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    i7 4790K @ Stock
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  1. mattdmg

    Surface Book 2 Ghosting

    So I went to Best Buy to return it and get a new one. I went to the laptops on display to see if they were all like that and all the surfaces had the same ghosting. I went to 5 other laptops of different brands and they all had the same amount of ghosting. I guess I’m just too used to my 144hz display. I feel like an idiot
  2. mattdmg

    Surface Book 2 Ghosting

    I mean I would hope so, It's a high-resolution screen that is factory color calibrated on a premium device. Thanks
  3. mattdmg

    Surface Book 2 Ghosting

    So I purchased a Surface Book 2 a few days ago and it has an atrocious amount of ghosting. Any type of movement on the screen looks like utter shit. So far I love everything about this laptop but this issue is a deal breaker for me. So this is what it looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIyLWVZoVd4&feature=youtu.be I contacted Microsoft support about it and after some troubleshooting, the person I spoke with concluded it was a hardware issue. They recommended that I should either replace it through them or take it back to Best Buy and get a replacement. Not a big deal right? My only real major concern is, are all Surface Books like this? Is it just a poor pixel response time that causes it? Meaning no matter if I get a new one it will still have the same issue? Or is this issue probably only a problem with my device? Thanks
  4. mattdmg

    Old PC. What should I update?

    I would definitely get a new graphics card before anything else and If you want to do 1080p 144hz a GTX 1070 would work really well. You should also get an SSD and use the WD for a secondary drive Although your processor is getting old it's still not terrible for gaming
  5. mattdmg

    Arma III Stuttering Issue

    Could be a degrading hard drive of some sort. An SSD is a million times better in everything Arma 3 to this day only uses 30-40% of my GPU and CPU at all times and I get 20-30 FPS in King of the Hill. And factoring in your stuttering issue I hope that isn't what you consider flawless game optimization
  6. mattdmg

    Arma III Stuttering Issue

    The reason it's a common issue is because Arma 3 is terribly optimized I've never personally had any issues with micro-stuttering so you might need to play around with settings. Something to try as well is updating your drivers if you haven't done that in a while. DayZ Standalone benefits heavily from SSD usage versus an HDD because it eliminated a lot of stuttering in-game. Since the games are somewhat similar I'd say giving an SSD a try too if you don't already have one. Something to also consider is that your PC might be lacking. Everyone will also tell you Arma 3 likes a fast single-core CPU. A newer i7 would suit the job the best
  7. mattdmg

    Good way to get rid of microphone EMI?

    Yeah, that still didn't work either because everything was already set to on. I ordered an internal sound card yesterday to try that instead as it wasn't too expensive. Thanks. That post you wrote was very informative too
  8. Something I've wanted to do for a while now is make my PC more attractive visually As it is currently, my PC is powerful enough to play everything I want to at 1080p 144hz. MOBO: B85M G43 Case: Fractal Design Core 1300 i7 4790k (Stock) G1 GTX 1070 (Stock) 16GB 1600mhz The first thing I'd like to change out for something better is a full ATX case. I've been using this micro ATX Fractal Core 1300 case for almost 4 years and I'm kind of sick of it. Now, this would have a really simple solution if my motherboard wasn't hideous. Now like my case, the motherboard was also budget so it doesn't support overclocking for my 4790k or DDR3 faster than 1600mhz. Also, the onboard audio is very poor, it's micro ATX, and it's ugly. To me, the obvious thing is to buy a used full ATX Z97 motherboard. I'll get better onboard audio, a full ATX board, overclocking support, etc. Is this my best option? I've looked on eBay for some but I'm really disappointed with the pricing on almost all of them. I've also considered buying a new CPU, MOBO, and RAM just to swap everything out for updated parts. This obviously is way more expensive but after selling the old parts it might not be as bad of a hit. I'm just not sure if it's worth it to buy outdated parts from 2014 used off of eBay just for some eye candy which is why I'm leaning towards buying all new parts (especially with the upcoming sales this month).
  9. I have the Sennheiser PC37x and I think the microphone is picking up a lot of EMI from the onboard jacks. I am wondering if there is a good way software or hardware to get rid of the EMI. According to this the noise I am hearing is exactly like the top example, electromagnetic interference. I tried the software option it provides but the end result makes my voice sound dry and unpleasing. The hardware solution they say is to buy an external USB sound card. I have two of them already and neither work with my microphone. For some reason, the mic hardly works on it. My voice comes through as static on both USB sound cards. Since I tried both solutions they've provided and they both didn't work well for me, I am trying to see if there is anything else I can try. At this point, I think my only option is to get an internal sound card I can plug into my motherboard. I don't think my motherboard has the best onboard audio to start with because it's a cheap budget motherboard from several years back.
  10. What's the difference between a multi-threaded workload versus single-thread? Does a single-thread only use just 1 thread and multi-threaded uses all? If, so why would there ever be an advantage to using just one core out of several?
  11. Would you be able to explain to me what's the difference between a core and a thread (or hyperthreading)? `
  12. Wow so much is happening in such a tiny space
  13. I watched that video and it's pretty interesting while explaining a lot. AMD's stock probably would've been a really good buy 3 years ago because their price per share was about $2 and now it's $19 a share.
  14. I'd never think that desktop performance would vary much from chip to chip as long as they were modern. Isn't the biggest thing that would change it would be your storage device?
  15. I don't have the right chipset for overclocking otherwise I would have a while ago. I had a i5 4440 a while ago and just bought one and swapped it out as an upgrade so I didn't have to buy a new mobo+ram