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  1. I'll give it a shot by repasting as a starter
  2. I already use my laptop like this with some books on the sides
  3. do thy work? because all the videos I watched about them, they seem to be doing little to no difference. It would be a blower of dust instead of a cooler. Heard those vacuum coolers are somewhat gud, however i dont think theres a way of getting one of those to work with my laptop because the air vents of this laptop is towards the screen rather than the sides.
  4. Hello, I have this HP Pavilion - 15-cc111tx laptop. Its got an I5-8250U processor and a 940mx GPU. The days I bought it I was able to play games like Rainbow 6 and The Crew without any lag and u barely notice the fans working. Im not sure how much the temps was but on the lowest settings, both games worked fine and I was happy with its performance. Now though, after 2 years these 2 games experience huge fps drops from 40 to something like 5 fps after playing for like 10 minutes. This happens constantly making it very unplayable. I have noticed the the CPU temps go up to around 85 and GPU goes as high as 90. I took the laptop apart and cleaned out the dust and put it back together and it still made no difference. I didnt change the thermal paste yet and its still running on whatever HP put. And the thermal paste that I have is some cheap Chinese one. It worked alright with my desktop PC but i didnt go to try it out here on the laptop. Apart from changing the thermal paste, what other solutions do I have for keeping my temps down? I think if I keep it at the bottom 80s I should be able to play without any trouble.
  5. well i had a gmail account that wasnt used for about 6 years, that on the other hand still works
  6. WereCatf kb5zue looks like u guys were right. I contacted their customer support and they said they deactivate them in 1 year if they see no activity.
  7. So I made an account on rocket mail waaaay back in 2009 and it was for using yahoo messenger as I remember. I still have its username and password and also have a recovery email setup in it which is a gmail that i use regularly. If im correct, to login to a rocket mail account, you have to go to yahoo mail and sign in with username@rocketmail.com. I did this but it gives me an error stating "Sorry, we don't recognize this email". I dont remember deactivating the account so is there any other thing that could be keeping me from logging in? Is there a way I can use my recovery email to get me back in?
  8. ok i got it sorted out myself. I updated the realtek drivers again to a version from April 2020 using Driverpack this time and it fixed the issue. No idea wat the cause of the issue was. Audio used to work well with the old drivers.
  9. Hello, I own an HP laptop (HP Pavilion - 15-cc155tx) and I have been using it for a couple of years on its stock drivers with no issues. The audio drivers was Realtek and my laptop has B&O audio which is also running in stock settings. Recently however I started experiencing very poor audio loudness in my laptop speakers. Even when the sound is increased to 50% its barely audible. I used to play games in 20% volume and it was very clear, but now its not possible. So I started troubleshooting the issue by looking at guides online. Most of them tell u to go to the enhancement tab in the sound properties and tick the Loudness Equalization option. This Enhancement tab however is not there in my sound properties and I did not see any way to enable it. another suggestion was to go to device manager and install the generic audio drivers (High definition audio driver) instead of the Realtek. I tried this and it did fix my loudness issue, however the audio was now very poor quality. So what i did was I went to the HP website and got the latest Realtek audio driver they had. The driver was from 2018 and the existing one in my laptop was from 2017. This still did not fix my problem. Any suggestions to fix the issue would be very helpful. Thanks.
  10. I did go through their IP policy and copyright policy. I didnt see any detail on how many copyright infringing designs should be uploaded before u get hit by the ban hammer. There were other details for fan arts and mash ups (making a design off several other peoples images). I believe my artwork falls under fan arts and it turns out fan arts and mash ups are allowed in redbubble but according to them some designs could be violating IP rights. its a grey area really. In their policy they always tell u to contact an attorney and get them to evaluate your work before uploading anything on redbubble, which lets be honest is not feasible to do for each an every single design. which is also a reason why i asked in the original question if theres other websites that allow u to check if my designs are violating someone elses.
  11. So i recently created 2 artworks of a Porsche 911 and I liked to sell my design in redbubble. I uploaded them to redbubble and after a few hours I got an email stating it was removed as they had past complains from Porsche regarding Intellectual property rights. I thought to myself, "ok, fair enough" and had a look if other people had uploaded any Porsche designs. and I came across 100s of them where it was not only porsche, thy had other car brand designs and manufacturer logos too with no change done to them. And since they came up top in the search results I believe they had been there for some time and they might have even made some sales and are popular among buyers. So what gives? Why did my artwork got taken down when there are people who uploaded exact images of the cars and also manufacturer logos? Also I would like to know if there is any website that I could upload my work and verify that if it is violating any ones copyrights or IP rights, because I got some other car related artwork that I like to sell but if they also continuously get banned I might get kicked off redbubble. Thank you.
  12. So, I should start off by saying Im not a huge fan of the AC series going RPG. I did play Origins last year to see what its like, apart from its graphics and the huge map (which I think was very nicely put together) I didnt enjoy the rest of the game. The story, the combat and the gameplay was meh. When I play AC games, usually the story and the experience sticks in my head for a very long time but this game I forgot even existed after a couple of weeks. I got some free time the past few weeks and I was able to finish all my other games and now I pretty much dont have a game to play. So Im looking at AC odyssey now wondering if I should give it a shot. Do you think this game is worth a try?
  13. Hello, I hope im asking this question in the correct sub-forum. Our office have deployed a few servers at Amazon AWS and we would like to perform some security checks and document them for it to be reported to our management and customers if requested. My experience in cloud computing is pretty slim and I have never done pentests before. I did a lot of research for the past few days and found out this tool Pacu for pen testing amazon S3 buckets. We make use of S3 buckets as well for backup purposes. As I understood from the videos and guides I read about Pacu, this requires a compromised account and security to be poorly configured for u to elevate the privileges of that account. What other tools exist for pen-testing EC2 instances? If there arent any tools I would like to know atleast a checklist of security related things to ensure that the environment is setup for best practices.
  14. OK, i did some digging around and I finally found it. It can be done using the Theme Editor (dashboard>appearance>theme editor). In it, functions.php files can be found and edited. The footer related codes can be edited here. Hope this helps someone.
  15. well, its about time for an upgrade I guess. Its camera may still be gud though.
  16. hello, can someone kindly give me a hand in this wordpress issue: 


  17. hello, im using wordpress to build my first website and Im struggling to find a way to getting rid of these links by wordpress and another link set by the theme developer. I need to remove this to get some of my own details in there. I did alot of searching and all of them say its a very straight forward job like disabling it from an option in the Appearance > Customize. But i do not have any option for footers there. Then there was another suggestion to disable it using css, the given css codes did not work for me and I also saw that it is bad to do that due to SEO so i dont want to do it that way. The final option i saw was to edit a footer.php file inside the themes folder. im using a child theme and inside that there was no footer.php file. there was one in the parent theme but i did not see anything related to the wordpress links in that file. i found this other footer.php in wp-includes\theme-compat\ directory and that did have this code which was related to the wordpress link but deleting and saving that did not do anything to the footer. Some help to get this done would be very helpful. Thanks. <div id="footer" role="contentinfo"> <!-- If you'd like to support WordPress, having the "powered by" link somewhere on your blog is the best way; it's our only promotion or advertising. --> <p> <?php printf( /* translators: 1: Blog name, 2: WordPress */ __( '%1$s is proudly powered by %2$s' ), get_bloginfo( 'name' ), '<a href="https://wordpress.org/">WordPress</a>' ); ?> </p> </div> </div>
  18. i see. well it not piracy then, i might as well do some research about the links i posted and download from there