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  1. Would adding an ssd speed up this computer?

    Will I be able to find a system at that price with an ssd though?
  2. Would adding an ssd speed up this computer?

    Why would more ram help?
  3. So I have an old computer with a Q6600 and 3gb of ram running Windows 10 and I am wondering if adding an ssd for the boot drive would speed the computer up significantly or if it’s just too old and won’t do much.
  4. Overwatch Screen Tearing

    So I am playing Overwatch on a 144hz display and I am still getting some pretty bad tearing. Now I know that 144hz doesn't completely get rid of it but it makes it a lot less noticeable and in this case, the tearing is still very aggressive. I have v-sync off, fullscreen 1080 @ 144hz, and the framerate is locked at 144. So Overwatch seems to be the only game doing this for me as the rest are fine and look great and I am wondering if there is a fix, thanks.
  5. Good "gaming" chair?

    So I have a budget of about $150 or less and I am looking to replace my current generic office chair with someone comfier. What are some good options at this price I can look at? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XK9M4KF/ref=nav_timeline_asin?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I was looking at this one at first.
  6. Why do a lot of games not use Steam?

    That's kind of a vague statement, care for some context?
  7. Something that has always kind of bothered me is half my favorite games are on Steam and the other games are on different launchers (Fortnite, Overwatch, Battlefield etc). What I'd like to know why games do this (my first guess is money)? I guess my mentality is that Steam is a giant platform for selling games and is backed by community features such as profiles and I don't know why companies wouldn't want it on Steam. I realize some of the companies are big enough to make a standalone launcher for their games but I still want to think that it costs them a good amount of money still.
  8. Where did all of pubg's players come from?

    Must be similar to Dota 2 how Latin Americans only play on NA servers
  9. What has me kind of stumped right now is where all of PUBG's players came from and from what I can tell it didn't really "steal" players from any other game on Steam. Another thing that has me impressed is that this game is on PC and is a paid game that you need a decent system to enjoy it yet it has so many players which is why I wonder where the players came from. Did they bring back people who didn't play much anymore? Did it bring over console gamers? Even though I don't play this game very much or don't really like it I am kind of cheering for it because it's cool to see so many players on a Steam game because It makes PC feel like a bigger gaming platform than I initially thought
  10. Is this bundle a good deal?

    Could I sell the key on g2a? Cause I'm not really interested in the game lol
  11. Is this bundle a good deal?

    How do I get the game is it a code that comes with the package? and is it on Steam?
  12. Is this bundle a good deal?

    There is this bundle on Amazon for a Blue Yeti mic and Assassins Creed Origins for 15 dollars cheaper than the mic's price alone (99 to 85). Is this a good deal? Is the mic not messed up or anything? Also, what does it mean by the PC Digital Standard Edition of AC: Origins? https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Blackout-Assassins-Origins-Streamer/dp/B0747X8QZH/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1513300372&sr=8-4&keywords=blue%2Byeti&th=1
  13. NL Only Covers Half Screen

    So I just got a new 144hz monitor (Asus VG248) and when I turn on Windows Night Light or F.lux it only covers half of the screen and fades out for some reason. I am not sure if it's really that big of a deal but I do like having a program to soften colors at night and I don't know if it's a problem with the monitor itself. Could it be the cord or something? This is what it looks like Also it fully works on my second monitor
  14. Is my monitor defective?

    I'm not sure if I'm seeing things but this picture is with Windows Night Light on and its the reason I noticed it. For some reason when it's on it only covers half the screen but covers all of it on my second monitor. Also, for some reason, I tried the dead pixel test and did not notice the discoloration that I was seeing in my normal browser and apps.