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  1. Oh okay, thank you very much for the help!
  2. What are the compatibility issues it marks?
  3. My bad, gaming yes, atx, 1080p, also if the power supply could be full modular
  4. Need a build that goes around a $1k budget. Doesn't need to be crazy powerful but I think 1k should allow some headroom for a little power. I'm not the greatest at coming up with this kinda stuff so if someone could help me out here and put something together for me to go off of. No need for monitor, case, or peripherals. Purpose, 1080p gaming, atx. Origin, US. I really appreciate anyone who helps!
  5. So I'm looking to get a GPU that could handle Modern Warfare at full graphics with everything up. Is there any GPU that could pair with my r5 1600 for a price around $500 or preferably less than $500? Also this is just 1080p gaming too. Thx!
  6. Kulak

    Where the files at

    So I installed a new ssd and installed windows on it and boot off it now. But when I look at the hard drive i had before, I cant find the files it has. From a first look it appears that they are all corrupted since there's about 76gb in a folder named found.000 filled with .chk files. But when i go back and boot off the hdd again the files are all there. What can i do to be able to view all my files on the hdd like normal while booted on my ssd.
  7. Can you link me to that? I can seem to find it
  8. So I got a 3700x and need to upgrade my motherboard, but i don't know which one to get. The newest ones are outrageous in price so I haven't been really looking into those. But also I want one that has M.2 support so I can upgrade my storage. Can anyone recommend me a motherboard for less than $150 or so that isn't that low end and also has M.2 support?
  9. Can you recommend one that I could put has an M.2 slot?
  10. So I got the 3700x and need to update my motherboard but I can't find my motherboard on MSI's site. I have a b350 Tomahawk Arctic. It isnt listed on their site tho. Went I tried using the b350 Tomahawk plus files, M-FLASH doesn't seem to be able to do anything with the files it sees, understandably. Does my motherboard not have an update to use the new ryzen 3000 cpu's?
  11. Im not able to find my bios update on the MSI site i see all else but no b350 Tomahawk Arctic
  12. Was going to do that but monitors aren't getting a signal
  13. No i figured I'd do that from the bios