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  1. I'm just bored and looking at updates and whatnot, and seems that I'm thinking way too much. I own and have Asus RT-AC5300, had it for good four years now and still flys like a beast. Paid just over £500 back then and still able to pick this device up it seems. How long will it last anyway, it's now getting old tech that does not support WIFI6 and there are far newer models out there now, that is well, tech updates all the time. What's keeping it going is the firmware updates but when that will be stopped? Really lucky to have it since most people have a basic IPS rou
  2. LIke I said that it's not out as of yet and what I read from the reveiws is not far from the cost of the Note 9 (£179 to £220) Nothing has been confirmed as of yet.
  3. The Note 10 Pro should arrive in the UK in early April, with the 10S and 10 5G set to arrive over the following few month. So waiting game LOL
  4. Is samsung galaxy a51 worth a look? even that it's $50 more LOL @GorujoCY
  5. So, point saying that I use a i7 10700K myself and yet all in all it's still far better then the new upcoming 11700K, I mean I get get 5.2ghz easy and yet 11700K does 5ghz on paper and base clock is even less at 3.6ghz. I mean they going down in performance not up. Yes PCI at 4 and not 3, yet big deal. No point upgraded at all, rather stick to 10th gen rather then 11th, I'm expecting 10900K to be far better then 11900K by a long gang of new york. 11700K is 5% lower then 10700K for GTA for flip sacks on 1440P at high settings Cost point - OMG, it's just no point.
  6. Yeah, Does offer far more then Redmi Note 9 pro Give it time there be more comparing videos and stores/amazon will have them in stock, seems price is not out for UK. If the cost is high, then well, that's out and back to Samsung or wait longer lol
  7. I'll check that out, whenever it gets released. Comes down to the cost though. 5G at the moment in the UK is no where near to full coverage, can't even get 4G right. Way to much, $500 is out 200 is my max.
  8. Right, yet specs and information on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 sounds far better then Samsung. Note 20 is far to costly for my toasts on cheese
  9. Hello people, For sometime now that I have been looking for a new smartphone that has all the best specs that has got to offer for the budget that I have My price range is under £200, the lower the better, lowest amount £100. I have have been looking at reviews and watching videos, and picking is well, list goes on. Samsung A21S has been on my Wishlist for a while, since I went with that since it's Samsung and good looking phone and best brand to get, however since I looked at more smartphones I came to "Xiaomi Redmi Note 9" that is also impressive to see that offers
  10. Corsair RM850x 80 PLUS Gold, about a year old.
  11. Hello, Pc Freezes around three times so far in the last couple of days. Freeze with the following things that I do. 1st freeze Streaming with OBS MSFS2020 open and flying (Flight sim) Edge open with two tabs ProjectFly Acars software from VAbase, records and logs flights SimToolKitPro SkyTrack, records and logs flights with flyuk site So, as streaming and flying with above all open for 1 hour 35mins and I was on edge typing and looking at sites, it became slow and lagging as I was on edge, Then edge freeze, Soon stream sto
  12. Three story high building, Router on the thired floor where the main connection is. Router is Asus AC5300 and it has good range anyway What are good Wifi boosted extender for the device to link up and well extend? Ground floor, smart TV and nned single to go to the ground floor AC5300 does reach to the ground floor but not full single GG
  13. True, lets see what the price is like to Friday lol Might get a newer Sony 2020 model for a good buy
  14. main resons didn't look at sony since they high price costs to the others
  15. Looking for a good 43inch TV that's around max of £400 or lower, with black friday coming I'm after the best deal with the best brands and technology. Might get £100 off or more for a TV. Was looking at the samsung TU8000 series or TU7000 series. However comes down to the price and also I hear that LGs are not that good as they used to be. Smart TV, doesn't matter what OS. Be having amazon Prime to start off with, good sound speakers, like dolby for a big room, Yes it's a big high room. With friday coming lets see what the prices going to be like. Just want a list of good TV to lo
  16. Hello people Just got my new motherboard, memory and CPU today and most of the day I removed and replaced the parts and also removed the AIO from the top to the front of the case. I then turn on the PC and hearing very loud clicking noises from the system when I turn it on for the very first time. I thought it was the fans that was caching and so I looked at all fans and seems not the fans. PC booted up all good and the board reads the drives and whatnot but it's making so much clicking and clocking noises. I never heard of those sounds before. asus rog stri
  17. aware of that but time you have the fans and heatsink then the highness of the ram sticks it will fit?
  18. Using the following: Case Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Corsair H115i PRO that's 140mm fan ATX board size Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Question! RIght now the AIO is on the top of the case, Rather it be on top. However, have no choice to remove and put it on the front of the case now since the memory sticks are to high and there is no clearies and enough space for the AIO to be on the top. JUst to confirm it will fit or not??????????? rather then messing around, thinking on where to be put and the spaces so that it clear from the corsair sticks
  19. @CommanderAlex @jaslion @SeraphicWings Cooling is dealt with. I use the Corsair H115i PRO and that should do the trick and case is very well'ed airflow. In many games you are right that extra cores doesn't make any difference but in terms of flight sims it does matter since they just eat up. Then again I see so many people that stream use i9-9900K also that's the same as i7-10700K in away. End of the day it will be replacing my old i7-3930K that I used for years. Even to i7-10700K that still gives me 2 more cores, 4 more threads and able to go to 5.2Ghz as the 3930K does 3.8Ghz
  20. Looking into Intel 10th Gen CPUs and was going to go with the i9-10850K since it has far more cores and threads to the i7-10700K but it seems from the reviews they leave out the i9-10850K and major people are going with the i7-10700K. Is it worth paying extra $100 for extra cores and threads? I was looking at i9-10850K since It would help more when it comes to flight sims and heavy multitasking games, well mostly flight sims. My ideal also that when the 11th gen comes at least I can update and still able to sell the 10th gen. I Know people going to say get the i5-10600 or AMD 3930