking the right Blower Card

    They suck and blow.
  7. Pasi123

    RIP Windows 7-Time for an upgrade.

    I remember testing Windows 10 8 months before release. I'm still running Windows 7 on my main machine.
  8. Pasi123

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    Asus P6X58D-E is a pretty good motherboard, I have one on my main PC. What settings you tried? Did you watch Tech Yes City's X58 Xeon OC guide?
  9. Pasi123

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    My GTX 960, which is as fast as a GTX 1050 Ti, has only 2GB VRAM. It's limiting it on many games.
  10. Pasi123

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    I just upgraded my RAM from 16GB to 24GB. Previously I had 2x 4GB Kingston 1333MHz ECC and 4x 2GB Corsair Dominator 1600MHz non-ECC sticks. I upgraded the 4x2GB Dominators to these: 4x4GB Corsair XMS3 1600MHz
  11. Have you tried to clear the CMOS?
  12. Pasi123

    X58 Mobo

    I'd recommend asking here:
  13. Pasi123

    New FHD monitor (24") for gaming

    For 2080 Ti I'd recommend 27" 1440p 144Hz
  14. Pasi123

    What are you doing this valentine's day?

    I'm not doing anything special.
  15. Pasi123

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    Nokia 1100 was my first phone!
  16. Pasi123

    Intel i7-980X Still Worth It?

    Xeons should be a lot cheaper than the i7-980X or i7-990X. I have a Xeon X5670 on my main PC I'd recommend checking this thread:
  17. Pasi123

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    How about quad-sli GTX 480's? :D https://www.legitreviews.com/evga-sr-2-motherboard-gets-a-custom-pc-case_1324
  18. Pasi123

    Should I use both power connectors on my card?

    6+2 is the same as 8-pin connector and that is enough for the RX 580. It doesn't damage the card in any way, but you can connect the other power cable if you want to.
  19. At least my Xeon doesn't bottleneck my GTX 960 at all. Even my i7-950 (Xeon W3550) didn't bottleneck it.
  20. Most likely the CPU isn't going to be a bottleneck with a GTX 1050 Ti
  21. Pasi123

    What is the oldest PC you consider still useful?

    For most things I'd be okay with something like a Core2 Duo E8400, 8GB RAM, dedicated graphics, Windows 7 or Linux. But I could live with a Pentium 4 HT 3.0GHz, at least 2GB RAM, dedicated graphics and some light Linux distro. With a PC like that I could browse the internet and watch 720p YouTube videos on VLC.
  22. Pasi123

    What's the Origin of the Nickname You Go By?

    It's just my first name and numbers 1, 2 and 3.