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    Laptops, desktop PCs, gaming, EV. F1, cats, aviation, Coldplay & JJ Lin songs
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    The emo+introvert guy
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    Is student an occupation?


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    Intel Core i5-8300H
    (2.3GHz up to 4.0GHz)
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    16GB 2666MHz DDR4
    (2x8GB Samsung+Adata)
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    Nvidia GTX1050Ti 2GB
    (2GB sufficient for my games)
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    Samsung PM981 256GB M.2
    Seagate 1TB 5400RPM HDD
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    LG 15.6" 1080p 144Hz IPS
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    CM Masterkeys Pro M
    (MX Red, white LED)
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    Logitech G304 Lightspeed (black)
    Steelseries Rival 110 (black)
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    Logitech G433 headset
    (blue, fabric earcups)
    SonicGear Earpump Sport 200
    wireless earbuds (grey)
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    W10 Home SL 64 bit
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    Lenovo Legion Y530
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  1. It seems like Tongfang never really test their laptops long term before releasing new models to public. The result is, almost every model has their own issues. Bloating battery, high failure rate+replacement cost of keyboard, low quality motherboard, burnt chipset/GPU, screen flickering, cheapo default RAM+SSD (some resellers do offer higher end SSDs), and the list goes on...


    Yes they have a poor history of making poor quality stuffs. They had improved now, but their QA+QC still have a long way to go, compared to established brands. They have good engineering in performance testing, but not in long run testing...

    1. CircleTech


      we'll they are chinese.


      Even chinese people prefer buying western products because they know they are made better. Seriously. 

    2. genexis_x


      Certainly there are other China companies that did far better.