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  1. So I realise that this is pretty niche, but the (apparent) effort in implementing it appears to be very small. Basically, Apple added support for Pinned tabs in Safari back in 2015. However, instead of using the Favicon.ico standard, they require a link tag and an SVG icon. As I use the forum most days, and thus have it pinned, it would be useful to have a distinctive LTT icon there. Apple's documentation on implementing: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/AppleApplications/Reference/SafariWebContent/pinnedTabs/pinnedTabs.html Thanks!
  2. Upgrading 2x MSI GTX 660 to 1070/1080

    Good point!
  3. Build for a friend

    Yowch... I feel for you!
  4. Build for a friend

    Honestly, that looks pretty good to me! Also, those RAM prices!!! When the heck did that get so expensive? I remember getting 16GB for £70 (CA$120) earlier this year...
  5. Upgrading 2x MSI GTX 660 to 1070/1080

    I'd say that the 1070 should give more than 60fps for most titles at 1440p..., let alone a 1070ti...
  6. YouTube are stopping all paid channels (I think at the end of the month).
  7. Loving the series thus far - good choice re: budget and the pairings Can't wait until next week...
  8. Synology Active Directory with Outlook

    On the offchance that this is ever useful to anyone else - the problem was my router (Syno RT1900ac) acting up. The problem was solved with a firmware update.
  9. Ethernet problems, unidentified network (Solved)

    Don't think anyone else has mentioned it, but it may be worth manually setting a static IP on the desktop... just in case it is having issues with receiving data from the DHCP server.
  10. Renting out my macbook

    VERY good point - using MacOS Sierra on an HDD is painful!
  11. Renting out my macbook

    Personally, I'd say it depends on your/her situation. If it were me, and I had no need for my MacBook, I'm not sure I could be bothered on following up on charging my sister!
  12. I'm currently running a Synology RT1900ac as my router, with Unfi AP Pros as my Access Points (managed on my always-on Mac Mini). Currently, I have a standard and guest wifi network enabled and managed using the Unifi Management Software (v5.4.9). This has not caused any problems in itself. However, I would like more control over the guest network, including granting permission to a intranet website (hosted on a separate Syno NAS using WebStation). As a sidenote, I can't figure out how to set the IP subnet (?) to 192.168.11.x on the guest wifi network - it appears to connect devices to the standard subnet of 192.168.10.x, while somehow managing to isolate devices. I do realise that doing this may make the intranet thing impossible! Doing this doesn't actually have much practical purpose, before you ask - I'm merely curious, and like tinkering around with the network! TLDR: I can't figure out how any of the guest management features on a Syno Router and Unifi AP's interface together - any help? Thanks!
  13. Synology or Build

    Crikey! I can completely understand your feelings towards Synology now - if I lost even 1TB of data due to a failed RAID array I wouldn't go anywhere near the HDD/NAS manufacturer again! Again, out of interest - I don't want to end up loosing the same amount of data!, which NAS and HDDs were you using? In any instance, I'll be double checking my backups this evening! Sorry for the late reply...
  14. Synology or Build

    Would love to know what issues you had with the Synology. Just curious!
  15. programming on an ipad

    Going on responses above it looks like there are! Would love to know what they are called - as this would be ideal for me!