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  1. Guys, I can run my PC with a HDMI cable hooked up to a TV screen.
  2. 1366x768@60 is very close to the max throughput of a VGA cable in most cases. Not to be patronising, but are you trying to run 1080p over VGA ? it is a thing, technically, but practically, just no No I'm not trying to run 1080p. Although in my GPU overclocking software (ASUS GPU Tweak) , there was an option to set monitor refresh rate. Just to see what happens, I set it to 144Hz. After that screen went black. Maybe thats the issue?
  3. I'm using a VGA cable. No, the desktop doesnt come on the monitor. After the windows logo, instead of opening the deskptop screen, the monitor becomes black and stays black apart from the box that says , "Not optimum mode, Recommended mode 1366x768 60Hz".
  4. Hey guys, When I boot up my PC, after showing the windows logo, the monitor goes black and a box saying "Not Optimum Mode, Recommended More 1366x768 60Hz" pops up. I have a Samsung SyncMaster S19B150 monitor and I'm running Windows 10 on a i7 860 and a GTX 750ti 2 GB card. How do i fix it?
  5. Hey guys, I'm organizing a 5v5 CSGO LAN tournament in New Delhi, India. Expected number of participants will be around 20 teams. I have 1.5 days to get the event over with. Any ideas or suggestions you might have about how to go about it?
  6. Hey guys, I'm from India and I have a telephone internet connection. I'm not sure what standard it is. The ISP provided modem cum router says ADSL router. My question is, should I get the Netgear 1500 N300 or the D-Link 2750U? My choice will depend upon the speed I will get both upload and download and also the wifi range. All and any suggestions welcome.
  7. Hi, I just got Europa Universalis 4 and I was wondering if I can run it smoothly on a laptop with Intel HD Graphics and 4GB RAM with a Core i5 560m?
  8. Hey guys,

    I'm a new member of this forum but like all of you am a huge Linus fan and have been following him for a long time on YouTube! 

    Greetings from India!

    1. Godlygamer23


      Welcome to the forum. Please make sure you read the Community Standards thread so you know what our basic requirements are.

  9. Hey guys,

    I'm starting my stream on twitch (www.twitch.tv/ajain_cs) and I was wondering if I game on my PC, is it possible to use my laptops webcam as a facecam for the stream? 

    Is it possible to stream my gameplay from the PC and to use the laptops webcam as a facecam at the same time??

  10. Razer Blade of course! It'd be a huge upgrade from my current setup! Running a GTX 750ti with 4 GB RAM :(( Plus you know, Razer is Razer :)) - Aspiring e-sports athlete from India Oh and Linus carrying his Blade in his Razer backpack in Singapore looked cool af