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  1. as far as i can remember you can just make your own resolutions in the settings file, takes a bit of low effort command line but with google you will get there
  2. HomeBoi

    US Senate Against Lootboxes and Pay2Win Micro-Transactions

    Ah yes so you are part of the problem, i still remember when you paid 60 USD for a game and it was a full game.
  3. HomeBoi

    Prince Harry: Fortnite should be banned

    Well a book has a fucking end and not an eternal feedback loop that resets every 3 months so you can do it all again..
  4. HomeBoi

    Apple next gen iPhone schematics leaked. touch ID?

    The cutout is probably for wireless charging tbh
  5. Well it aint a bad thing until steam makes it a bad thing, EU has actually done a gppd thing here and as far as i can see they really aint the problem in this setting.
  6. Only thing i've read about them is that they are incredibly conplicated with gps tracking, deadman switches, redudancy out the fucking wazoo and usually interconnected with so many systems in the car that they are literally almost impossible to remove, and if you can there would be several easy checks that police/mechanics can do to see that it has been deactivated.. but last time i read about limiters was maby 10 years ago so it might have changed and become even harder to remove
  7. Just make intel sweat a little and we all will be better off, if only there could be a third or maby also a fourth actor that could help push both prices and tech forward
  8. That can be fixed with those ditigal signs, probabøy exspensive but oh so much more futureproof
  9. This has been discussed in Norway for the last 15 years or so, and yes it might seem a bit dull to get a speed limiter, but if it works like it was proposed in Norway it would allow headroom for acceleration beyond the speed limit for small amounts of time so as to facilitate a take over(?) And pass by another "slow" car or something then get limited back down after "x" amount of time. If done right it should not be an inconvinience and also the 0 death vision has been a thing in Norway for many years now, and it works wonders. We have not come to the 0 deaths point yet, but with such an absolute goal, very drastic measures have been allowed to happen and the government has a easier time doing stuff that can affect traffic in a positive way. With that said i hope it has the same effect on europe as it has had here in Norway
  10. The only thing i like that facebooks makes atm is Insta so i dunno.. Hopefully they just wither out and die, slowly..
  11. HomeBoi

    Xbox Live will come to Switch, iOS & Android

    There is also rocketleague when it comes to xplatform play
  12. HomeBoi

    AMD Earnings

    Well this was a post
  13. HomeBoi


    Im still running a fx8350 @ 4.10 ghz soo id totally settle for a new ryzen 2600x and a mobo. Where do sign up? Haha
  14. HomeBoi

    773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach

    Well then check, havibeenpwnd.com