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    Football and NEED FOR SPEED
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    JUst A stuDEnt. HIGH schOOL
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    CLEAning my MESs

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  1. Preferably using a dedicated icon or shortcut on my doc. I already assigned certain app to run on certain work spaces.
  2. my home is in extHDD and root in my SSD(and also windows).. "Warning: Do not attempt to mount or boot the partition that runs the host OS with a VM, as that can lead to severe data corruption. And no matter which drive or partition you want to mount, it's always a good idea to back up any existing data on it before continuing." is it saying i shouldnt mount windows while running windows or u cant mount partition that has another OS on the same drive but on a different partition.
  3. Can you tell me how to though, i really cannot find any tutorials to do that.
  4. oh that would work too, my work is very minimal tbh. guess VM can do the trick.
  5. Basically i don't wanna do all my Configure from the beginning and i really don't wanna delete (dual booting) it to make way.
  6. if u can see the other posts, you will get where i am coming from. i have no idea how it happened and now ended up reinstalling the OS though deleting the volume.
  7. Yes, thank you for the heads up. i think its best not to dwell on (not so) advance stuff so early.
  8. ya thats the name, how did i forget it
  9. i believe its gnome files, it directs me there so i guess thats it
  10. i need to edit the scripts there so ig i need to change the owner... now how to do it? very noob with linux