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  1. PC in a Fridge v2? PC in a Mini Fridge was actually the first LTT video I ever watched and I was interested if we can see a V2, maybe with help from Brian the Electrician (because he now does refrigeration) and Alex or Colin?
  2. I’ve always been an Apple fan, so lately I’ve been thinking about picking up a under $200 Android phone, just to give it a shot. I’m looking for USB-C, Micro SD Expansion, some form of biometric entry (fingerprint, face, etc), Android 10 (and hopefully 11) support (don’t care if it’s coming soon), and a price of under $200. I’ve mainly been looking at the Moto G7 Play from Best Buy for $160. I’m not really looking used, but I don’t know if buying an international model with no warranty would be better or to buy a US phone to get a warranty and US stuff. I don’t know.
  3. The point of the graphics card upgrade was to get an HDMI output.
  4. I recently upgraded the graphics card in a Dell Prebuilt. The new graphics card outputs nothing, but the fans spin and is recognized by the task manager. I tried changing setting in the BIOS to chose the graphics card over the onboard, but it doesn’t work.