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  1. Alibaladin

    Need MOBO better than X99 plzz

    wait for amd X399...
  2. Chrome/Office don't actually use GPU much. More RAM or some CPU. which is why I ask.
  3. My employees edit red 8k and export 4k. Replies 3000+ email/day. Play games and watch youtube videos as well.
  4. I got no problem choosing GPUs and stuff. I know 6950x will perform better when exporting 4k. But I'm very confused if the performance will drop if i open up other applications on the other screen. If I use xeon the closest comparison to 6950x side by side is E5-2687W v4 3.0Ghz 12 cores. But I've no idea how does it compare with 6950x when exporting 4k
  5. Building computers for my employees. 3 4k monitors/pc. If I were to use office and watching videos on the other screen while exporting 4k H.264. Will 6950x performance be affected? Or am I better off with xeon?
  6. Alibaladin

    How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    USD27/Mth Unlimited.
  7. Alibaladin

    Handy Tech Under $100 11

    Buy VJJB V1 earphone. $20-$30 sounds like 150-200 range IEM.
  8. Alibaladin

    PC not turning on (still)

    Take out mobo button battery alr? Use on board graphic. put only one Ram stick on slot one
  9. Alibaladin


    Brainwavz HM9
  10. Christmas gift [sony PS4] PlayStation 4 PS4 console 500GB Jet Black / PlayStation 4 Star Wars Battlefront Limited Edition 1 dualshock controller included PlayStation4 NEW Time Sale Price S$409.00 (CAD$405) ( Early Bird Discount : 9qty left) Able to ship via Fedex worldwide