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  1. Witcher 3. Grandia 2. Ori and the Blind Forest. Sleeping Dogs. Dust An Elysian Tail. Mafia 2. Mafia. Trails In The Sky. Transistor. Bastion. Kingdom Come Deliverance. Guild Wars 2. List of games i've played and enjoyed the story.
  2. It's free forever? Linus mentioned in the video about payment according to usage.
  3. Noice, now i can play non-Steam games with my 9 years old laptop downstairs with less hassle compare to Steam Link. How long is the trial btw?
  4. If the price is similar, i say 2060 is the better choice but since you want high min fps, your cpu or/and ram will probably hold you down especially if it's not overclock.
  5. bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock bcdedit /deletevalue disabledynamictick Reboot.
  6. I'm just a casual player that love Dota, i don't care about current meta or shit. I don't really follow the constant game changes. In the end i had enough with the toxicity and never look back.
  7. How much more cheaper compare to the Predator? GTX1650s is good enough for AC but 4GB VRAM is little bit concerning in 2020.
  8. Hard crash or soft crash? Try check if everything is plugged in properly.
  9. F. Try use free https://www.partitionwizard.com and see if it spout any error.
  10. I use standalone version of both Warframe and Path Of Exile now, so actual gameplay time is higher. Also Guild Wars 2 Insight on my almost 2k hours in Dota 2. I suck at it, i quit 2 years ago.
  11. Unless this change since Skylake, 99% max CPU basically disabled your CPU TurboBoost which mean it will stick to the CPU rated TDP which is 45w.
  12. So Navi blackscreen issue infected Turing now? Kek. @OP Does it happen with single monitor?
  13. It's "playable", but not enjoyable with 3500u. Yeah that Predator is more than enough for Assetto Corsa, even good enough for Assetto Corsa Competizione or any sim racing games available.
  14. Return it and get Wreckfest instead.
  15. Maybe you can try DDU the driver 1st.
  16. Check if your mainboard support 8x/8x PCIE. If the 2nd slot only support 4x don't bother with CFX. Also i'm against CFX in 2020 especially on GPU that is almost a decade old unless you want to experience the nightmare figuring why it "doesn't work as intended". Around 200w tbh unless it's one of the 1st gen 7950 with 800mhz stock clock.
  17. Which video editing software you using? Resolve? Premier? Vegas? FCP? Movie Maker?
  18. Kinda useless, depending on your workload. For gaming better let the boost do it's job so you will get higher single core performance.