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  1. Any chance you can hit me up in PM mate...having a mare with my 2600X on an X470 Asus Prime Pro...would value some discussion and don't want to clutter the thread
  2. Hi all, thanks for the replies. Turns out it was Adobe Flash requiring an update after my new build...works fine now with Hardware Acceleration off.
  3. CeePeeBee

    Ryzen 2600X and Power Plans

    Interesting, that would explain why I'm seeing a few people talk about negative offsets of the vcore.....I might have a play around with -0.05 and see where I get. Thanks for your help thus far!!
  4. CeePeeBee

    Ryzen 2600X and Power Plans

    Okay, thanks for that, that makes sense regarding the cores and the speeds they are hitting. What it doesn't explain though is why when my clocks are all sitting lower on Windows Balanced Plan,it achieves a better Fire strike score..... I'm at a loss on that one...and it's not a margin of error. It's around 5%-10% depending on the run.
  5. CeePeeBee

    Ryzen 2600X and Power Plans

    100% - I'm watching HWInfo like a hawk. So Windows Balanced Plan seems to have the edge DESPITE using less clock on all cores, but the same clock speed on a couple of cores...weird no? I wish I could get the hang of all the Ryzen OC/Boost features
  6. Hi all, Recent builder of a new Ryzen 2600X system with Asus X470-Prime Pro, 16GB 3000 DDR4, and an RTX 2070 (MSI Armor) and I'm tinkering trying to get the best out of it. I've enabled the XMP profile, as well as PBO and set the clock to 4.2Ghz. Now, in Windows, idling on the Ryzen Balanced Power Plan I temps of around 45 degrees, and a couple of my cores sit at 4.2Ghz and around 1.38 volts. When I run Fire Strike or a similar benchmark, all my cores ramp up to 4.2Ghz and my vcore hits 1.41 with decent 55-60 temps. Now, contrast this with if I use the Windows Balanced Power plan, I get the following under idle: 35-45 degrees vcore 0.78v 1 core at 4.2 occasionally but most at 2.1Ghz Under the benchmark: 55-65 degrees 1.38v fluctuation of 1 or 6 cores at 4.2Ghz The reason for the preamble is that in Fire Strike (for example) I get around 400-500 points more on the Windows Balanced Power Plan than on the Ryzen Balanced one, despite the fact that the Ryzen one has all cores at 4.2Ghz for the duration of the bench.....this doesn't logically sit right with me. Any ideas? I'm not complaining, but I'm just trying to understand how these things are working on Ryzen so I might attempt to tweak a little more, keep good temps and get to 4.3 or slightly beyond. Any assistance on this would be great - there are lots of little tidbits out there but nothing that encompasses everything I'm talking about that I can see. Cheers & sorry for the long post.!!
  7. CeePeeBee

    Replacement ML240 RGB Fan Suggestions

    Hi all, I actually grabbed some ML120 Pros from Corsair. Fixed my speed/noise issues. I replaced the stock NZXT case fans with the Coolermaster ones on PWM (NZXT were DC) but they are still loud so threw more money at Amazon for 2 more ML120s for the case...should sort me out.
  8. Hi all, Bit of background. My new build is a Ryzen 2600X on an Asus x470 Prime Pro board in an NZXT S340 Elite, with a Coolermaster ML240L RGB AIO installed. Idle temps are fine in the 30's, but as soon as I ramp up the action, the fan noise (despite being on a really strict and low RPM curve) from the dual 120mm fans on the Rad are obnoxious. the spin up sounds hideous and anything over 30% on the fan curve and we're talking stupidly loud. I'm after some recommendations for silent (or close to it) LED (white, or RGB, but white is fine) fan replacements for this Rad. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  9. bumpity bump - anybody out there?
  10. Hi all, As the title suggests, I have some woes following the build of my new machine based on a Ryzen 2600X. For clarity, specs are below: Ryzen 2600X Asus X470 Prime Pro 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance LGX 3000Mhz MSI RTX 2070 Coolermaster ML240 RGB S340 Elite case So, let me begin. Firstly, I love this system, not least because it's a little bit different to the all intel units I've built previously, but I'm having a few issues, probably mostly temperature related. Noise is a big one. I've used the BIOS and QFAN to control the case fans and when they a) ramp up and b) even turn on (not until 50C basically) as well as the 2 x fans on the ML240 positioned at the front of the S340 pulling in air over the radiator with the 2 x stock NZXT fans in exhaust (rear and top). I see quite big idle jumps from 28C to 45C, usually sitting somewhere in the top 30s to mid-40s. I know that's not that bad, but the fluctuation makes the fans ramp up and down, up and down like a yoyo. So there's that. There's also the fact that in stock BIOS configuration, I was not actually ramping up past 3.6Ghz core clock....only since I found the PBO and XFR settings am I now getting that, but again I had to set a manual core clock target, otherwise the BIOS was sitting at 3.9Ghz. I know this post is a bit of a brain dump, and I think that highlights where I'm at currently with this build. It's stable, and it's running but it needs some tweaking and some love to get it purring and I'm seemingly a poor servant to it currently. Anybody with any pearls of wisdom as to fan configuration on radiator, replacement fans for better airflow and lower noise, fan curves, and of course the performance settings in BIOS, please feel free to point me in the right direction; I really want this Ryzen system to purr. Finally, I'm getting a weird issue whereby videos on my secondary display (identical to my 1080p primary) are stuttering when I'm playing games in full screen, regardless of the fact that the game is not taxing the CPU/GPU.....fun and games...long way to go eh? (Oh, and as an aside, I do a bit of editing in MAgix Movie Edit Pro for the Wife's projects, and it's 5 times slower on this build than my I5-3570K, probably due to the lack of an iGPU and other intel-friendly stuff...so there's that)
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I've managed to set my Core to 4.1Ghz, and those settings you mentioned are ramping the core clock and voltage up and down as required which is good. Only slight issue I have now is the combination of cooling and performance issues. I'll throw this in another thread though
  12. I know this is old but I'm seeing this on my new Ryzen build. I run Vivaldi but regardless of the browser posting video in the second display whilst playing a game full screen causes video to stutter occasionally. Interestingly though the stutters don't seem to relate to any CPU or GPU utilisation spiked. Any further ideas? I did try Ultimate Tweaker but this has had no effect
  13. Hey thanks for the reply. I've tried Cinebench, Intel Burn test, Prime 95...
  14. Hi all, I'm writing this as I'm rather tired so apologies in advance. I've completed my first ever Ryzen build, and whilst it's gorgeous I have a few issues with the fans to sort out. That aside, I'm struggling to see any boosts. The only changes I've made to the BIOS is to enable TPU II as I'm running a Coolermaster ML240L AIO, to enable the XMP profile to push my Vengeance RAM to 3000Mhz, and finally set some Q-Fan profiles to turn off chassis fans until I hit 50oC or it might be a bit less now. Shunting to TPU II has seen my max clock speed sit at 3.9Ghz, and using the Ryzen balanced power setting with a minimum CPU speed of 60% means I do see some drops, but I never see the "advertised" 4.2Ghz boost on any core. What am I missing here? Do I need to enable a magical setting? I know I could simply change the multiplier and then fiddle with some voltages to get it there manually across all cores, but as my use case is varied I'm happy for the system to decide itself when to boost (as it keeps my room quiet too!) but I'd like to hit the max single core boost clock anyhow to make myself feel like it's doing what it should. Thoughts, critiques, musings; all welcome Many thanks in advance