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  1. Yeah I pushed it with p95 but I don't recall the actual temp I got to I'll need to run that again, and yeah the temps were recorded at the base clock , I also recall the cooler sounding like it was ready for liftoff after running p95 , and yeah me too ..... Oh shit I left the chip pan on!
  2. Yeah i completley understand that and don't get me wrong im not ungrateful for the help. Sometimes though it just seems to be snobbery that there's better more expensive stuff out there. Not everyone has the cash for gold rated stuff lol. again though thanks for the help! i appreciate it
  3. Hi thanks for the reply. Yeah im aware it was a cheap aio but nonetheless sureley should be beating out the wraith prism. Also to be fair i don't really mind what people think of the PSU. everyone on here is quick to be the expert on what shit i should be picking even though it's unrelated to the problem. that PSU has done me well for the last 5 years or so through multiple upgrades. tis fine.
  4. Hi guys just going to ask here before i contact the seller of the cooler but are these temps normal? Im looking at about 35c on idle and 65c Load on a Ryzen 5 3600 with PBO and Core Boost disabled. whereas my friend using the Wraith Prism cooler he bought from ariapc is getting roughly the same temps. i have the rad top mounted in a gamemax F15 which is known for eccellent airflow. A picture of the AIO in question is shown below. it might be worth mentioning also that the aio sometimes makes a small squirting noise momentarily but i have checked for visible leaks.
  5. Hi thanks for the reply ,Yeah that's what I mean , it's just because I heard of a thing of certain bios versions only supporting certain CPUs and stuff like that
  6. Hi there , was wanting to update to the latest bios on my board as it boasts faster boot times and newer AGESA support. however the cpu compatibility list seems to list the first bios for this board for the Ryzen 5 3600 (https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/X470-GAMING-PRO-MAX#support-cpu). Will i be safe to flash? https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/X470-GAMING-PRO-MAX
  7. Hey , i ended up using a different i5 4570 and got it to work fine , although the 4460 still works in most boards. i just traded in my 4460 to cex for a store voucher and bought the 4570 for £10 more
  8. Hi , my friend attempted to start up his PC and was met with black screen and would not load into automatic repair. i then instructed him to boot into his windows install USB which firstly booted him to an installer where only the background and a cursor would load , after disconnecting both drives and attempting to load into the installer it gives a BCD error and now even with the drives reconnected it still supports the same error. we have tried utterly everything to get something to boot and it just chucks out BCD errors every time. and there seems to be no way to rebuild the BCD. We have r
  9. HI i was just wondering could i buy a cheap lav mic like this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/PC-Microphones/Neewer-Hands-Free-Computer-Clip-Mini-Lapel/B005DJNRQM/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1496367992&sr=8-1&keywords=neewer+lav+mic&linkCode=sl1&tag=podcastage-21&linkId=1a0b17f36abde33e7f0666cccb52d8b8 and then use a bluetooth transmitter like this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless-Bluetooth-Audio-Transmitter-Splitter-Receiver-Multi-point-Music-Adapter/202641835357?epid=7031190619&hash=item2f2e65055d&enc=AQADAAADEFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw
  10. 0904 , i was on the latest and then flashed to this one the other day to try and see if the CPU would post with the first bios it had support for
  11. Hi , when i try to run the bios updater it complains about the mei driver but i already have that up to date
  12. Am i able to flash this from ez flash inside the bios or do i have to do it from a windows install?
  13. Hi thanks very much and sorry again for breaking rules i didn't mean to , The system powers on and runs indefinetley but the system just doesn't do any POST beeps or give a display. and its 1:23 am where i'm at so i'm unable to do that at the moment