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  1. Hey, thanks. It's the pump that's causing the issue and I've tried changing the curve on the AIO pump. Sometimes if I set it to off then immediately 100% again it clears the issue. It has to be air bubbles right? It's just so bloody loud and happens often!
  2. Just FYI, this is the noise it makes.... 65342
  3. Thanks for all your replies. I've taken the rad off, moved it around a bit...let it fully loop a few times but sadly I still get sporadic bubbling that seems to last for a good 25mins at a time. Out of warranty so no RMA - looking for a replacement I think
  4. Thanks for your replies all. I've checked out the Alphacool Eisbaer - it's hideous I'm sure it performs great but the block needs to be kind of aesthetically pleasing, and so do the tubes (which seem to have disconnects on them in the pics I've seen). I could just continue with the M240 L RGB and just keep tipping but I'd prefer something a equivalent but with a better rep.
  5. Sorry I mis-read your point. I thought you were saying Cooler Master are bad, buy a new Cooler Master product Okay, thanks for the update - which AIO do you recommend then? H100i SE? Something else?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have been doing that and it does go away, but invariably comes back and hangs around again. Tipping doesn't necessarily help so I need ot power down and really fiddle with the loop and tip it upside down sometimes to start the process. I'm just wondering whether the ML range are known for this sort of thing and whether some AIOs are better at keep air bubbles out than others?
  7. The ML120L and 240L are from Cooler Master...........
  8. Hi all, I'm the owner of a 2600X with a Coolermaster ML240L RGB currently hooked up to it. Whilst fine now I've put some Corsair ML120 PRO fans on there for my white aesthetic and for better temps than I was getting with the stock Coolermaster ones included, I continue to get long periods of "air bubble" gurgles throughout sessions. I've had this cooler for a year now and whilst messing with overclocking some time ago I must have changed the pump fan controls. I only noticed a month or so ago when I was trying to investigate the issue. Anyway, I've since had the pump on 100%, and run this for well over a week several times over to try and get rid of the air bubbles yet they still come and go. Now, I'm not sure if this is anything to do with how it's mounted (shouldn't be - front panel with inlet/outlet on the top, swinging down and across into the side of the block) but these periods of "gargle" are annoying as all hell. I'm just looking to see if there is anything else on the market that has good AIO performance, low pump noise level at 100% (fans I've got covered), in the 240mm range? Ignore budget for now as whilst I can probably get what I want from an air cooler, I'm looking for a cleaner look and feel as I'm used to sitting looking at the S340 Elite side panel. Let me know your thoughts guys. I was looking at the CORSAIR H100i RGB PLATINUM SE (the white one) as that fits perfectly with my colour scheme but reviews say noise level is incredibly high.
  9. Hi all, I currently have a Ryzen 2600X with an MSI 2070, and it’s still driving 2 x Dell S2415H displays. I'm looking at upgrading these to a single ultrawide, perhaps capable of 1440p at 144hz. I'm used to the separation of two monitors for workloads (gaming on one whilst YouTuve is running on the other for example) and productivity. I'm a little worried that I might not be able to get the same utility with one larger display and I'm eager to here others' thoughts who might have been in the same boat. Any ideas on what I might be sacrificing and any suggestions?
  10. Hi guys, I have an Asus X470 Prime Pro mobo, and I've installed the ML230R as a cooler. All is good and it's been running for months without an issue. The one annoyance I do have is that no matter what I think of, I can't get a "clean" cable managed RGB cable from the AIO. The picture attached shows where the cable goes up from the block, and wraps around the back of the VRM covers, and down to the RGB header (barely reaches and didn't want to use an extension and cause more issues). Any ideas on how to tidy this up (as well as anything else you notice)?
  11. Hi all, Hoping you can help. I got up this morning 2 hours before work to fiddle with my tech, and get my Rig updated. All good...updated the BIOS pending a potential 3000 series upgrade (maybe), amongst other things, and all went well until I tried to restore previously saved configs from my X470 Prime Pro board for my 2600x rig. Long story short, no post. I had to power off, CMOS clear, yada yada yada. Anyway, I tried again thinking it was something and nothing...same. So, here I am, 90mins later, back to square one with a few questions as I can't recall what the hell I tweaked before! What voltage offsets are people using on the 2600X? Currently my voltage is up at 1.35 but I seem to recall I could knock quite a bit off that by using the offset mode in the UEFI Bios. Bios Profiles - does anybody know if I can save them to a USB, and manually retrieve the settings (from txt file or some such) or is it all garbled? All I've done so far is enable XMP profile for RAM, and tried to adjust fan curves as best as I could remember - any other one click settings anybody recommends? I hate myself, I hate my memory, and I hate technology That is all! (obviously the above isn't true, but I'm sure we're all been in a time limited situation where something straightforward should take 15mins, and there you are, a large chunk of time later with nothing moving!!)
  12. Thanks for the response! I've moved the controller to the new machine and now Disk Man is being a little b***h and asking me to initialise the disks...no matter what I do I get nothing. Put them back into the old machine - all good.
  13. Hi all, I have a media server PC that's been running on my old Quad Core Q9550 for a good long while now. It's served me well and was running 24/7, to many devices streaming and transcoding, without issues. The problem is it runs a little hot, and it's starting to slow up a bit as well. I managed to grab a Sandybridge i5 from a local classifieds ad for a pittance, and I'm going to be using that instead as it's a much more prudent solution for some of the other things I've got planned to run on the box too. My issue is I have a PCI RAID card in machine 1 with a 6TB RAID 1 mirror. I want to ideally re-use those same disks, without losing data, and relocate them to this new system. Priority would be to lose no data, but I'll share the options and people can let me know whether it suits? Move the entire controller and 2 x 6TB disks (array) to the new machine? Would this retain the array needing only a verification, or would it need a rebuild? Move the 2 x 6TB drives off the original controller, and onto a new hardware controller in the new system. I'm guessing this would need an entire rebuild. Considering (2), can I break the mirror in MAchine 1, then move the disks independently to the new machine, and rebuild the array, or would that result in me losing data on both disks as it builds a new RAID 1 array? Let me know your thoughts guys please! Cheers!