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  1. Its almost as if they want PC gamers to play the game. Seriously though aren't all of these points kinda the norm that they themaelfs went away from? Nothing in there sounds like something special to me.
  2. I'd rather upgrade my internet connection. Soriouly I have no optical drive in my house except for that DVD drive in my laptop.
  3. It's like they want you to download them... I don't even have a blueray player...
  4. When you work in IT you can snoop around in employers emails. But seriously this is terrible news. Stupid courts. Wait what do they mean by private? I mean if you use your work email that's on you. Come to think of it if you use your company PC for your private email that's equally bad. Basically keep your private stuff provare!
  5. This only proves one thing: surveillance isn't the answer. Cutting of income and recruitment lines is.
  6. Almost 25 years later, it's still a bad pun.
  7. Damn it. As always too late to the party. Videos are down... :'(
  8. For a VP of marketing this guy really doesn't known how to articulate himself clearly. All of his tweets are easily misinterpreted and may not even mean what we now have concluded. I understand that tweeter doesn't allow that many characters (although wasn't that changed?), but still. "Piracy." What do you mean by that? Are you incapable of formulating entire sentences? "Ah. No, there is data on the disk" on the fallout disk? I suppose so... Where else right? They should send this guy back to school. Portentouslad out!
  9. Im a bit out of the loop here. Does this game have a connection to blade runner? I hope it does...
  10. I can't believe the bench is with DX11. I would like to see DX12 benches as well though. I'm gonna enjoy showing my flatmate just how much better it looks on my 285 then his Xbone
  11. "Okay little guy, next we're going to set up your facebook and twitter account so you can follow your old man on social media" Seriously though, what an adorable idea for a vid.