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  1. Thanks for that - quick follow up. If I have to add a new disk to that array, will it just "add". It won't have to change the parity disk again, because that takes an age!
  2. Hi guys, Grabbed myself an old N54L microserver as I had a few drives sitting around, and thought I'd dabble in unRAID. So, I have a 250GB SSD which I'll use for cache, and then I have: 1 x 6TB 2 x 4TB 1 x 1TB My plan was to use 6TB as parity drive, and through the rest in (all 7200rpm). My question is, am I right in thinking that I'd get the full usable space, as I would in a JBOD, of the 2 x 4TB and 1 x 1TB drives (9TB), and the 6TB would be used for parity, as would be the case in a striped array?
  3. Oh I'm not worried about it at all - just wondered if I could get it any lower.
  4. I thought it should be a little lower myself. I know it's not scary high by any means, and under load I don't hit anything that worries me. Perhaps Air Cooling would provide a better option but it wouldn't look as nice
  5. Hi all, I have a Deepcool Captain 240PRO V2 rad/pump on my 2600x and whilst temps are kept under control, idling I'm still jumping anywhere from high 30s when just booted to 50C when a few things open but doing nothing. Fan curve is tuned for quietness which might be the issue. They idle at around 600rpm. Setup is two 120mm intakes on the rad at the front of a NZXT S340 Elite (I know, not much intake there). 1 exhaust on the rear, and 1 exhaust on the top. Intakes are meshed and all fans are Corsair ML-120 Pro. I have thought about changing the flow of air s
  6. I know this is quite old, but I thought I'd add my thoughts. I had been running WD Reds (6TB) for a few years now. One of those just died so I was forced to replace them. I ended up purchasing the N300 due to their value at the higher capacity. I got 6TB again as my storage requirement has actually shrunk. Suffice to say I've been really happy. They are sitting in a hardware RAID 1 (two of them obviously) on an old Z210 Sandybridge media server, but they do the job just fine. Noise wise I found them very similar. Just keep an eye on temps
  7. One quick update - the migration worked, however in the process one of my WD Reds has decided to die! Gives me an excuse to purchase some Toshy N300s instead
  8. Just FYI all worked smoothly. When I thought about it logically, it's just the controller that governs what the OS sees....so thanks for confirming all!
  9. Hi both, Just to confirm, yes it';s a PCI RAID controller I added in a while back with SATA ports connected to the drives in question. So, if I life that controller card, and the drives, into this new machine it should just "spring" into life and not want to rebuild 6TB of an array, sync it, and wipe the data?
  10. Hi all, Not strictly a "server" piece of hardware, but the utilisation of these PC's is with a server function so, here goes. Long story short, I have an old machine running a Q9550 on an old P5Q-PRO board. Within that system, I'm running a few pieces of software (Subsonic, Plex, etc) to server up media for my household. I have 2 x 6TB WD Reds connected to a JMicron JMB36X RAID Controller (in RAID 1). Not the best setup but good enough for the 5-10 devices I stream to at a max of 1080p. However my Q9550 is starting to creak a little despite a few upgrades to
  11. Slightly strange post perhaps here. I have another thread looking at a replacement for my dual Dell S2415H. What I am thinking of however is a 1080p panel for gaming (AOC 24G2U), and then perhaps a slower response panel for media consumption and productivity, but higher resolution. The questions I have are: Would you recommend having different resolution monitors next to each other? I'll keep the same size, but they have to look similar in terms of design (if not identical) Thoughts?
  12. Also, what's their 1440p equivalent, or isn't there one yet?
  13. Okay, I'll take a look. Anybody else?
  14. Hey all, Hoping your collective wisdom can steer me right. I have 2 x Dell S2415H's on my desk currently (1080p 60Hz) and they have served me so well for the last 4-5 years (perhaps longer). However my 2600X/2070 Rig is now ready to be utilising the 100+ fps I'm getting in games, and an adapted sync technology so I'm on the look out for an upgrade. I did look at ultrawides but I'd probably prefer 2 monitors again unless I can be persuaded. I do like IPS displays - not much else I can tell you. Budget is an issue but I'm looking for ideas, I'll w