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  1. I want a bigger screen and battery isn’t getting me all day anymore
  2. I am looking to upgrade from my iPhone 7. I was looking at the 11 but the LCD screen has been putting me off. The XS has an OLED and 2x optical zoom which is appealing. I think the darks would look a lot better on iOS 13’s dark mode and make the notch less noticeable. The only thing is I would probably only be willing to buy it used due to price. Which should I get? I cannot decide
  3. We don’t have the same exact motherboard but this might help. I have the ASRock x470 Master SLI/ac and was having trouble getting my memory to get past 2166mhz. After doing this I still wasn’t able to get it to 3600mhz but I got it to 3200hz.
  4. How much better is it? Would that only matter if I was overclocking or had a 3900x?
  5. Should I purchase the x470 Taichi ($160) or x570 Asus Prime ($165) for my R7 3700x?
  6. But at that point should I just get an X570? That’s about where they start
  7. Any idea where it would be? Also, any better X470 alternatives that are high good for $140?
  8. So just yesterday I upgraded to an R7 3700x, 16gb 3600mhz ram, and an ASRock X470 Master SLI/ac. When trying to overclock my memory I was only able to get it to 3066mhz. Even playing with timings and the voltage at 1.35 I was unable to get it past that. I suspect I can’t push it farther because this $140 board doesn’t let you adjust ram voltage from the bios. What should I do? Is it not worth it? Should I return my x470 and get a better x470? Or just do x570?
  9. Okay I set the voltage to 1.35 and am only able to get it to 3000mhz. Is there anything else I can tweak?
  10. I have an r7 3700x, ASRock x470 Master SLI/ac, 2x8 16GB 3600mhz Corsair Vengance. So I just got my parts today and they've really only been causing me problems. It's also really hard to get the motherboard to boot to Windows on my m.2 SSD. I have updated to the latest bios and have tried different ram slots. Whenever I put my memory speed past 2133mhz (even 2400mhz) I cannot get it to boot to Windows. If it ever does boot to Windows, it blue screens and gets stuck in a repair boot loop. Even when I turn on fast boot in the bios the m.2 won't even show up as a bootable option. Not really sure if parts are defective or not.
  11. There wouldn’t be any gaming performance difference between boards?
  12. Gaming. I thought it would possibly help to eliminate stuttering in certain games
  13. I am looking to upgrade my storage to a Samsung 970 Evo NVMe. Is there any new SSD technologies coming out within this year that are worth waiting for?