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  1. You should be running most games perfectly fine with a 1070ti at 1080p or even 1440p
  2. Good desktop amplifier?

    I'd probably get the HD6XX since I like Sennheiser. So would I need an amplifier if I got a pair of headphones like those? Are these type of headphones good for gaming?
  3. Good desktop amplifier?

    Do you have any suggestions for under $250
  4. Good desktop amplifier?

    I am looking to improve my audio for my headphones but I don't know if my headphones (Sennheiser HD 558) can even take advantage of an amplifier. I am looking for something that is under $100 and will obviously improve my headphone audio quality. Thanks
  5. So I have been looking for a smart watch for a while now. I got the Apple Watch 1 a few years back and didn’t like it and returned it. I am just really looking for a watch that can receive notifications on it and has a circular design preferably. I would like something priced south of 200 dollars.
  6. Looking for a laptop

    Hey I was also wondering if right now is a good time to buy a laptop or not. Because I was wondering if some new technology like the 11 series from nvidia is coming soon or like the one Intel mini pc that has the gpu and cpu on the same chip that will make its way into newer laptops
  7. Looking for a laptop

    What about the Lenovo Yoga 730? I am liking the 720 though.
  8. Looking for a laptop

    I would like a 15" and under or near $1000
  9. So I want a laptop that can do school and light gaming. I know there are many that are good at this but I also am looking for a laptop that you can draw on. So I want to know if there are many laptops with this ability. I know of the Surface Book but that’s too expensive for me.
  10. How do I get the most out of my headphones?

    What are audio files? Just sound that is uncompressed or something?
  11. So I have the Sennheiser HD 558 headphones and I know they're kind of a budget pair of headphones but they're still what I consider expensive and I think they should sound better than they do now. I got the Massdrop Minimic to put on the side of it and make it into a nice headset but I am no longer using my Blue Yeti which I was using the built-in sound card which sounded nicer than my rear audio. I am wondering if getting an internal sound card would improve my audio and if it would be worth it. I don't do anything professional I just listen to a lot of music which only sounds decent (I guess) and gaming. I did try a USB external sound card and It made my mic sound louder and clearer but it did not work like that for the headphone audio so I am still using the rear jack. I know that a lot of new motherboards have nice built-in audio cards but I do have a fairly older budget b85m board so I am not sure if it's the best. On a side note when I was watching reviews for my headphones a while ago a lot of people said they have a great soundstage because they're open back but I have never really noticed it or what it was.
  12. Does this cable work fine?

    I need a new ethernet cable and I previously had a Cat 5e cable and I have 100mpbs down which I think is near the peak capability of that wire so I figured I would get Cat 6 since it looks cheap. I was looking at this cable and I would like to know if the 25ft variant is a good cable and sufficient enough for gaming and downloads. https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-RJ45-Cat-6-Ethernet-Patch-Cable-5-Feet-1-5-Meters/dp/B00N2VIWPY/ref=pd_sbs_147_6?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00N2VILDM&pd_rd_r=SYA83PTZPNXHCPKV5Y7A&pd_rd_w=753S7&pd_rd_wg=Mnh5g&refRID=SYA83PTZPNXHCPKV5Y7A&th=1
  13. So I believe I am getting some interference from my motherboard output and I am wondering what the solution is to this is. I was thinking an external sound card but don't know if the cheap ones are any good or what one to get. thanks
  14. Good mic on headphones?

    So a few months ago I bought a Blue Yeti microphone in a good bundle with a game and it's a nice sounding microphone. Recently I have grown to not enjoy it as much because I've found having a microphone on your desk kind of gets in the way and is annoying. I am constantly moving it out of the way and having to reposition it so I can type on my keyboard easier. I guess I could buy a boom arm and such but I don't want that "streamer/YouTuber" look. I originally bought it just to have good mic quality when talking to others and do not use it for anything but gaming. I am looking for a headset with a good microphone so I can replace the dedicated microphone just so it's ideal for me. I ready have headphones so I was looking at the ModMic and I am not sure if it is worth it or not compared to an all in one or something
  15. How to get a home theater?

    What is Plex?