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  1. You get the T3PA pedals included with the t150 pro. The t150 comes with the normal thrustmaster pedals which lack a clutch. I have the t150 pro and i have tried the g29. The t150 pro gives a smoother feedback cuz it doesnt use gears initially like the g29. I tried the g29 in a store and the feeling of the gears really annoyed me, but some people like the g29. I recommend going to a store to try one of em out. I definitely favour the t150/t150 pro though.
  2. Hi i need a new laptop for college to take notes and browse the internet. I have a budget cap of 350 euros. personally i was thinking of maybe getting a Lenovo IdeaPad 330-14IGM (81D0002XMH). I'd like to have a "decent" processort, 4gigs of ram and a minimum of 128gigs of storage. Any recommendations or advice are welcome. A quick oversight of multiple laptops i could buy with specs: https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/compare/1124401;786075;1149985;1179069;1205409;1205357/
  3. ShakyKiller

    Best actioncam under 150$?

    I think you're thinking about the hero session. that one is out of my budget sadly.
  4. Hi, I've been looking at actioncams lately that are preferably under a 100$ but 150$ might be possible. The main ones i've been looking at are the Gopro Hero+, Eken H9/H9R and the Nikkei X6. All cameras seem to have the strengths and weaknesses, but i'm wondering what your opinion would be about them. thanks in advance.
  5. ShakyKiller

    Rainbow six siege doesn't start

    when i try to start up rainbow six siege beta, it doesn't start. when i check task manager rainbowsix.exe shows up for 3 seconds and then disappears. repairing files doesn't do anything.
  6. ShakyKiller

    Phone for Student

    im personally looking at the nexus 5, but if you want something cheaper then go for the moto G
  7. ShakyKiller

    Looking for guys to stream BF4 with!

    add me http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/RageQuitForUs/stats/888758299/pc/
  8. ShakyKiller

    CS GO? i am nova 3

    mg1 steam: OKAY DAWG. i change my name a lot....
  9. I have a Alienware X51(im not proud of it) with a gtx660 and an 15 3330. i want to know if i could put a gtx 770 from gigabyte in my PC. if you need any other specs please ask
  10. ShakyKiller

    Best Gaming Mouse?

    i like my razer deathadder 2013...
  11. ShakyKiller

    Screen capture program for mac

    what? for games? dont use a mac
  12. ShakyKiller

    [CS:GO] Looking for a team

    id play with you if you werent silver one... i just think people actually need to try to get that kind of low rank
  13. ShakyKiller

    Looking for European CS:GO Players

    added you
  14. ShakyKiller

    is there a free music mixer for pc?

    FL studio 11? i dont really know
  15. ShakyKiller

    low frames in metro last light

    im getting low frames in metro last light. i play on the lowest graphics at 1920x1080p. my specs: gtx660, i5 3330,8 gb RAM. my gpu is running at 40 degrees celsius while playing which it does in most games. im still getting low FPS. should i reinstall my drivers?