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  1. Never seen one like this before real neat for traveling or you cant mount regular projector in the home
  2. I have low patience and need the speed
  3. Currently got a wireless, but want a good wired gaming mouse. Also free from installing drivers/software means I can visit friend(s) with my mouse so I dont have to use his horrible trackball... Also sounds interesting with zero acceleration on FinalMouse.
  4. Matte IPS screen, sound system, Core i7 cpu
  5. The 2560x1440 display and you can resize the keyboard.
  6. 1. Using a Samsung 830 128gb SSD because I want speed for windows, certain games and applications, that I got at good price back then. Chose Samsung as they have low RMA rate as far I know. Also got an old 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 for everything else. 3. Twitter @Fidovoff: https://twitter.com/Fidovoff/status/384369471625777152