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  1. Hello, I am having a problem where my X570 Aurous Elite motherboard will not go into the BIOS no matter how hard I try. When I boot my computer the post screen does not show up the whole time, it just stays black and goes straight to Windows. If I press delete while booting it just gets stuck at a black screen and doesn't boot into Windows if I attempt to boot into the BIOS. I also tried holding right shift and restarting my computer into the UEFI firmware settings but that resulted in the same black screen. I also tried updating my BIOS to the newest version and that did not work
  2. So I turned on two audio tracks for shadowplay to separate my system audio and microphone audio. I love having my clips this way but its made previewing them with VLC or Windows Movies & TV very difficult. Is there any programs that will play two audio tracks at once?
  3. Also I don't understand what you said here
  4. So you'd recommend the 58x with a cheaper amp? one of the ones you listed? Because I am willing to buy an amp if its recommended
  5. Is it dumb to buy these for gaming? I don't really listen to a whole lot of music. If I was getting them mainly for gaming would I be fine with the onboard jack?
  6. I wanted to get a pair of Sennheiser HD6XX but I don't know if I need an external amp to make them sound good. If I need one what are some good options for under $100?
  7. I would say it objectively isn't very noticeable compared to the jump from 60hz to 144hz. There are people who say they cannot see a difference between 60hz and 144hz still even though it's really obvious. I would say refresh rate is more important in most cases but I was specifically looking for a resolution bump for this reason. There can be advantages to having a high resolutions in games I play like Arma 3, Rust, DayZ, and Overwatch when enemies are at long distances
  8. Thank you for answering my original question. I would say 1440 at 144hz would be best. It's difficult to tell the difference between 144 and 240hz.
  9. I disagree. Getting 144fps on games like Overwatch, CS:GO, and Fortnite at 4K isn’t too challenging for a high end system. Taking your thoughts into consideration though, I guess 1440p is the better option for what I’m looking for To an extent yes. But I’m sure most would consider a $500-$2000 monitor expensive in contrast to more lightly priced lower end monitors that more people have. Even if you don’t know my budget you can still recommend good entry level monitors that meet the specs I was looking for
  10. So right now I have a 180hz 1080p G-Sync monitor for fps games. I am becoming increasingly interested in moving to 4K in hopes of gaining more clarity on enemies that are small and far away. Are there any affordable 4K 144hz adaptive sync monitors on the market or any coming soon? Last I checked a while ago they were scarce and expensive. Thanks
  11. Hello I was going to buy a Seagate BarraCuda 8TB hard drive for my Plex server. I noticed though that any hard drive bigger than 2TB was 5400rpm instead of 7200rpm. Would this speed decrease cause any noticeable effect on streaming for a Plex server? Would it be fast enough?
  12. Hello, I recently set my Shadowplay to 2 audio tracks to separate my microphone audio from my game audio. When I open them in Windows Movie & TV it only plays one track. It works fine in my editing software but I want to be able to preview them. I tried VLC already and I couldn't get it to work
  13. The plug worked and now TightVNC is working
  14. I am using vnc viewer. I am slide using this machine for storage. Is setting up a way to transfer files between my main Windows 10 machine to the Linux server easy?
  15. What would the advantages of using Linux be? I know it's a popular OS for servers but I'm used to Windows. Is it really that easy to use?
  16. The one I found is called TightVNC i5 4590, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 It's a Minecraft server so I'm not too worried about it Onboard graphics for an i5 4590
  17. So I want to put my computer im using as a server in a closet with just Ethernet running to it. But whenever there isn't a monitor plugged into the computer remote access will not work. Is there a way to get around this without plugging a monitor into it?
  18. So I am working in a Dell prebuilt office computer. It has one HDD and a DVD drive. When I opened it up I found two normal data SATA cables and there was only one normal SATA power cable. Going into the DVD drive is one mini SATA power cable. The power cable attaches into the motherboard in a mini 6 pin connector and splits off into a normal SATA power and mini SATA power. Is it possible to buy an adapter or different cable? Or is this system limited to one drive?
  19. I want to remotely access it remotely locally on the same network at home. I want to put the tower some place I can’t hear it as well
  20. I ordered a used office/school computer off eBay with a i5 4590, 8GB RAM, and a 2TB HDD at a good price. I also ordered a 500GB SSD to use as the boot drive. I want to use this sever for storing media, running a small Minecraft server, and Plex. How should I get started? Should I use Windows 10 or Linux? What do I use for remote access?
  21. Unpacking assets is a cpu and storage task
  22. I have been looking into getting a home server just to try some things. I wanted to do things like running a Minecraft server off of it, doing one of those Raspberry Pi ad blocker servers, or using it for Plex. Is using a Raspberry Pi 4 for Plex or a MC server feasible? Or am I over gauging the capabilities of a Raspberry Pi 4? If so, what are my other options?
  23. I have been looking into purchasing a tv to do some of my casual gaming on. I am only planning on spending under $250 on a 40-50” tv. I saw this refurbished tv on sale on Newegg and it doesn’t look like a bad deal. Is it really 120hz or is it motion interpolation? Should I get this or shoot for a 4K 60hz tv?