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  1. the bad sectors is like 2002 out of idk million ? and ya i can always use my pop os live cd. whats special about puppy?
  2. Its like the gnome extensions, the browser data (i use vivaldi and i forgot the encrypted key so i cant just sync it, i really dont wanna waste time to set all my bookmarks, history and configs like 100mbps half duplex, xrander etc. i really dont want to go through all that. I use liunx just so i can get things done-mostly study and abit of python learning. so what i mean by HDD as is are those data and config files- let me explain, idk the technical term for this caz i am very new, not even an year passed since i main linux, and windows for gaming only ofc. https://www.distrotube.com/
  3. This was my previous post, still haven't done nothing about it and i thought of this idea just now. Ik i can use ddrescue but i really want to preserve the HDD as is- rsync is dumb in this regard caz it cant ignore bad sectors , then wipe and repair the HDD with Bad sectors.
  4. i know the answer, will update the process soon but its not what i have desired but it seems to be the only way. I may have found a better solution, will make a separate entry to confirm the idea and mark it as solution here and there. Basically would snapshot work- via TIMESHIFT? Would it ignore the stuff that is not useable and do the ones that can?
  5. right after i commented that, the power went out. not possible then. i am planning to redo, take whatever config i need. (thats what ddrescue does but rsync makes sure that u can just swap ur HDD if u were need to and the OS will still take the new HDD as if its was the original). make my usb persistant and attach my new HDD as its /home. if i need anything along the way i can go to my old hdd and retrieve it. also if my old HDD stay unused, would it go bad?
  6. i am a linux user xd and ik i shouldn't be using my linux, if its a physical bad sector then i am gonna make it worse if not then a gparted repair should work but i really need to back it up, thats what i am trying to do now. Taking whatever i need via a live CD for the time being. I already managed a HDD of similar size (external). tried rsync but ye the bad sector takes forever and sometimes an hout or 2 just to say "we cant do it, we will try it again". my distro already has that. if not i can just sudo install em- or what they want me to do to install it.
  7. um this was one of my friends issue and he recently joined the linux world. He didn't get back to me but somehow he fixed the issue.- he is not sure how he did it though. But much appreciated.
  8. well not really, i can fix it but all route points me to above 24 hours of pc run time which is impossible where i live and also i got no time for that. but the good news is i can still save the HDD and reuse it - https://superuser.com/questions/665214/how-to-quickly-format-a-hdd-with-bad-sectors-in-linux/665232 the reason i want to rsync it, so that my os doesn't freak out and i need to redo all my con-figs and app installs. Basically i wanna do this https://www.distrotube.com/blog/move-your-home-folder-to-second-drive/ i done it before (thats how i moved to my new 1tb HDD(old)) but
  9. you wont believe the reason. but i was happy it fixed one problem i had with my pc. created another one :). also where i am wrong, There is no recovery specialist. i may be among 1k in 220 mil population.
  10. money. also i dual boot from windows to linux. using my windows now. this part seems fine, or at least it is now showing me errors automatically . i should check. how do check for that on windows.
  11. i drop kicked my pc, and my /home drive has bad sectors (has been flagged to fail soon) now. i rsync it but in a span of 14 hours, it managed to copy 270 gigs (got 6.7gb/1tbh) and ofc it spends about 20 mins trying to copy 1kb of file. on disks i see like 2002 bad sectors. i don't know what to do. Dual boot windows-Linux/deb got separate drives for both OS- one is a Toshiba(/home) but oddly enough it reported those bad sectors like after 4 days pior to the kick, its old tbh. the other is a WD blue 3 years of use of the shelf. also very new to Linux but am comfortable with terminal and v
  12. Bought another CR2032 battery, it was stable for a day or 2 and today i mean a few hours ago its started to happen again. Every time i clear the cmos, after a min to 10. it shuts down (as if the motherboard loses all power). Switched the ram to the other slot (just a single dim) and cmos'ed and it worked for an hour, played games and suddenly while i was writing- it dies.
  13. i reinstalled the whole OS (formatted) and that fixed it. I tried to LIVE ISO and installed volume mixer ext to see if the problem lies on the ext or the OS.
  14. but here's how it happened (i think)- i dual booted back to linux and suddenly the pc had no audio. i resetted ALSA i think that's where the problem lies. But it could also be the the extension, I don't get this when i control volume with pulse or with system tray volume-it does not show or make that pop sound (system sound-cant even mute that). After i done this, the sound somewhat dampened but then the GUI itself crashed-used tty to restore gdm3 and pop-desktop. And now each time i log in i have to enter the first command (shown in the SS) to restore audio. I did all this after i poste
  15. Zoom cant detect headphone mic as a input device, on the other hand recorder cannot detect internal mic but can detect the headphone. what is going on?
  16. Keyboard, mouse- nothing works. Work load is multiple Browsers, pdf viewer and its on a gnome. I installed kde but it happens there too although less frequently. Its more often when the system is in idle and i am elsewhere. Sometimes i can go tty and just exit. log back in though GUI and its fixed but sometimes even that doesn't fix it (especially on KDE).
  17. Another question, if i time-shift my system, would my extensions and all its customization be restored or is it just the system? this is what i did when i snapshot the system. if i end up deleting the DE and it fucks it up- would it restore the DE itself?
  18. Using POP OS- Gnome 3.something but its 20.04 Ubuntu for sure. gnome feels heavy and bloated so i wanted to switch to KDE. i was wondering if keeping Gnome and/or its system apps eats my system resources? if so then i want to remove it.
  19. IT worked, thank you so much. one final question, can i rsync to back up stuff? what about root?
  20. This is what i get but ig i do have LVM as u mentioned. that is my root ig. and i dont think i be using much of it. so i made my mind- i'll jus add the HDD as my extended home/dir (can i shift it however?, its on ext HDD so i cant really remove it as a ext) and then back it up.
  21. (i am very sorry for the late replies but i live on a different continent, so timezones- you know) i nvr heard of LVM so ig i dont have it Xd. OKay so ig in the future i can buy another SSD for linux- so let me not worry about future proofing just yet. Could i install Games (ig lutris is the only one for now) on /home ? like i think i can caz it prompts me to select a disk but i haven't tried. And also could you suggest me what to use for my backup? i am literally 4-5 months into the linux world and i am loving how it works and home much focused and streamlined things are.