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  1. Why do you never see cable that's just straight and flat! I'm putting my PC together into a new case, it has slide brackets (one in front of case where it display, and two in the back) that ssd drives only screws in on one side of the bracket. The cable from power supply to the SSD isn't flat! Rather than like Here and how the SSD is mounted it's fully against the case back and there is no room or space to plug the cable in I'm after a cable that will do the job but the connection to the SSD is flat! other then as shown in the image above but the wire comes fully out as in straight so that it goes towards out rather then inwards. EDIT, I'm after THIS My Item is RSC00-AFBAG1
  2. Asus motherboard and doesn't have RGB connectivity support. It's an X79
  3. Down to the two, Listed below. As it goes that Asus is the highest to the MSI in core boost but also the cost is different. Cost doesn't matter. I be running at 1440p And will be displayed as I have an glass case. ROG-STRIX-GTX1660TI-O6G-GAMING OR GTX 1660 Ti GAMING X 6G
  4. @VictorVanBuren Phanteks case with RGB case fans from Phanteks (with side glass), Motherboard is from Asus, The RGB Corsair H115i pro. I do have a Corsair commander Pro with one 120mm fan, but might be easy to get Phanteks PH-DRGB_SKT Kit as the case has two RGB fans installed End of the day A card that's going to last and keep up with 1440p gaming
  5. I'm trying to see if GV-N166TGAMING OC-6G or ROG-STRIX-GTX1660TI-O6G-GAMING
  6. Anyone got hold of the new 1660 super and did there test performance and said that for the cost it's good. I expect to see more coming soon and can say just memory upgrades made a big difference. For me I would go all out and get the 1660TI as you get more performance and cuda cores are higher, then again with 2-5% more than the super it's not much for the price point of view unless cost isn't fussed. Still, Asus Rog Boost Clock to 1890MH sounds sexy But $20 more to get extra 30MH is worth it? Upside to the super that the Vram are high speeds to the TIs and core clock at 1530MHz as to the TIs it's 1500MHz but they get higher boost core clock.
  7. Might add new and old.. As the case is so big to go on the desk and next year at an new rig!
  8. I'm thinking on the best option regards my system. So need your thoughts. I'm getting a 1660TI in the next cable of weeks to replace my old card. I also have the following new hardware unboxed items: Phanteks Pro M RGB case. Corsair H115i PRO Corsair Commander PRO 120mm 120 RGB Corsair fan At the moment I'm using, CM Storm trooper, Asus P9x79 Deluxe, DDR3 16gb at 1866 and i7 3930K What I'm thinking, is to use the motherboard, CPU, ram and power block from my old system and put that into my new case with the new hardware listed above. plus new 1660ti. I wanted to build a new system in the first place, and at the time the new parts was on sale and so I had to start somewhere, however it's going to be another year or so before that day comes to get a new build system. Is it ideal to use some old and new parts? and other good hardware upgrades to add also? Want to keep with Intel still and rather go with i7 since I do game and stream And also might make it look better with RGB even than the motherboard is old to support that (maybe), Commander pro should deal with that. Rather then getting an new card and replace it by putting it back in my old case is to fully use my new gear! or keep my new gear in the box for another one to two years time. The the new case that I have is not as big as the storm trooper and the trooper does look bad on the desk. JUst want ideas and best option.
  9. Both mixer option that they offer is simple to setup anyway so Works with any Microphones, XLR or USB.
  10. SM7B is always been an good mic tp pick bust the cost is just over bad at the moment. lol Still saving for the TC Helicon GoXLR unless
  11. Anyone own Samson G-Track pro Professional? Is it any good compared to Yeti for an example. One day I will get an Mixer that I have on my wish list but that's going to be some time away and so looking for an good vodcast - live streaming microphone.
  12. I do have $150 to spend so..
  13. Same here.. I have it from an gaming laptop
  14. Just seen the video and this has given me an nice little project to do in my free time I have a monitor from a ASUS ROG G571J and it's all still has the casing around it. Plus its 17 inch screen so it be perfect. But I do not have an 3d printer and or maybe not need to make an case for it but keep what I have. Any ideas?