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  1. Pasi123

    Dell Workstation Server

    Xeon X56 series 6c/12t Xeons are still good. I have a overclocked Xeon X5670 on my main PC.
  2. Pasi123

    How far will 2gb data go in these circumstances

    Those are price per month? I have 50mbps 4G with unlimited data for 26,90€/month. If you only use it for chatting it should be enough. I usually use 256mb to 1gb or more per day but I also browse the internet. I don't watch much videos on my phone.
  3. Pasi123

    Show off your latest purchase!

    That's a really good deal!
  4. Pasi123

    eGPU Frustration beyond my mental capacity.

    What power supply you have for the GPU?
  5. Pasi123

    Best of these OEM SFF Cards?

    HD 8570 > R5 240 > GT 710 > HD 8490
  6. Pasi123

    Installing SSD in Laptop possible?

    Is that a SD card reader on right? If it has good enough speeds you could get some 128GB or 256GB SD card and use it for something.
  7. Pasi123

    Q6600 vs i3 2100

    If your mobo supports 1333MHz FSB, you can overclock the Q6600 to 3.0GHz.
  8. On multi-core the Ryzen 5 2600 seems to be a bit faster. But yeah, the 3770 should work just fine with the 1660 Ti.
  9. Don't use the crappy bottleneck calculators, they are useless.
  10. Pasi123

    Gemini Man to be shown in 120 fps

    TV broadcast etc. was 25fps (50Hz PAL 576i) and 30fps (60Hz NTSC 480i).
  11. Pasi123

    LGA1366 Motherboard

    IMO it's not worth it to buy a X58 LGA1366 motherboard for a 4c/8t i7-920. X58 are pretty rare and expensive. And for LGA1366 there is many cheap 6c/12t Xeons like the one I have. i7-920 is the slowest i7 for X58 platform.
  12. Pasi123

    Gemini Man to be shown in 120 fps

    I watched the Hobbit movies in a theater and I didn't get sick
  13. Pasi123

    How many of you use third-party antivirus?

    I have Microsoft Security Essentials and free version of Malwarebytes.
  14. Pasi123

    What kind of setup do you like

    I'm not a fan of minimalist style. I have 4x 1080p60Hz TN monitors on my setup, if I had a lot of money I probably would upgrade to some IPS or VA monitors which higher refresh rate.
  15. My laptop, Dell Latitude E6430. i5-3210m @ stock 2.5GHz and 3.1GHz turbo. I have a slow 2GB stick so my RAM speed is only 1066MHz.
  16. Pasi123

    What's your favorite GPU that you've owned?

    Asus GeForce GTX 660 DirectCU II. It was my first GPU that was really able to run all games. And it has a really good cooler.
  17. X5675 is the best it supports.
  18. Pasi123

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    New graphics cards should work just fine on it. Do you have the latest BIOS version?
  19. Pasi123

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    @Kissker Xeon X5675 would be a big upgrade from the i7-920 but even the i7 shouldn't be a bottleneck with a GTX 760. X5675 and other 32nm Xeons doesn't run as hot as the 45nm i7's like the 920.
  20. Pasi123

    Asus FX503VM lag spikes

    Where did you get a laptop like that with only 4GB RAM? 8GB is the absolute minimum for gaming in 2019. Can you post a picture from the memory tab in the Task Manager?
  21. Can you show the processes tab?
  22. Pasi123

    Nvidia is dropping 3D vision

    3D vision was pretty nice and it worked with pretty many games.
  23. Does it have a CD drive? You need a CD to be able to reinstall Windows XP. You can find drivers for it from here: http://hpnotebookdrivers.com/model/compaq-evo-n1000c-notebook-pc-drivers/