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  1. Everyone's saying it's an Alpha, as if you weren't meant to be making sure that your game is at least somewhat optimal throughout development. You guys give me a migraine.
  2. Bethesda should get nothing from mod sales. We bought the game, that covers all the development costs and profits for them, no one is getting content for free here, if you're using mods you've bought the game. If you've pirated the mods then you've most likely pirated the game and thus Bethesda's not getting any either way. Valve should get barely any either as all they're doing is hosting, so a small payment for hosting and infrastructure. Though, all in all, fuck paid mods. Fuck paid mods. Fuck paid mods. Bad touch.
  3. I will never understand why people keep praising the TellTale games. They're barely games and for a visual novel, they're bland and generic as hell. It's going to be interesting to see what they do here with something that has no basis for them to build off. The only TellTale game I somewhat enjoyed was The Wolf Among Us, and they fucked that up at the third episode, changing the tone completely from thriller and mystery to bland bullshit that had none of the payoff that it should've had. Plus the ending scenes were dreadful in how they dealt with the villain. And anyone who says the Walking Dead games are worth anything more than a bottle of warm piss, you should be ashamed of yourselves.
  4. People saying KotOR is a good game is why I have trust issues. I really was looking forward to 1313 from the small snippets we all saw, was absolutely astonished to find it cancelled but if this is anything along the same vein then I'll be pleased, time to see whether this exclusive deal with EA will actually lead to any decent Star Wars games, or if they're going to continue just shoveling out shit like they've done for years.
  5. Pre-loaded and after about an hour of playing the game crashed then wouldn't start up, so I went into verify cache and voila, downloading the entire game again. Consider me majorly disappointed. Bought a GTX 980 too a couple months back in anticipation of getting the most out of this game, going green in the future has me worried if this is what we can expect from "The way it's meant to be played".
  6. Loving the cunts whining about graphics. Did you not see the trailers and previews showing off all the new features? Especially that base-building one, I'd definitely sacrifice a little fidelity in graphics if it allowed new gameplay features to be added that made the game more ENJOYABLE TO PLAY.
  7. Consoles can't have backwards compatibility for whatever reasons, effectively rendering the larger portion of your gaming library useless unless when you upgrade your system you for some reason keep your older systems. People constantly shit on the whole 'pcmasterrace' tag, but I find it sad that when people do so they're blinding the fact that PC as a platform has so many of these features that consoles either flat out ignore or are incapable of delivering on. A couple months ago I played Star Wars Dark Forces on my pc, no hassles. It cost me $2 AUD and it was originally released in 1995, yet was able to play on a system that was put together in 2013 and then upgraded in 2015. In 1994 and 1996, the PSX and the Nintendo 64 were released, respectively. When you take that into consideration you can see how extensively far back the catalog for PC goes, however with consoles you're expected to either keep your older console or throw away your collection as it's now unplayable. We see many instances where this becomes a major issue with consumers when developers release later console editions with additions that aren't even remotely worth paying the retail price. All the people who are putting forward the idea that "I don't use backwards compatibility so it's useless" or even Sony somehow being able to claim that "and it is a much requested feature... but actually it's not so greatly used.." can go fuck themselves. I was born in 1993 and didn't even have a Playstation 1 but had more than my fair share of experiences playing my exorbitant catalog of PS1 games on my Playstation 2. Even still, if it even is a feature that's seldom used, why not have it? It's a convenience feature that comes at no cost to other features, even if it may cost more, release a special edition labelled "Backwards Compatible" so that people who want the option at least have it in a convenient manner and not having to have 10 different consoles plugged up just to enjoy your average collection.
  8. Seeing people being complacent with extra things being sold, even if they're "cosmetic items", makes me remember why I hate all of you cunts.
  9. I just really can't be bothered responding to everyone's comments, replies however, I'm more than happy too. I'm not saying this game shouldn't exist. As much as I doubt it has a reason to be here I'm not going to explicitly state that it has a reason NOT to be here, alrighty? Check. However, I hold strong to the idea that Steam and Valve have the right to remove whatever game they like from Greenlight and have absolutely no legal reason to justify it and oly have a moral obligation to it's consumer base as to reason it's decisions, of which I'm sure we can all collectively come to a single agreement in that they didn't want to sell a game of this nature, that much does not need to be specified. In Totalbiscuit's video and in many others, this has been compared to the Target situation over their choosing to drop GTAV from it's shelves, in both of these situations my stance is the same. Okay, so if you want to play the game? Fine, go onto their site, buy it there and play it, it DOESN'T NEED TO BE ON STEAM FOR YOU TO PLAY IT. Same with the whole Target scenario, people could easily have bought the game elsewhere, but instead they chose to whine. Y'know what's more of an issue than a game being pulled off shelves? If the version we get is censored. Pulling a game off a shelf isn't censoring it, it's not saying "Hey you can't play this", it's saying "Hey we don't want to sell this", so the whole "adults can make decisions for themselves" argument is inane and I loathe every time the Biscuit brings it up because despite how thoughtful he likes to make himself come across, it's a childish argument that's flawed and has no reason to be brought up. If you're an 'adult who can make their own decisions' then you're also an 'adult capable of finding a game that you want to play if it's not available in or on whatever'. In regards to the games right of existence, well, personally I believe it shouldn't. As a collective I felt that we should have all banded together and branded the game as needlessly sociopathic. After Biscuit's video went out, he tweeted this: "I heard about this awful game that lets you murder civilians in an airport. I want it banned from Steam. It's called Modern Warfare 2" A comment a lot of people brought up when the trailer for Hatred was originally released. From people engaging in discussions to news articles and popular coverage videos on youtube. This is a ridiculous comment to make in this situation, because it cuts out everything related to the event, situation, narrative, reasoning. In MW2, you're never told to kill people, as a player. Maybe your character was, I don't remember, but explicitly as a player you were never instructed to kill innocent people. Narrative-wise, you're an under-cover soldier, or something to that effect, you're working with bad, horrible people who this action is completely within the logical bounds for. You're trying to pretend you're one of them, in other words, reasoning grounded in narrative. Hatred? You basically kill people because you're a cunt. No reason other-wise. Now, you may say, but what about GTAV? And I'd reply, "Well, what about GTAV?" In discussions I've had in real life, I've brought up the idea of why we as gamers do what we do in games. Why do we do what a game tells us to do? There's this urge of completion, competition, scoring and winning that's permeated into our brains, it's a psychological nature within gamers to complete a game's activities, to engage the gameplay and to win. There's this almost arcade notion, and it's what separates gaming from other forms of media, it's a lot more active and engaging. In GTA, you get stars and cops chase you, you see how long you hold out, it's an activity, it's fun, it's competition. You don't so much as see the models in games as actual people but more as targets, video game targets that you shoot and you get points. Hatred? A lot more close, a lot more personal. It's psychotic and pathological. Hatred stands closer to the line of "this is a bit too much" for a video game in comparison to GTAV, whilst GTAV may not be a holy game fit for children, it sits in a better position than Hatred does, for sure. This game is the equivalent of torture porn in movies, or harrowing death metal in music, if you want to listen and watch that stuff, fine, but don't expect it to be available in your major retailers. I don't care if "Steam is a digital store aimed for adults", there's still a point where they can say no and they have. If anything, people complaining about that just show how pathetic those people are. Also, from here on out, hopefully you people will stop using Totalbiscuit in your arguments. I thought the dude was well thought out and analytical, but he's no different from all of the other shit-posting youtubers who doesn't care for criticism, shutting out the opinions of anyone that don't sync with his own. He's effectively a kid who's just putting fingers in his ears and shouting that we're all morons even when we've got perfectly reasoned and thought out points. Also, don't do the same stupid thing he's doing, where he's trying to bring up out of context situations in other games in attempt to justify hatred. TB: "Can we ban this sickening cop-killing game Counterstrike?" ME: """Oh I'm going to bring up different examples despite varying situations and circumstances as an attempt to prove my point."" TB: "I heard about this awful game that lets you murder civilians in an airport. I want it banned from Steam. It's called Modern Warfare 2" (Also, I just want to point out something he completely missed too, is that the key word here is "lets you", it's not the objective at all.") ME: "I know you don't read these, but that mission wasn't glorified, it was tragic and also had a place within the narrative, it wasn't just, "hey go in and enjoy killing all these running and screaming people who are innocent". Use your head, mate.." And then in response he'll say something like this: TB: "Everytime I put finger to key I imagine 100 people preparing to say "well actually..." :P" ME: "Almost as if there's more than one opinion, one view and one understanding?"
  10. Funny, just how none of you seem to get it. I can barely read half of these comments because the ridiculousness gives me headaches. Even Totalbiscuit's video is completely misunderstanding to any other view and/or opinion other than his own. I hate you all, you're all fucking stupid.
  11. Feel free to continue being a wanker who believes that 7 was the last Final Fantasy that was good. Please put your nostalgia goggles in the marked containers as you leave the building, thank you~
  12. I never noticed but now that you've pointed it out I'm sure as hell I'll notice from here on out. Haha.
  13. Just ignore Idort, he's an anti-PCMASTERRACE moron who counters pro-PC arguments with any half-baked excuse that comes to his mind to justify the idea of buying multiple platforms to get an optimal experience. As for games, PC all the way. It's a general all the way 'round entertainment and media system, so even beyond games. Anyone who says "Oh, but the controller?" You can use the controller on PC and I do so on pretty much most of my games which aren't an FPS. Anyone who says "Oh, but the couch experience?" You can still game on your couch, wireless keyboard and mouse if need be but porting out your screen to a television is more than possible. Anyone who says "Oh, but the multiplayer experience/friends?" Multiplayer is more than at home on the PC. Sure, maybe things like split-screen aren't as common but these days isn't like how it used to be. I'm more than certain that a good majority of games that have local multiplayer will have the same on PC. The only fault PC has is that it's a difficult platform to adapt to straight out of the box. It's complicated and requires a lot of inquiry on the behalf of the consumer which makes a console purchase seemingly a more simpler and logical one. The day when I can walk into a store, go up to the counter and ask the person "Hey, I've got a couple hundred bucks, what kind of systems could I buy?" and then you were offered options that were clear in what their specific strengths were so that people could make a basic yet informed decision to suit specific needs. Gah, can't wait for consoles to die. The moment they die is when half of the stupid shit that's plaguing the gaming industry will just disappear and we can start to fix the other half properly.
  14. Judging by how Square Enix acted in regards to the success of it's western counterparts, supposedly claiming that games like Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs didn't do as financially predicted and didn't earn enough money or whatever despite literally selling millions of copies I'm not really looking forward to XIV because the company is just literally balls crazy at this point. Everyone praised FFXIV but there were so many things wrong with that game before and after the major fix, the only really good thing to come out of it was the knowledge that they would fix something if they had to, but in that case they simply did because they wanted money, no less. Like the Captain, I'd rather see them port their older games, it's sad to think that X, X-2, XII, IV and VI won't be coming to PC anytime soon despite being of equal quality if not better than the titles we already do have on PC. Ah, Square, fuck, most Japanese developers are bloody weird when it comes to PC and how they handle the system. Mad props to Kojima without a doubt for considering the PC as a worthwhile platform to release such a well-known game on, hopefully it paves the way for future Japanese AAA games to reach our technological shores. At the end of the day though, I suppose I do want XIV on PC, because then if I ever felt like I wanted to play it I wouldn't have to spend hundreds on a PS4 for a single game.
  15. It's happened to me 'bout three times, since launch too, so it's been 'round for a long, long time. For it not to get fixed is hilarious. When it happens to me, if I"m in a bad mood and just want some kills I'll camp a point and fuck with people as they walk past because they can see you on the minimap if you shoot but you're underground so they can't actually see you when you're shooting them.