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  1. So i plan on getting two monitors one for simple stuff like a video or a wikipedia page and the other for gaming and watching movies etc stuff that benefits more from 1440p. So the 1440p supports display port and the 1080p one supports HDMI can I use both. You probally can but i was just wondering. Also are the bezels and height around the same for these two monitors? 1440P:https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/YZn2FT/benq-monitor-gw2765ht 1080P:https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/mWV48d/benq-monitor-gl2460hm Will these work together good without looking terrible? I also plan on using both with a arm.
  2. I also head that they are using the surrounding brain as a heat sink for the upgraded model. Excited
  3. Looks like i should wait for more things to come out
  4. yeah im in no rush as this will be my first pc and i still need to save up a bit more lol.
  5. ah I didnt realise that the I5 had better single core performance. But yeah most games aren't meant for six cores or use them well but perhaps more games in he future will support more cores better so it will perform better? Anyways both seem good enough for what i need.
  6. Yeah I have noticed that the I5 does better in gaming then the r5 but is that because of drivers and optimization as the ryzen cpus are new? Or is it just how it is.
  7. So these two cpus are at a similar price and was wondering which will perform better? I was leaning towards the ryzen cpu as theres more cores and its slightly newer. I also checked on userbench and the intel cpu scored higher. Is this because the ryzen chips arent as optimized? Am I better off just getting a i5?
  8. I also wanted to get one as it would last longer
  9. Should i get a dark rock 3 for a i5 7600? I want to get it for looks, performance, and sound but is it worth it?
  10. there quiet cheaper and have good cfm. More cfm is better right?
  11. I mean like as the premium fan video says. Its only a slight decrease in temperature. But mini itx airflow is more important so. I guess the pure wings 2 fans are one of the better fans.
  12. I can (as its a non windowed case) but i dont want to pay 20 cdn for a single fan. Pc part picker prices btw
  13. Im deciding on the Rosewill Hyperborea and the Pure Wings 2. Both are 140mm fans but what I want to know is which performs best when quiet?
  14. It should be a 1070 and a 6600 but I was asking since its said that the g750m is not that good of a psu