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  1. Chrome/Office don't actually use GPU much. More RAM or some CPU. which is why I ask.
  2. My employees edit red 8k and export 4k. Replies 3000+ email/day. Play games and watch youtube videos as well.
  3. I got no problem choosing GPUs and stuff. I know 6950x will perform better when exporting 4k. But I'm very confused if the performance will drop if i open up other applications on the other screen. If I use xeon the closest comparison to 6950x side by side is E5-2687W v4 3.0Ghz 12 cores. But I've no idea how does it compare with 6950x when exporting 4k
  4. Building computers for my employees. 3 4k monitors/pc. If I were to use office and watching videos on the other screen while exporting 4k H.264. Will 6950x performance be affected? Or am I better off with xeon?
  5. Buy VJJB V1 earphone. $20-$30 sounds like 150-200 range IEM.
  6. Take out mobo button battery alr? Use on board graphic. put only one Ram stick on slot one
  7. Christmas gift [sony PS4] PlayStation 4 PS4 console 500GB Jet Black / PlayStation 4 Star Wars Battlefront Limited Edition 1 dualshock controller included PlayStation4 NEW Time Sale Price S$409.00 (CAD$405) ( Early Bird Discount : 9qty left) Able to ship via Fedex worldwide