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  1. I'm new to this camera stuff and I'm trying to figure out how I can get my Sonya6000 on OBS to stream, right. But once I had everything set up, I seen on OBS that it said "No memory card" "cannot Play". I was confused because I could've sworn that you don't need a memory card to stream on a Camera. Now i may be completely wrong but if someone can clear this up for me that would be great. I only know that if i were to record , Then I would need a memory card to store the video. Any help is appreciated thanks !!!
  2. Yeah honestly, I mean I could run a ethernet cable all the way up to my room but lmfao idk ,I would have to like route the wire against the corners so it isnt visible. I have white walls so getting one thats white wouldnt be too bad. But yeah Moca is a good option ima have to think about it. thanks for letting me know about it tho! Happy holidays my dude have a good one.
  3. I plug I just watched a video wow thats actually pretty cool but I have buy 2 of them correct? one to stand next to the router and one to be in my room connected to the Coax jack with a ethernet cable into my PC. Am i correct? if so thats kinda pricey isnt it?
  4. That product has 2 coax metal things but my port only has one that sticks out the wall how does that even work i never used it
  5. also what is a "moca" not sure about that but your idea seems like a good one so please further explain thank you
  6. can you elaborate what you mean by "if I have a coax hookup" because I believe I do and I have a coax outlet in my room as well
  7. So I have this issue where my PC is on the second floor of my crib and I want ethernet connection but my modem and router is on the first floor in the living room. Yeah I could just get a widi adapter but i dont want that. Can someone tell me if its possible to buy a another modem and put it in my room and make it somehow connect to my router thats downstairs and plug an ethernet cable to that new modem into my PC? Does that make sense? im not sure but let me know if thats even possible. Im just trying to find best way to get connection from upstairs
  8. so is that the one you linked the chipset download i need for my motherboard?
  9. I cant seem to find the Chipset driver for my motherboard on the website. I have an Asrock B450 Pro 4 not the MicroAtx board but the Full ATX board. I can't seem to find on there website if one of you can tell me where I can find it please let me know exactly where. Thank you very much!! I downloaded the auido and Lan drivers but the chipset is nowhere to be found unless its renamed to something else and I dont know
  10. Where do I find those options any idea? and If I do find them what do I do?
  11. Yes Iv'e done exactly that. and the image beside those writings was a paper looking icon.
  12. I have a Asrock B450 Pro 4 Mobo and it was on P4.20 Version out the box which is a little old and I wanted to update it so I did what im supposed to do and went and bought a 16 GB Sandisk usb right. I downloaded the BIOS Version I selected on the page which was this website ASRock > B450 Pro4 and after i downloaded it I put the files in the USB i just bought. Once It was done extracting to the USB and I checked that it was FAT32. I restarted my PC went to bios and it till said that It "couldnt detect my image file ". Does anyone know how to fix this? Someone told me that the USB has t
  13. Sooo yeah , Built a new rig forgot my rigs board doesnt have WiFi connections made an oopsie it happens lmao. Well now I need a WiFi card and im not sure which to get. Can anyone recommend me a couple so that I can buy? I was going to get a usb one but since I game and all that Iv'e heard there not the best option because of Ping. Of course I can always get an ethernet cable to run to my PC but with the situation Im in right now I cant do that yet. So a WiFi card would be the best option. Please Respond back your suggestions as they are alwayus appreciated thank You!!! By
  14. Does this work effectivley though? or is this slow? I know its not going to be as good as running an ethernet cable but is it good?