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  1. xkronusx

    Issues with Linus's recent videos

    Your utter lack of ability to stay on topic is hilarious, you've done nothing but use an ad hominem attack the entire time we have gone back and forth. Yet you assume the moral higher ground. So let me bring myself to your level shall we? Your grammar is poor, you only aim to make others miserable, you offer nothing to others and are a miserable human being. You waste your own time, no one forces you to come onto this forum and post anything. Take responsibility for your own actions and stop pretending like the world owes you a thing. I asked an open question to whomever has the information I was seeking. This does not mean that I was guaranteed an answer nor was I expecting one for certain. But you will pick and prod at things that have nothing to do with anything just for a fight won't you. I can ask any amount of questions and you will look for the one that most suits your argument just so you can be 'right'. Well good luck being 'right' it won't make you happy.
  2. xkronusx

    Issues with Linus's recent videos

    Aren't you just a dog with a bone eh? You still are missing the bigger picture, I'm not looking to spend any more money on cables period. And cool, you live in Toronto that's nice, but let me ask you something. How much was that air conditioner, because I actually need something like that. Also the Canadian rupple is a joke Linus has said a few times, figured it goes without saying the CAD is horrible right now. Another thing comes to mind, you should know (just as well as any other Canadian), how difficult it is to purchase electronics. Heck just look at how many things are straight up not offered to be shipped to Canada. So you get a buddy to ship it over and 'Border fees' do apply, 5% of purchase at the minimum. So for arguments sake, take a $350 USD -> CAD $464.43 (at todays going rate according to google) add 6% tax($27.86) $492.29 add $30 of shipping and we are already at $522.29 add 5% border fees, ($24.61) $546.90 is what we end up with. So yes that $12.99 cable that I would have never bought in the first place you can find in Canada. Great! But I was never going to purchase it and it was just a small complaint that finding those items in Canada is not always easy. So no I did not look for that item, because it was linked in a forum and I am not buying it.
  3. xkronusx

    Issues with Linus's recent videos

    Haha always missing the big picture eh? It might be $13.99 but once I use my Canadian Rupie then pay for border fees it won't just be a $14 item. But hey lets forget about the 4k 42 inch screen I just bought that could be any amount of money. The budget of course is defined by the least important items first of course.
  4. xkronusx

    Issues with Linus's recent videos

    Funny thing is you answered my question, after all that I finally have all the information I need to know. But if you call someone ignorant for not knowing at a time where they are asking questions you are failing to actually be helpful. From what I gather simply put (and for others looking for this answer): HDMI cable does not matter DVI -> HDMI at this point in time will not achieve a 2160P resolution DP -> HDMI at this time is not cost efficient HDMI cables with chips in them only upscale I'm guessing you missed the part where I couldn't watch the video again because my vessel subscription expired. I also mentioned I'm not going to pay for vessel because it's a junk platform that rarely worked properly for me. Either comments would not get posted or videos wouldn't load, or videos would load at the worst quality on a 120Mbps connection. I've got plenty of reasons why I wouldn't use their platform again, nor try and cheat the system by making another account. When did I ever say I was dead set on purchasing the cable? I just wanted information on what makes those cables any different. It seems to me like you have all looked into this looking for some drama where there is none to be found. At the very end of this thread anyone looking for this answer will have a decent sum of knowledge at their disposal and can make an educated decision on what they need to run a 2160P setup. Thank you all for your help, cheers.
  5. xkronusx

    Issues with Linus's recent videos

    You do realize that dual link DVI pushes higher resolution right? I mean at this point not only are you cherry picking information and avoiding any questions but you are just being blatantly ignorant for arguments sake. Besides all that you seem to skip over the fact I have an 8750M with HDMI. My purposed question is still what does it take to get 2160P over HDMI and what options do you have in terms of flexibility. Don't bother replying, you are of no help, you are the very reason the tech world gets a bad name. You don't want to educate or assist anyone, you would rather look down and pretend as though someone else is inferior for not knowing something you do. Have a nice day.
  6. xkronusx

    Issues with Linus's recent videos

    I am trying to be as practical as it gets, I never said I was spending thousands of dollars haha. If anything the reason I am on this path is because my $5 USD 15FT HDMI cable could not push 2160P. I have not bought another cable, nor am I looking to add more cost to my 2160P venture until Pascal and Polaris have dropped. My plan is to get everything as I need it. If my HDMI cable is the right specification then great! But you mention some things that don't sit well with me, see here is a picture of my graphics card. I pulled that from online, but it's what my card looks like. The ASUS Radeon HD 6950 2GB Direct CU II. There is no HDMI port, those are all display port, and the way I am pulling HDMI is from the DUAL LINK DVI port shown on the right. You don't seem to even consider what my root issue is because you believe I am some new tech enthusiast for asking questions about HDMI. I never made any sweeping statement one way or the other, I asked questions and I am responded to with a holier that thou attitude about my concern. Finally we get to the other issue, you say 6950 and 7950 are incapable of pushing 2160P which is fine. But! My device has a Radeon 8750M which would have come after the 7 series cards, even if it was a rebrand. It only has one HDMI port. Do you mind explaining why it can not push 2160P? Also why this is still not a good topic of discussion for a video?
  7. xkronusx

    Issues with Linus's recent videos

    You know you say something really ignorant and with no proof as if I am just supposed to accept that as gospel truth. But here is where you are undeniably wrong and I will give you an example. Networking cables generally all look the same since about Cat4 Ethernet, yet they all perform to different standards. The best part is their is no magic behind the cable, it is mostly to due with shielding. Yet! There is a difference! You can no achieve certain speeds with Cat4 vs a Cat6A STP cable. There is tangible proven evidence that there is a performance difference between the two. So tell me, do you have any numbers? Any real proof? Have you even tried running 2160P with an HDMI cable? Why are you even commenting if you have not? GREAT! Do a 30 second video! But you forgot something very important. They did a video about one $1000 HDMI cable! This is a topic they have talked about before! Why in this context is it unreasonable to look into, but in the context of the $1000 cable it was totally justified? So we know buying an $1000 cable is snake oil, but what about the $20 cable? The cable with the chip in it? OH AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART YOU ALL SEEM TO BE FORGETTING (caps lock for all those who seem to not read unless it is bold and capitalized) I AM ASKING FOR HOW TO DISPLAY 4K WITH AN HDMI! A DVI! AND A DVI -> HDMI OR DP -> HDMI! There is a legitimate argument to be made because the standard for HDMI is all over the place. According to Wikipedia: HDMI 1.0 1920x1200P/60Hz HDMI 1.1 1920x1200P/60Hz HDMI 1.2 1920x1200P/60Hz HDMI 1.3 2560x1600P/60Hz HDMI 1.4 4096x2160p/24Hz 3D 1920x1080P/24Hz HDMI 2.0 4096x2160P/60Hz 3D 1920x1080P/60Hz 3D 4096x2160P/24Hz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI#Versions There is even a difference between the maximum bandwidth, this is not a basic "What cable is usable?" this is a full blown discussion about what is actually necessary for 2160P. Hell none of the AMD cards to date have HDMI 2.0! Anyone reading this really needs to look at the bigger picture, all I am asking is for an in-depth look at what is necessary for 2160P in 2016. As far as I am concerned this falls under the same category of "how to".
  8. xkronusx

    Issues with Linus's recent videos

    I'm glad to see I am not the only one who noticed the shift, and far be it from me to judge. My post is a suggestion of content because the content of the last while has been really lack luster. On the one hand you have amazing videos like 7 gamers 1 CPU, something I have been dying to figure out since I learned about multiseat computing. Then you have, lets warm a piece of pizza with thousands of dollars of computer hardware. Don't get me wrong, it was mildly amusing but honestly this isn't even on the radar of what makes LinusTech good. The how you install a graphics card is right in their wheelhouse though. It goes along with the how to build a computer series, something I've shared with plenty of people for their first time builds. I know how this forum seems to work, anything with drama attached to it gets the spotlight whether or not the subject is worth while. Here's the thing, I'm not saying I can do it better. I'm barely suggesting what they should do and should not do. But the pizza video is just one of many examples of really sub par tech content, barely even relating to tech. If I take something electronic that produces heat and direct it towards pizza is that a tech video? Another video came to mind writing this. There was a video with Brandon talking about camera stuff under $100 and the video didn't have a bad premise but the finished content was lacking. Here we have a video discussing camera products but only one item had anything to really do with cameras, a camera lens. Realistic expectations makes good content, saying it's camera content and then showing off items that can be used with cameras but are not sold as camera equipment should have been more of discussion video. Instead of things under $50, it should have been called something along the lines of "what's in Brandons camera bag". Another staple of LinusTechs past videos. Agreed, the how to GPU content is great for beginners and is only receiving hate because the hardcore guys can't related. Objectively speaking it was good content that anyone could watch and enjoy, unfortunately it seems like the community forgets LinusTech is trying to make content that everyone will watch, not just a small percentage of people. Give me some legitimate proof that any standard cable can achieve 2160P because I have not been able to achieve it with my 8750M which should have the capacity to at least show the resolution 2160P30. TL;DR: People take written information as gospel, LinusTech has proven time and time again that you should do investigative work to see if that is the case. What cable is needed to show 2160P when the output side has to be HDMI? What can be used? That's what I found in my testing unfortunately, but I have read on forums like overclocker.net that you can get 2160P out of a 6 series card using some software tools and changing EDID information. But here is my problem, I have a "7 series card", my 8750M (laptop deticated GPU) is technically a rebrand of the 7 series. Yet no matter the HDMI cable I can not get a higher than 1920x1080 maximum resolution. What is considered "General discussion" or "Off topic" then? Do you have anything to contribute? Or are you just going to troll for attention. You didn't have to comment here, or even read this post for that matter. So you can kindly leave and stay away from this thread or add some actual constructive thoughts. There is plenty of other topics on this forum to go and read.
  9. Without a doubt the title has pulled enough attention for you to click on this link. This is going to be a long one, I've got plenty to say and time to write. So here goes. Apparently to get anyone's attention all you have to do is be negative, apparently it is enough to get someone to fly from Vancouver to NYC. So I am going to try and be constructively negative (not because I want them to come see me but rather get them to do some interesting investigative content, their investigative content is by far the best and the reason I enjoy their videos so much). Lately the content linus tech has pushed out (mostly from the main channel, you get what you get with the other ones) has been awful and I'm not talking about everything I am talking about specific videos. The video on the 13 inch laptop really struck a nerve with me because it was seriously biased just on the case scenario that linus prefers smaller laptops. I for one have come across plenty of people that can't use the 13" form factor just from a keyboard standard, it's basically why those little netbooks died even though their price point was good for the basic "lets do spreadsheets". Ignoring of course the horrible performance of the atom processor even under linux (I've used these things for anything from pfsense - windows 7 basic and oh heck was it ever basic). Aside from that video we have the Luke video where he talks about how not many people are ready for VR. This video was done in the mindset to open up discussion but without any real direction, it comes across as a smug attitude (which is quite possible I've read into far too much) that derives from how much he wants it to succeed. Being so harsh on the subject will most certainly push away the fair weather customers of VR but the video in itself was just 7 minutes of you can't do this. I'd suggest that there will be no issue with the adoption of VR, there are porn websites that are already on the VR train. Wouldn't you know it porn pushes new tech, it's proven time and time again. Be cautious sure, but unbiased, put up content that is truly interesting or at least sticks to what you guys are good at, being here is the question, here is out proof and here is how we made it so much more interesting. Alright so the negative junk is basically out of the way, hopefully I have prefaced this in a way that will open a constructive dialog. Here is where I hope they (as a company) really pay attention to, it's coming from a mistake I have made myself and a topic LinusTech has recently delved into. Ok long story short I purchased a cable from monoprice called the " Select Series Standard HDMI® Cable, 15ft Black ". I was under the impression that any standard cable in 2016 was capable of pushing 2160P60 or at the very least 2160P30 (HDMI 2.0 vs HDMI 1.4, considering according to wikipedia HDMI 1.4b was released October 11, 2011) to my unfortunate surprise (and my lack of decent research on the very page I purchased it from) it only allowed my 8750M and my Radeon 6950 direct CU II 2GB graphics cards to use a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 60Hz. Apparently I was supposed to purchase this " Cabernet Ultra CL2 Active High Speed HDMI® Cable, 30ft ". ( I am posting the titles because I am unsure of posting direct links to buying items in the general discussions page, you can look both up on monoprice a website I happily found through LinusTech) Ok so this cable has a small chip inside of it that pushes a higher rate os speed so that you can actually achieve 2160P ACCORDING TO THE SITE "Supports more High Speed HDMI features, including 4K@60Hz, to greater distances with superior performance over passive High Speed HDMI Cables (18Gbps vs 10.2Gbps)". Alright so my question is -- is it snake oil? Recently they did a video with the $1000 cable, my problem is my vessel subscription ended and hell if I would pay vessel for their sub adequate platform, unfortunately in Canada we do not have YoutubeRed because I would gladly put down the $10 a month on that, it would get used more than Netflix. So because my vessel account will not allow me to watch the video I watched a few days ago (due to the 7 day lock) I can not research this topic more for this comment. Here is where everything gets wrapped up, I would seriously enjoy a video researching what cable is truly required to run 2160P60, I have a new TV so I understand I am in the minority here but this channel is all about new and exciting tech. Find out can we run a 7 series AMD card from an HDMI and push 2160 at any resolution? Can you run a DisplayPort to HDMI to push 2160P Are the HDMI cables with "(Cabernet ultra cl2 IC chip)" or "chips" in general) snake oil? Can you use DVI -> HDMI to push 2160P at all? I really hope this post gains a ton of traction because there is so much Monster level false advertising (the worst being this $1000 cable) that it has become impossible to separate the junk from the real deal. I've been using DVI for my monitors for the last 5 years or so and this is the first time I have had a screen with only HDMI as an option. Cheers
  10. xkronusx

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Toasting in EPIC BREAD. Vessel: xkronusx https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY BTW, vessel needs android support stat, would like to watch on my tablet/phone.
  11. xkronusx

    Whole Room Water Cooling Part 2

    This is the coolest project I've seen in a while. But I got some questions, mainly to do with the outside portion of the loop. You're Canadian lol, we get the fun winters and the summers get hot enough to create changes, so for the outside part of the loop how are you guys going to control the rapid freezing and heating during season changes. Also when you move to the new building how are you going to handle the move for the loop? Will it be taken apart? Will it be moved to the new place? This is one of those awesome new ideas where there is not much knowledge because it hasn't been done before, or at least not recent enough or with as much documentation. Love to see the progress.
  12. xkronusx

    Sony Xperia Z2

    My favorite part of that phone would have to be the global eq, as long as it works well. I'm hoping other versions of android catch on to this and start developing nice features.
  13. xkronusx

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    4K video, seems like a good step in the right direction. Nice to see phones are still becoming increasingly better.
  14. xkronusx

    CompTia IT Bundle 96% off

    I believe these are course only material, I've yet to find one that comes with the exam vouchers. Unfortunately this is the kind of thing where you are going to have to pay full price for the exams, I think its about $200 for the A+.
  15. xkronusx

    Broadcom to offer 3.2 Gbps WiFi XStream

    Has Cat 7 become mainstream? Reason I ask is because I still use Cat 5e, last time I truly looked into it Cat 6 was kind of a future proof thing, I can't imagine what Cat 7 specifications could produce.