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  • Birthday 1986-05-08

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    Mesa, AZ


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    AMD A10-5745M
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    HD 8610G
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    240GB SSD, 1TB USB 3.0 SATA. 750GB USB 3.0 SATA, 500GB Gigabit "NAS", 1.5TBx4 RAID 10 NAS
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    1366x768(Laptop), 1920x1080 22" IPS LG, KD-34XBR960
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    Logitech K800, G510, K750
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    Logitech M215, M315
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. xnamkcor

    I've Wanted this for YEARS!

    Instructions unclear...
  2. xnamkcor

    Refresher Test "Gaming"(?) Build

    Isn't the 1700 a first gen Ryzen? Why a B450 instead of an X470? Well, you halved my RAM and it costs more than half as much. Thanks? While I probably could kill a horse with that case if I used the side panel, I'll pass. I'm not really fond of ASRock and PowerColor.
  3. xnamkcor

    Used Graphics Card Sags Badly

    I would say, next time buy a case with a real screw mount for the bracket. That, or use fishing line to suspend the card.
  4. xnamkcor

    Refresher Test "Gaming"(?) Build

  5. xnamkcor

    Refresher Test "Gaming"(?) Build

    I'll probably end up ditching the APU idea, since this isn't a laptop. The price ratio for 2x8 seemed to be the same as 2x16, so I figured I'd plan for max RAM without having to junk modules. I try to avoiding going over spec on RAM. I didn't take the time to make sure the motherboard supported NVME. Are m.2 slots typically bootable? CX is bad, ok, but which series is good? I was debating if I should spend the extra 10 or 20 dollars to support X470. I'll probably do that. PS: Ontrac has never failed to deliver. Their one of the few delivery services on my "good" list. Edit: None of the motherboards I'm looking at seem to list "NVME" as a feature.
  6. My current computer is a Sony Vaio laptop. https://secure.newegg.com/Wishlist/PublicWishlistDetail?ID=32154491 My budget is about 500-1000. I'm in AZ, USA. I'm pretty much just doing a test build for the future. It might be a year or more before I feel comfortable spending money on a new computer. Most of my gaming is emulators, but being able to play DMC5 at a at least 60 FPS is probably a goal. Might want to use 2 monitors, but my second screen is typically my Fire TV or Chromecast(I believe multitasking is best done by multiple independent devices unless the two tasks actually need to interact) I'll probably need to buy Windows...again... Case: Simple, Very open front intake, Can kill a horse(in self defense) with it if I need to. Motherboard: Works with the other parts. Video Card: Supported by games and Windows for at least 5 years, Crossfires with CPU(?). Power Supply: Supplies power, Has fan, Doesn't catch on fire. CPU: Supports the RAM and Motherboard I picked, Crossfires with GPU(?). SSD: Faster than HDD, enough space for Windows and some games, about the same price as my HDD. RAM: Dual channel, works with Motherboard and CPU, About half the slots and half the capacity of the motherboard(12.5% margin of error). HDD: Holds files, about the same price as my SSD. PS: Backup picture in case the link doesn't work. PPS: I'm trying to stick to one retailer I have ordered from before. Not Amazon, because they use a third party to deliver in my local area and it's a crapshoot whether the driver feels like doing their job that day. PPPS: Might be willing to use Amazon for something like the case for the free shipping.
  7. xnamkcor

    Used Graphics Card Sags Badly

    I don't see a screw or a bolt on the bracket.
  8. xnamkcor

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    And I want a 6 Litre engine that fits in a gallon milk bag.
  9. xnamkcor

    The AMAZING $30 "Computer Case"!

    TaoBao probably just doesn't realise that Japan doesn't use a hundreths system(cents) like a lot of countries, and thinks that 1 Yen is about 1 "Dollar", when it's closer to "One Cent".
  10. xnamkcor

    The AMAZING $30 "Computer Case"!

    I have Five Shekels. What can I buy?
  11. xnamkcor

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    Did Russia use GPS before GLONASS was deployed or invented? Why did Russia invent GLONASS?
  12. xnamkcor

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    There are no geosynchronous GPS satellites not above Russia? And none of them don't go above Russia? What country invented GLONASS? What country mostly uses GLONASS?
  13. xnamkcor

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    How many GPS satellites do you have access to in Russia?
  14. xnamkcor

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    What? You don't tell people you're 8 Decimeters tall?
  15. xnamkcor

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    Do two battery packs produce more heat than one?