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  1. If i only paint a black picture of the world and hold them to that, will the world ever change? No probably not, and yes it might seem stupid to you that some people want to see the good in things and try to hope that things will resolve itself into a better world, also have samsung given any solid info other than it is concidering it on some phones? And yes of course this will help their bottom line and make the phone even more profitable but is it something to be thaaat mad about? Like i have 7 usb-c fast charges and i only have 2 phones that came with it...
  2. It aint about you and your money saved, its more about the thousands of tonnes of e-waste the world has to endure since there are produced way more charges than the world needs every year. And also they will prob give you a good price on a bundle with phone and charger if you need it, they have been doing business for some years now, i think they might not be completly stupid.
  3. Here i am still running my "new" used 2600 at 4.15 ghz and having a blast. Still really looking forward to the 4800X tho and hope my b450 board will be able to upgrade to it, if so that is going to be a good day!
  4. So render all the networked apps on that tv useless? sounds nice
  5. Wont they get crushed by AMD anyway, not that it matters, as long as we the consumer can get cheaper and better parts in the future
  6. Im kinda hyped for this, like if they let other oems make their own this could be great, very handy and not that intimidating for newer builders. Give it some flashy RGB and some acrylic and such and we are talking
  7. looks dope AF, already grinding my thinking gears if i wanna go for that for my next pc
  8. Thats correct, like if a EU citizen buys something from a US webpage, that page stores PII (Personally Identifying Information) on their servers which often resides in the US, that european PII on that US server is protected under GDPR and therefore that company need to comply to GDPR rules to be able to do business with EU citizens. Most do, but many also kinda just does their own thing since this is kinda hard to enforce outside EU.
  9. Well I'm having a blast with Apex, but that is made by Respawn Entertainment which has only made good games up to this point so i dunno Also them having to be under EA's wing does not help the microtransaction stuff, but for a f2p game its not that bad tbh.
  10. As i recently had to go through Law in school, mainly focused on GDPR i am glad i live in Europe and not in US, US just refuses to work with GDPR on so many levels it hurts.
  11. So since i live in Norway and i bought that CPU through a third party seller, i cannot claim anything. This seems fair.
  12. Well we aint their prefered american userbase so i guess they dont give a shit.
  13. Randomly selected users would also be a horrible solution if they would not do vigorous screening of the the subjects up for that position, then again they own Facebook so they probably could.
  14. Then why arent people freaking the shit out over the new cheesegrater pro?
  15. Haha was a spelling mistake but ended up sounding funny ?