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    In a wrapper
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    I am the avarage gamer with an interest for computers, i want to know it all!
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    I am me.
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    Doing homework.


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    Intel i7 4770k 4.5Ghz
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    Asus z87-pro
  • RAM
    Corsair LP 1600mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 770
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    Corsair Vengeace C70
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    Kingston 120GB SSD, WD 2TB HDD
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    Corsair GS 800W
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    Benq GL 2405
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    Corsair H100I
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow ultimate 2013
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    Razer naga 2012
  • Sound
    7.1 Surround with speakers and stuff, otherwise Razer Kraken

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  1. Ploooopp

    Flying from London to Vancouver for the meetup

    Yeah fair enough, I'll just upgrade my pc instead
  2. Hi guys, I actually live in sweden, but luckely I will be in London with my school and will be able to fly from there, is there anyone with experinece with these kinds of things that could help me? As far as I've looked every option is like 1000£ and that's freaking insanely expensive. But i REALLY want to go to the meetup. I appriciate any tips, thanks in advance - Confused Swede
  3. http://www.kitguru.net/components/cpu/anton-shilov/intel-president-renee-james-other-execs-leave-the-company I'm very tired and I'm going to sleep, have a great day/night
  4. It lags even outside the game, sometimes even when I'm just watching youtube. Yes, the driver itself is dubbed "The GTA V Nvidia geforce experience driver" No, if it happens it's usually an hour in or so
  5. This happened after I installed the GTA 5 update for my Nvidia drivers, I'm running version 350.12 of Geforce Experience and these lag spikes appeared after I updated my drivers to 350.12. It might be a driver issue, I'm honestly not sure, would like your help with it, considering the stutters are quite weird, they make the harddrives work alot faster than they need. Added below are two different screenshots of the task manager that I was able to take on two different instances where the pc shut down itself shortly thereafter. http://imgur.com/50zkaVk,AXkzpY1#0 Specs CPU: I7-4770k 3.5Ghz GPU: GTX 770 2gb HDD: Seagate 2TB (D: Drive) SSD: kingston v300 120gb (C: Drive) SSD: Samsung 240gb (G: Drive) MB: Asus z87-pro Thanks!
  6. Ploooopp

    LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread

    Honestly, Saw a girl with a pin on her jacket with the text "Talk nerdy to me" in a pixelated style... So didn't know
  7. Ploooopp

    How much is this worth?

    About 100$ (what I've seen people sell them for) Link to the dude with the r9 280x sells? Thanks
  8. Thank you, you're great <3 (Yeah, I shouldn't do potentially harmfull things at 4am after alot of no sleep.) Well, I'm dumber than most people.
  9. Ploooopp

    LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread

    Just thought of another one... "No one cheats like linus!"
  10. Ploooopp

    LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread

    "So... I can put anything here?" " <Humor> Funny thing </Humor>" "Lives a beach, and I'm wearing Sandals" "A life? Where can I download that?" "Fill My Socket" "LinusShortTips" "Got Milk?" "There's a software for that" "I'm Bored" "I picked my nose before I filmed this" "This is kind of like Cat videos for nerds" "Ploooopp is the best" "*Insert text*" "When life gives you bluescreens, Go mac!" "We've got the good stuff" "Repeat after me: aym stewpeed" "Hurr-Durr" "Nyan Cat ain't got nothing on me" "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?" "The socks protect people from seeing my feet" "The last 5 minutes of this video is DLC" "Remember kids, Don't lick the power connector" "I write these while on the toilet" "Eating people is fun" "I've got major issues, just look at me!" "Stars appear everytime I type a password, I think its broken" "Something about the dress?" "Sometimes I ask myself why I still do this." "I'm sending Luke to Siberia" "I've got a big thing to show you" The following one will be in swedish with the proper translation: "Musmatta? Heter det inte Troskydd?" - "Mousepad? Isn't it called pantiliners?" Thanks :3
  11. Ploooopp

    LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread

    "Is your computer so slow it Hertz? Well we have something just for you!"
  12. Ploooopp

    LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread

    "Talk Nerdy To Me"
  13. Ploooopp

    LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread

    " The Game"
  14. Hi! Basically I installed Cyanogenmod Yesterday because I was curious and TouchWiz ain't that good and used Samsung Kies 3 to backup all of my data (apps, Settings, Images and such) But now when I'm trying to recover all of it I can't, At all! Samsung Kies won't recognise the phone. What I need the most from there are my contacts and a couple apps. I used to have 800+ contacts, now I have 5. The backup is saved to my computer if that changes anything. Thanks <3
  15. Ploooopp

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    I would enjoy a NUC