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    IgniteFX reacted to ShadowCaptain in Pentium Anniversary Edition or 4770k?   
    It would not be great in programs like that, its still a pentium dont forget, It isnt some god like chip that everyone says it is. Yes it ocs and is good enough for games for for productivity it will still only be a pentium
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    IgniteFX reacted to Johners in Pentium Anniversary Edition or 4770k?   
    I'd keep the 4770K myself for two reasons. The CPU will last longer than the Pentium Anniversary Edition. More importantly, if you ever decide to play games or edit videos more, you have a very powerful chip to do it on, meaning everything will be faster.
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    IgniteFX reacted to megadarkwood in EU wants every smartphone and tablet to charge by micro-USB   
    Why does everyone hate micro usb? I have never had any problems with it.
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    IgniteFX reacted to WorldDominator in 4770k or 4820k?   
    I had to slow down to like 1/4 of my normal reading speed just for this.