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  1. Very slow, or just not as responsive as a high end CPU? Would you say youre happy with overall performance of it?
  2. yeah that's true. Do you know how different the performance would be with a highly overclocked Pentium and the 4770k in something like photoshop?
  3. Yeah that's another option, maybe getting a devils canyon i5 would be good.
  4. Hello everyone, Currently i have a 4770k that I don't really use much anymore. I use my computer a lot but don't really take advantage of the 4770k, i rarely play games and haven't edited video's in a long time. When i purchased the 4770k i was a hardcore gamer, PC enthusiast and overclocker. However as time has gone on i use the computer less and less for what it was built for, now it's pretty much an internet browsing machine. What my question is, is that if i sold my 4770k, and bought a Pentium and overclocked it heaps (hopefully 4.5+) would i have massive performance loss across the board or will every day stuff still be snappy and fast due to my SSD and RAM. I know that obviously there'd be a bit, but im really curious to know how much. Also, would you think for someone like me, it'd be worth it to make $250 and sell my 4770k? Specs: i7 4770k @4.5ghz Gigabyte 760 (Just sold my other one ) 1250, 6700 750w PSU Creative X-Fi soundcard or something idk ASrock z87 extreme 3 16GB Kingston Hyper x 1600mhz, OCZ Vertex 3 120gb 2tb WD green 7200rpm 500 Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm Toshiba 1tb 5400rpm Coolermaster 612 PWM w/ Corsair SP fan EDIT: The main reason for considering it is due to making money. I am 16 and don't currently work and so getting some savings started for a first car and stuff is important.
  5. The 4820k woulld be good if you do need more PCie lanes, and more DIMMS. It also has the heatspreader soldered to the die rather than cheap TIM like the 4770k. Also, the 2011 motherboards are generally more expensive. However, they do leave more room to upgrade.
  6. Sounds about right. Although i havn't done any research yet, so i can't really comment.
  7. I'd imagine they would. Would you consider buying anything from the R9-8 series?
  8. I've got 2 760's, they're great. Maybe not as powerful as two 7970's but don't use as much power and all that stuff.
  9. yeah, i'm just broke as a joke at the moment. Just went on a holiday. hahaha can i ask what you did to your 4770k? And also, with the Hyper 212 i could only get my 4670k to 4.4
  10. Hey, thanks for the great reply. With IETU max temps were 77 but averaging about 72. I was going to buy a Swiftech h220, and stay with my 4670k, but when my brother was buying his new computer i payed him $120 and then got a 4770k and he got my 4670k . I'll have a look at your guide. Thanks again!
  11. Hey everyone, I had some spare time today so i thought i'd push my 4770k past its current 4.4 ghz (@1.21v). I had around 4.6 in mind, although i know on air, anything past 1.25 will get very hot. I am using a hyper 212 with a corsair SP 120 fan and stock thermal paste. When at 1.27v the CPU is still only running at an average of 75 degrees with IETU which seems really cool for that voltage(Using Realtemp, Aida64 and IETU to check temps because i didn't believe them). Is this normal from a 4770k? The hyper 212 is an entry level cooler, but it's sure doing a good job. Should i trust the software temperature monitors, or start to back off? Any help would be great! Also, if you guys have 4770k's on air please let me know your temps/voltages/clocks. I'm really curious. Thanks in advanced!