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  1. Why would I use this over Wolfram Alpha? I mean, Wolfram Alpha can even handle queries like this.
  2. Bill Gates has no time for that, he's busy helping Trump to close up the internet.
  3. But the difference between the hypothetical world in your thought experiment and out world is not just that people strictly follow the law. Firstly, it's the law itself that is different, as showing a song to your friends (irl, at least) is not considered public perfomance and perfectly fine. (In Germany, you can even copy a CD and give it to a friend, other countries may be more strict about that.) And there are inconsitencies: Most digital distribution places have some kind of preview function, so people could realize that it is the best song in the world before they buy it. If it truly
  4. Valve released their last game with a plot in 2011, so I figure they don't need writers that badly.
  5. That doesn't make it an legally or in any way rightfully obtained copy, though.
  6. If String theory catches on, maybe we will see products branded as 11D in the future. /s
  7. Regardless of how good Windows Phone is or not, this is just empty PR talk. Would they still say that Windows Phone market share doesn't matter if said market share wasn't so inconvenient? Of course not, they would be proud if they had a respectable market share and they would cite market share numbers again and again. It's the same with Xbox, the sales numbers were not that great, so they issued a statement that they don't care about how many consoles they sell and that they will stop to publish console sales. With Windows 10 on the other hand, it almost seems that they post new figures eve
  8. It's micro USB (but I'm talking about the EU, not about Switzerland) source But now that I look into it, it seems that it was a voluntary agreement and it's no longer in effect. So calling it a law is a bit of a strech and some (myself included) were misinformed about EU "legislation".
  9. I don't think it will stifle innovation. Companies can still use whatever connector they came up with, as long as they release an adapter, they don't break EU law. That's also the reason why Apple's use of the Lightning connector is legal. And I think this requirement for adapters makes technology transitions easier, if anything.
  10. To be fair, his argument was based on the assumption that nobody plays on anything below 1080p. If we accept that as a premise, his point still holds, and I don't think that assumption is too far-fetched to make, at least for people who are shopping for a new card today.
  11. Maybe it's just that you're allocating too much on the stack, which isn't all that big. I don't know the stack size, it depends on the OS and compiler(-options), but one million ints is several MB, which is more than usual. You could try to use dynamic variables, as the heap is a lot bigger than the stack. Edit: Google said that the default stack size on Visual Studio is 1 MB, so if that's what you're using, that's the problem. But I'm pretty sure you can configure the stack size. I know on Linux that stack size is a variable you can set in bash and not a compiler option. I'm not sure ab