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  1. Hi everyone so this is the second time this happens, after a gaming session I shut down my pc to sleep, then when I wake up and tried to boot it appears on the mobo the VGA led, and it's the second time it happens, first time I resolved by pressing restart button, this time didn't work and I needed to leave the pci e cable and put it back in the gpu, i want to change the part that do this problem. Anyone can help please?
  2. It's the camera flash i checked now
  3. If I used it like that for the last 2 months is good?
  4. Can I ask you something, when I was tighten the screws they were so hard to pull in, it's normal, i don't remind if the screws were from the case or from the psu
  5. You sure that makes 0 difference?
  6. The one on the side, you don't see it in the picture?
  7. Hi guys I noticed just a day ago this damage on my Be quiet system power 9 600w, i need to worry about?
  8. The audio work properly, can be the microphone port damaged?