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  1. My favorite part of the phone is the multitasking features.
  2. Great Giveaway! I love the design and finish of the phone. Looks very elegant and business like.
  3. As evidence to back up my recommendation: I got into the banking business through a referral from a friend. It was that referral that gave me the "in" for an opportunity to show what I have to offer in an interview i.e. my moment to shine. Without the referral I probably would not have been considered for an interview, based on my schooling and work experience. I am very fortunate and lucky to be doing really well for myself and it was the best career choice I have made thus far. Again though, none of it would have happened if I didn't know the right person to give me the "in" that I needed. Getting that "in" is not easy with every one around you having the same or better credentials. People before Paper. That's the best advice I can give you.
  4. I was interested in computers and game design all my life (especially in High School). Ended up studying Human Biology and Evolutionary Biology in University. After years of work in the medical field I am now a banker..... Motto of my story? Your career path will change in high school, and then two more times in University and then once more after the work force. Different stages of life require demand different necessities (money, work environment, prospects for promotion, social status, work benefits, pension etc). One thing that has always remained the same is my passion for tech and music. Regardless of what my career was and now has become, I have managed to keep my passions alive. That is what is important and that is what you should strive for. Also it is never about grades, certificates, degrees. What matters is who you know, the social connections you have made and your drive to achieve what you desire. My 2 cents. Best of luck on your endeavors!
  5. No idea how to get the link for the retweet (twitter noob) but here is my profile link https://twitter.com/alif49
  6. Attempted to take off the screws from the bottom panel of my laptop using the wrong size screw driver. I managed to completely shave off the ridges. Now the ridges of five of the screws, holding it in place, don't fit a Philips head nor a flat head. It's just a circle. The bottom panel is stuck forever. You can say I SCREWED up but I'm not amused.
  7. It is important that you also realize that Windows is stupid and defragging will automatically occur even if you don't manually do it or even if you have disabled automatic defrag. This is what you should do to absolutely make sure defrag never occurs without you knowing it: Start --> type "task scheduler" --> Task scheduler library --> Microsoft --> Windows --> Defrag --> Right click "scheduledDefrag" --> Disable Here are a few other musts if you have an SSD: http://blog.ocztechnology.com/?p=178
  8. I agree that the outro can be a little less loud but I love it! In terms of the content, I would change nothing. Little things like Linus' clothes switching (middle annotation) in perfect synchrony with the music creates a great sense of amazing timing. Beside the audio level, the outro if flawless in my opinion. The intro could use some work.
  9. I like this intro much more than the one where you pop out of the box. The visuals are excellent in this one. The only thing I would change is the section of the "Funky Sundays" song that is put in the intro. If it has to be that song then try a different part of the song, perhaps a less over-the-top segment. If it can be a different song then get the boys to make some and have a community vote.
  10. I should get the code because engineers like to throw leaves on the belly of rubber door handles and quite simply, I like engineers..... who else has a better reason than this????????
  11. Bought Deadlight and waiting for either AC3, Max Payne 3 or FC3 Blood Dragon to go on sale.
  12. When LTT made the new changes to the youtube channel i.e. the High quality camera, a second B roll camera, close ups, glamour shots, etc NO ONE LIKED IT. However as the months went by there is no way I would ask LTT to revert back to the way it was! This change whether you like it or not is irrelevant now. Give it a few more tries and then make your decision. To be honest, I like the new look, new style etc but the little things that I do not like, I am going to give LTT a few more chances before I strike the hammer!
  13. For my old laptop, I had to keep it in the freezer in between gaming sessions because it used to overheat to the point where it shut off and wouldnt turn on until the temp came down which took hours if it wasn't in the freezer. How ridiculous is that? Mutha F'in Toshiba in the Mutha F'in freezer! In the summer, the laptop would go over the AC vents and I would basically have my back crunched over gaming on the floor!
  14. I live in Ottawa, Canada and we pay 5 cents per plastic bag. In Bangladesh though, plastic bags have been banned for much longer than Canada. They stopped production and import of them. You cannot even pay to use them because they simply do not exist anymore. The main reason for Bangladesh was that it clogged up the drains and it was more of a city management issue as opposed to an environmental one.