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Everything posted by Discowarewolf69

  1. 3 followers in almost a year - this website is a fucking joke 

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    2. Discowarewolf69


      that's fucking stupid

    3. Wedsea040


      Yeah, if you follow a lot of people they will typically follow back.


      But to me this website isn't really about followers, more like helping others out or discussing linus related things. :)

    4. 8uhbbhu8


      ^agreed Most of those with lots of followers are those that are either very knowledgeable and are always being called upon for info, what they have to say is very interesting/weird/funny all the time, part of a specific community thread on the forum or are "famous" or have thousands of posts from being super active.


      i've been here several years but only have 10 followers. Don't really care because thats not what its about lol. 

  2. Playing The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt last night i have 2 ml 120's and 2 other cheaper corsairs with an Intel I5 4440 with stock CPU fan, and my GPU was 79 degrees celsisus - Was wondering if that was good/bad and if there's any way to get that lower without going liquid cool?

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    2. Discowarewolf69


      Right on! thank you - actually recorded temps with my new GPU last night on Air, so just making sure I'm in the normal 

    3. Princess Cadence

      Princess Cadence

      83Cº is the "safe" limit, if it stays under it you're fine.

    4. Discowarewolf69


      Thank You! - It didn't go over for a period of time while playing with settings on max 

  3. Discowarewolf69

    Show off your latest purchase!

    New Samsung Galaxy E Tablet 8GB quad core $79.99 - good deal?
  4. It's nice to still see people using air cooling while having the components to make a bad ass liquid cool loop 9_9

    1. 0ld_Chicken


      Blasphemy!  Jk I've seen some really sweet aircooled builds.  Attention to detail is key

    2. Discowarewolf69


      ha ha yeah that and you really gotta understand the airflow on fans and what areas need to be cooled within your system 

  5. Discowarewolf69

    1 to 4 fan splitters for nzxt

    Ahh that's cool haha, Sometimes i see people with 10+ fans and sometimes they'll be either doing extreme rendering or "bitcoin" where you need to have it cool for a period of time
  6. Discowarewolf69

    1 to 4 fan splitters for nzxt

    Using them for data mining by any chance?
  7. Discowarewolf69

    looking to play a new mmo

    players battleground unknown
  8. What LGA1151 model CPU is recommended  with an Asusz270 - 

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    2. Discowarewolf69


      I did however buy most of my pc parts on newegg for my first build

  9. Discowarewolf69

    Good RPGs to play right now?

    yeah it's fun for a while but once you start getting into the upper levels it does get a bit annoying and you keep having to come back to the same places
  10. Discowarewolf69

    Good RPGs to play right now?

    yeah combat was great, that game probably has the most levels I've seen in game
  11. Discowarewolf69

    Who else thinks that TW3 is overrated?

    DOOM is better than COD and CSGO is better then COD
  12. Discowarewolf69

    Good RPGs to play right now?

    Have you played Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen ? Over 200 level ups
  13. Discowarewolf69

    Lower fps on lower graphics?

    If your gpu can't match up with your cpu it very well could be bottleknecking
  14. Discowarewolf69

    Can my pc run overwatch?

    I spent less than $700 and I have the following and can play any game i want to: CPU: Intel I5 4400: $$100 used - new $150 Maximum Intel I5 4460 = $185 PSU: EVGA 500WB: $49.99 GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 980: $260 used MOBO: Gigabyte h81: $110 Maximum Monitor: Asus 27" 1080p: $120-$140 new Total Cost = $630.00
  15. Discowarewolf69

    Tablets Under 100 USD

    Looking for a personal Tablet for school and Netflix primarily, doesn't have to be anything fancy and doesn't have to be an I PAD - for UNDER $100 USD if possible, Thank You!
  16. Discowarewolf69

    Tablets Under 100 USD

    SAMSUNG GALAXY E TABLET LITE is goin for 79.99 @ best buy -quad core 8GB Intel inside - works really well for the price and does what it should as a tablet if your looking for one. Wouldn't ya'll have Samsung vs Amazon Fire
  17. Discowarewolf69

    Tablets Under 100 USD

    Sorry i thought i needed to post this question- it just turns out I didn't think hard enough about it - thank you for the advice!!
  18. Discowarewolf69

    Tablets Under 100 USD

    I'm kinda dumb Amazon - Fire 7 - 7" - Tablet - 8GB 7th Generation, 2017 Release - Black $49.99
  19. Discowarewolf69

    Tablets Under 100 USD

    Very nice, much appreciated
  20. Discowarewolf69

    Tablets Under 100 USD

    do you know the price on it and thank you
  21. Discowarewolf69

    Metric system

    40.5mm+20.5mm = 61mm
  22. Discowarewolf69

    Metric system

    Decimals exist in Metrics believe it or not... 40.5mm
  23. Discowarewolf69

    Voice navigation on Android

    Has anyone ever had the problem of being re-routed during navigation and then getting lost 20 mins out of your way?
  24. Discowarewolf69

    Metric system

    Machining with metrics may be a hell of a lot easier, metrics for computers is far more efficient than fractions. Counting in tens if far more easier than studying years of fractions. If the whole world used fractions, everything would make so much more sense in terms of Infrastructure, electronics, and education, because we'd all be reading and interpreting the same thing.
  25. Will the Asus Z270 fit in the Fractal Design Define C Black Window Silent Compact ATX Mid Tower Computer Case?