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  1. Heeeey good that i did not get myself a M1 for work yet then, guess we will have to wait to atleast over the summer and see what shows up. Cause the battery life alone is worth it for me.
  2. Looks like those lego baseboards you use to make you town on haha
  3. Well anything is jailbreakable given enough research and time, usually. You could prob run linux on apple watch if wanted to
  4. Well in my world enterprise, which was the functionality mentioned that made centOS interesting for peeps I guess, means paid functionality. And if RH = COS i don't see the issue. I know COS was good but c'mon.
  5. What. RedHat is still a thing i manage and admin every day and it is basically the enterprise paid for version of CentOS.
  6. Oooh thats cool, havent really read up properly on how the ARM layout works compared to x86. Thanks for the information my dude
  7. Did they literally double the video memory? Since i read it as GDDR4X from 8 to 16? Anyhow, its kinda cool. Really looking forward to the desktop chip from Apple, since we are seeing movement in the PC space towards ARM and Risk9 based things now it could be a fun 2-4 next years.
  8. What dark ages are you living in for that to make sense? Like data caps have not been a thing in our country since ye old dial up modem, well we still have some data caps on mobile data but that is slowly also going away with most plans offering 30-100 GB per month now.
  9. I'd go for a good 750Watt which is modular or semimodular, just since you are going to keep that psu going forward for ~10 years-ish. I know they are expensive af right now but i bought mine 1.5 years ago, the asus Thor one and it was 50% off and still cost 120 USD. But a good PSU, and a modular one at that is gonna be a good buy you wont regret tbh.
  10. Who cares about a port that you dont need, people need to get a shittier BT something and be pleased.
  11. If i only paint a black picture of the world and hold them to that, will the world ever change? No probably not, and yes it might seem stupid to you that some people want to see the good in things and try to hope that things will resolve itself into a better world, also have samsung given any solid info other than it is concidering it on some phones? And yes of course this will help their bottom line and make the phone even more profitable but is it something to be thaaat mad about? Like i have 7 usb-c fast charges and i only have 2 phones that came with it...
  12. It aint about you and your money saved, its more about the thousands of tonnes of e-waste the world has to endure since there are produced way more charges than the world needs every year. And also they will prob give you a good price on a bundle with phone and charger if you need it, they have been doing business for some years now, i think they might not be completly stupid.
  13. Here i am still running my "new" used 2600 at 4.15 ghz and having a blast. Still really looking forward to the 4800X tho and hope my b450 board will be able to upgrade to it, if so that is going to be a good day!
  14. So render all the networked apps on that tv useless? sounds nice