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    i7-6700k @ 4.6GHz
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    Gigabyte Z170X-UD5
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    Corsair LPX 32GB (8gb x 4) @ 3000MHz
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    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW @ 2.1GHz
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    Enthoo Pro M
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    OS: 850 Pro 256gb, 1TB WD blue, 2x 840 pro 256gb RAID
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    Corsair RM850
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    Asus MG278Q (2560x1440) @ 144Hz
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    Corsair H100i
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Logitech G700s
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    Hyper X cloud II + separate speaker system
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. HX850 or RMx1000

    would you say the HX series is going to be better for effeciency and a tad bit of power accuracy?
  2. HX850 or RMx1000

    I do plan on doing multiple cards but just for my current use what would you recommend. I live in the US, id like to spend around 160-170. Those I listed I can get for 155$. I prefer corsair as I have some sleeved cabling and would like to re use it.
  3. HX850 or RMx1000

    So im in the market to replace my PSU with something a little nicer, I currently have a Corsair RM850 (850 watt, 80 plus gold) powersupply. I am concerned quality wise due to the bad quality chinese capacitors inside. The two I need to choose from are the Corsair HX850 (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Power/hxi-series-2017-config/p/CP-9020138-NA) or the Corsair RM1000x (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Power/Plug-Type/rmx-series-config/p/CP-9020094-NA) My main concern is just quality, and stable power for overclocking. Currently I can get these for the same price and I just need something that can handle my 8700k (5ghz) and 1080 @ 2.139 Ghz, (will be upgrading to a 1080ti or the newer cards)
  4. Its still plenty powerfull for almost all gaming scenarios, while technically an 8700k can be better, you wont notice alot. BTW, I highly dont recommend doing SLI, unless you dont care about costs and just purely want the best gaming pc, (youre much better off with a single 1080ti and saving 800$). As for the 6700k, I used to have it with my 1080 and it was wonderful for gaming, most games would sit at 50-70% load while having a few other programs running. Id recommend OCing as theres good reward. I also upgraded to my 8700k, its better for streaming and workstation type loads due to 2 more cores, but also slightly outperforms in games aswell, not sure if its worth the extra 500$+ on a new mobo+cpu
  5. All good options, a little too large. Thinking more to the define r6
  6. So Im looking for a new case, I currently own a Enthoo Luxe Tempered. My current loop has a single 420MM Radiator on the top, and for some odd reason I dont want to give it up (mainly the 150+$ I put in nice 140mm Fans). My question is if theres a way to fit a 420mm Radiator (3 x 140mm) in the Be Quiet Dark Base 700. If there are any other cases that can fit a 420mm rad, can fit a SINGLE 3.5 HDD (needs to be hidden away), and 2 2.5 SSDs. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.
  7. Sound Proofing/Blocking Bedroom Wall

    Yeah, i think im going to go with the softer stuff and just glue some foam ontop so I can reduce echo aswell. Need to do it for the door aswell Do you know any decent ones that can do ~81 Sq Ft for like 120$ or under?
  8. Sound Proofing/Blocking Bedroom Wall

    Also saw people using moving blankets aswell.
  9. Sound Proofing/Blocking Bedroom Wall

    So people in my household have complained im too loud at night with me talking while gaming, murdering people etc. So i need to reduce noise passthrough on the wall. Its a common question, the part of the wall that i need to cover is 11Ft 1.5Inches wide and about 88 (7.33 Ft) inches tall around 81 SQ ft. Whats the best overall solution that wont run me too much. Id like to keep it under 250$ My thoughts would be simply getting that sound deadening sheets made for like cars that have adhesive. I can see a few on amazon for around 100$ and can get some acoustic foam (to reduce echo) for another 100$. Which i like as i can buy one part at a time. Thoughts?
  10. So ive been trying to get my system running at its fullest and for some reason I just cannot get my motherboard to run the XMP profile for my RAM. I have a 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum kit rated for 3000mhz (linked below). When i go into my bios and try to run the XMP to the 3000mhz and save it the system and it tries to restart. Nothing. It will give me the code "AC" Which in the manual refers to "System has transitioned into ACPI mode. Interrupt controller is in PIC mode", no idea what it means or what to do to fix it. I tried loading defaults and only changing the XMP still fails, running latest bios aswell. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/DOMINATOR®-PLATINUM-32GB-(2-x-16GB)-DDR4-DRAM-3000MHz-C15-Memory-Kit/p/CMD32GX4M2B3000C15
  11. So I have my water cooling setup for awhile now and cant figure out how to contol the PWM speed on the pump. I have an EK Xtop D5 PWM, and it has a PWM connector for speed control and molex for power. I cant find the option for control on the AI Suite and not sure what else to do. Anybody have the same problem?
  12. I can get some JBL systems for a good price like the JBL Basspro Micro for 158$,
  13. TBH thats what im trying to achieve, im not going for over the top bass, but right now, I have my JBLs and I cant get any balance with them since theyre so bass heavy, so im looking for a dedicated woofer so I can lower the bass without completely losing all of it. I just need decent bass in small space.
  14. I have stock radio as its a massive pain in the ass to replace/ expensive but i plan on getting a new car soon and will be getting after market. Plus I have a friend who works at best buy and he can get me all the special adapters and kits.
  15. sorry for disappointment haha, im sure you get alot of people like me. What exactly are you disappointed about to be clear so I know how im being stupid or cringy?