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  1. @CiBi Yep. HBO should have budgeted for the 10-episode format. There's just not enough time to develop the plot otherwise.
  2. I'm using an adapter right now on my O2 amp for my Beyerdymanics. Wanted to avoid chaining together adapters as that would get clunky. Of course, all of this is necessary because Bluetooth. Love my sister. Appreciate the thought, but there should be some unwritten rule saying non-techies do not tech shop for techies...
  3. I'm not finding any that support a 1/4 inch jack. Know of any?
  4. Thing is if I don't use them, she will probably not be too happy.
  5. I think $70 bucks or so. https://www.amazon.com/Sony-XB950N1-Wireless-Canceling-Headphones/dp/B01MUGEYT7
  6. For the past few weeks, my sister had been asking me random questions about Bluetooth and whether my computer supported it. She had also asked me why I don't use wireless headphones. I explained to her that it does make much sense considering I'm at my desk. The earpads on my Beyerdyamics need replacing. They're a bit grungy now that I've used them most days for a couple years now. I told her this. Christmas rolls around and she got me some Bluetooth headphones and USB receiver, which would be fine if I had a mobile phone. Using them, of course, means not being able to use my amplifier, which I got in part for accessing the volume easier. All of the controls for volume control and whatnot are built into the headphones. I have fine-motor limitations so yeah... What do I do here? ?
  7. If we do nothing at all, if we do not at least make an attempt, if we do not at least take every avenue possible—we will not be able to complain later. If we have the ability to reverse this decision, it would be absurd not to take that course of action.
  8. The fight for Net Neutrality is not over. Please call your Congressmen and Senators, and ask them to propose a Resolution of Disapproval under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to overturn yesterday's FCC decision. The number for the US Capitol Switchboard in Washington, D.C. is (202) 224-3121. Thanks!
  9. That's crazy. When I started this topic, I went through the trouble of mentioning it on EVGA's forum, too. Wow… ?
  10. With my VPN on, I get about 50% down of what's shown above.
  11. It's not a matter of whether or not people trust the government. The government granted subsidies to these private companies to expand, and these companies chose not to. If it weren't for the government in some sense, today's Internet would not exist.
  12. The government aspect of it would be good for the economy in general. Huge infrastructure projects create sustainable jobs for the foreseeable future. The ISPs share most of the blame. Back in the 90s, ISPs were given money to expand, but they just pocketed most of it. That's the TL;DR version anyway.
  13. ISPs have had the ability to expand their infrastructure for decades now. The United States should have been investing tax money into this as well. Decades ago, government funds were used to expand telephone lines throughout rural areas. The same needs to be done now. Priorities need to be re-calibrated. So much has changed since then that it may be a while yet.
  14. From the reviews, it looks like there is some performance optimization issues. Not sure if the Windows Store has a refund policy like Steam.
  15. Third-party antivirus products typically make the OS more vulnerable. They typically add a self signed certificate in order to use real-time scanning. Malicious actors typically try to find flaws in these components to execute remote code. Tavis Ormandy has done a couple of write-ups on the subject.
  16. You really shouldn't use CCleaner. It will cause more problems than it solves. In a recent update for Microsoft Office, this particular issue was patched. If you force a manual update, the issue should be fixed for you.
  17. I hope that you don't put that iPad on the Internet.
  18. If this is referencing the Cloak and Dagger vulnerability, this issue is much more severe than just avoiding certain apps.
  19. I recommend against running anything under System unless it's absolutely necessary. If not currently doing so, you should be running your machine under a Standard User account. Running your system under an Administrator account is not recommended as Windows has been vulnerable to privilege elevation attacks in the past. User Account Control (UAC) offers little protection by itself as it can be bypassed when the user is Admin.
  20. Unsurprisingly, the hacking group behind the release of NSA secrets which led to the WannaCry ransomware attack, Shadow Brokers, now plans to provide zero day exploits as a subscription service. It can be had for $21,000 per month. While ransomware can be lucrative for criminals, WannaCry did not net huge profits for the attackers. It did, however, wreak havoc on unpatched computer systems which were susceptible to a vulnerability in SMBv1, namely Britain's National Health Service. To subscribe to the service, the group is using the cryptocurrency Zcash which claims to be more anonymous than Bitcoin. The group promises to release new Zero Days every month as part of the service. This was bound to happen. Once criminals realize how lucrative these exploits can be, this is the logical next step.
  21. @MicroBugTracker Only issue is we don't know what it does. Other Office components could be dependent on it in a manner that breaks things.
  22. @whatow @Tobias_S @SebMeister @tampantampan @slmrojo @Hotdogs&bbqsauce @hey_yo_ @pestilentpower2 @mihnea1234 @Flaki @utku Long thread on the topic here.