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  1. What up y'all, I used to have two monitors but I moved to another country and could only bring one and i miss it a lot. So, i want to buy a 27" secondary monitor and a vertical stand because my desk real estate is lacking. Anything 1080p 60Hz is fine as long as the colours are not garbage. FYI I'm living in Portugal so Portuguese sites prefered but anything EU based is fine. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey guys quick question, I`m buying a new laptop this summer and i have a question concerning the SSD and Windows. So, this laptop comes with only 256Gb of NVMe storage and naturally that`s not enough for me so i want to get an upgrade. But the laptop only has a single NVMe slot so i would have to take off the original SSD with the Windows installation on it. How would i go about doing the upgrade? Would i have to buy windows again just so i can upgrade? Would it be better to upgrade before 1st boot or after? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, every day when i turn my computer it says that the network i'm connected to cannot provide internet (that little yellow warning sign) but my phone is running just fine. I have resorted to the command center and do a bunch of commands, but every day the same thing. Recently i have jus used ipconfig /renew. It gives me an error (An error occurred while renewing interface Ethernet : The requested address is not valid in its context.) but i wait 10 seconds and it works. Any one know how i can stop this. I use Powerline Ethernet if that is something important to know.
  4. So, the screen on my Galaxy S7 edge cracked and the bottom 1/4 of the LCD is really bright and flickering. It's not unusable, I've been using it this way for about a week now, But it's really annoying. I've have though of three possibilities: 1 - I suck it up until march or something when the S9 will probably be released, i would buy it anyway because i change phones every two years. 2 - I repair it for about 300€ and skip the S9. 3 - I buy a new phone, probably the OnePlus 5T. I would like you guy's opinion on the pros and cons of each one. Thanks
  5. I just completed a build and i have three HD120. They lit up and are working but they don't change color like they should when i press the physical buttons to change colors. Any one have any idea why?
  6. So, I've been looking into console gaming again for a long time now and want you guys's opinion on my two choices. I've been a PC exclusive gamer for a long time now and miss the feeling of sitting on a couch and just playing a dumb game and not worrying about anything. That said i can't stand console level performance so the PS4 and Xbox One are out of the question, but when i saw the Xbox One X performance i was hopeful that i could console game again. Mainly i want to play games that are not on PC like Madden and Red Dead. But the Switch is the more fun console and definitely the exclusive king and very much cheaper and actually available right now. So what do you think?
  7. We all know that Coffee Lake launches on Oct 5th but, since i have never bought a CPU on launch before, i don't know when it becomes available to buy. Does someone know either from past experiences when i can buy that?
  8. Been thinking of buying the 1080ti, but I want to know if it's overkill for 1440p 144Hz gaming.
  9. I really doubt that. Intel's price for their flagship mainstream CPU doesn't change that much and 500 would be suicide for then.
  10. That's how Intel is responding to Ryzen it's the first time i have been exited for an Intel release.
  11. Probably just as much as a z270 if not a little bit more (not too much).
  12. Hey man, how are you? I am going to build a new rig soon and was thinking of going with the 7700K too, but Coffee Lake is just around the corner (Rumors have launch date on October 5th) and you will gain 2 more cores with no single thread performance loss!! And also you will (probably) gain a little bit more MOBO "future-proofing" (z170 and z270 are going away). The rest of the build is pretty legit. Cheers
  13. I'm moving countries and cannot bring my PC with me and because of that I'm building a new rig. I have my mind set on Intel because of my specific use case. That said I am moving next week to Portugal and want to have a PC as soon as possible, although I have a pretty good laptop and can handle with that for a little while. So, do you guys have any idea when Coffee Lake is coming out and if it is a little far away should I wait anyway or just go for the 7700K? P.S: Since I'm moving to Europe and know nothing about pc building there, can any EU or specifically Portuguese members help out on where to buy stuff. Thanks
  14. Great. Also i've herad midia markt is a good option also