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  1. The power supply is a CS750M, and there was water all in the socket and running down the board while it was powered on I guess I need a new board then, hopefully nothing else is dead...
  2. So my computer keeps restarting constantly, it doesn't reach the bios, just keeps power cycling itself, recently my closed loop water cooler decided it didn't want to be closed loop anymore and there was water in the socket and running down the board. It just let me into the bios but it's gone all weird and won't let me move the cursor. Everything is seated properly. Is my motherboard dying or is it something else? My specs if they matter are: I7-4820k X79-ud3 16gb Kingston ram Gtx 970
  3. really like the Dimora mouse pad, it looks really smart and clean, there logo is pretty sick so thats nice.
  4. Put it towards my first computer build
  5. 2. For sure, that'll look beautiful! Can't wait for the build to actually happen!
  6. Hey hey I'm guessing a fellow strayan! Congrats on finishing school! Loving the desk, gonna look sick when it's done!
  7. Do these places do phone screen repair? I'm sure you can make a fortune on fixing I devices screens, they are so popular and easy to break the screens on it you could definitely run a shop that only does that and there are shops that do this and seem to be trucking along fine
  8. So a very large highly regarded engineering company I visited once ran their entire business off iMacs, every single person, cad designers, accounts, receptionist whoever they all had them. I bought a MacBook pro, best decision ever I love it, re sell value on a Macintosh is insane, my friend has almost a 10 year old Apple laptop, runs honestly just as good as the day he bought it, when he chooses to sell it will still be worth actual money, this iMac would be amazing for my school, kiting out classrooms with them would be far cheaper, they will do everything that is required of them, light photo and video editing just fine and will still maintain there value throughout there lifecycle.
  9. D: the pictures are broken! Can't the wait for the build though, I'm sure you'll love it!
  10. BaconMan

    Sleeper Rig

    This is brilliant! Something I dream of doing, getting an old case and putting a beast system in it then going to a LAN and beating everyone else's computer...
  11. And the best bit about the motherboard paint is that you can peel it all off! Very nice build, can't wait to see it done!