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    CeePeeBee reacted to porina in New to unRAID - newb question!   
    It's been a while since I added a drive on unraid, but from memory it will have to "clear" the new drive. Since the data on the new drive is unknown, it would mess up the parity data, so the fix to that is unraid will zero the drive for you when it is added. This should be faster than having to recalculate the same amount of parity data.
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    CeePeeBee got a reaction from Jarsky in Media Server - Moving RAID 1 Array and Controller to new system?   
    Just FYI all worked smoothly. When I thought about it logically, it's just the controller that governs what the OS sees....so thanks for confirming all!
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    CeePeeBee got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in LTT Forums CPU Overclocking Database!   
    Any chance you can hit me up in PM mate...having a mare with my 2600X on an X470 Asus Prime Pro...would value some discussion and don't want to clutter the thread
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    CeePeeBee got a reaction from Ben17 in AIO For Low Noise and Aesthetics   
    Sorry I mis-read your point. I thought you were saying Cooler Master are bad, buy a new Cooler Master product
    Okay, thanks for the update - which AIO do you recommend then? H100i SE? Something else?
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    CeePeeBee reacted to Cereal5 in ML240L RGB + S340 Elite   
    Yeah, fans generally push air out the side that has the frame. However there should be arrows on the side indicating the direction
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    CeePeeBee got a reaction from vlkn´ in New GPU needed, please assist.   
    I went and purchased a Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming as per the recommendations.  If it heats my CPU up I'll just rearrange the fans...by christ I've got like 3 Noctua's and 6 Corsair SPs lying about....I now just wish I could find an optimum mounting position for my H60...
    Cheers for the help, I'll post about H60 elsewhere - cheers