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  1. So i'm having some trouble figuring out if the SSD i'm looking to purchase will correctly fit into the Motherboard I currently own. It appears so, but then after doing some research it seems like it might not? Either way, i'm very confused and if anyone could shed some light on the topic that would be awesome! This is the SSD i'm looking to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07J2Q4SWZ/?tag=pcpapi-20 This is the Motherboard I currently have: https://ca.msi.com/Motherboard/Z97-GAMING-5.html Thanks in advance!
  2. OnePlus 3 is a solid phone. I'd defintely reccommend it.
  3. Hello! As of recent, my Steelseries Siberia V3 Prism headset has shit the bed and i've finally decided to come here and get some audio advice. Firstly, let me start by saying that i'm going to RMA my steelseries headset back to them so I can either have it replaced or fixed. However, I know the audio community has better ideas on what headset is better in terms of quality, rather then "gaming" branded all over it. Now.. I have a small head, like.. pretty damn small. The steelseries headsets fit perfectly on my head, where the band doesn't stretch too far from it's default position. I thought about other headsets such as the HyperX Cloud II, but they appear larger, and where I live, I don't have an NCIX store where I could purchase them and see how they feel. I have to order most things online (except a few things that I might be able to snag at staples or bestbuy with a pricematch). SO.. with that out of the way, giving you a general idea how small my god damn head is, what is your reccommendation for a good, solid, gaming headset that has a decent mic and decent audio? Should I just stick with my Siberia's if they get replaced or fixed, or should I just try something that is very close in size to those that may be better quality both acoustics and mic wise. Thanks in advance for all the help!
  4. @Falkentyne @Xenift Fixed the issue! As Falk said, the button was very hard to press, since not being used to the touch controls of BenQ, that's all that caused my stupidity Cheers guys!
  5. Interesting. I'll certainly have to try this out and get back to you. Apparently my father (who accepted the package while i was away at college) tested it with a DVI cable on his PC and worked no problem. Maybe the magic touch is required! haha I've tried several cables, including different DVI cables (Dual link and not), as well as a displayport connector as well, all which work fine on my ASUS monitor i'm using now. As far as the firmware goes, that's good to hear that i don't need to install it lol. I'll get back to @Falkentyne and @Xenift when i try a few more things tonight/tomorrow. Cheers guys!
  6. So, i recently purchased a BenQ XL2420Z monitor for myself for Christmas, however i cannot seem to get it to turn on. I've never had a 144hz monitor before, so i'm not sure if this can be setup with another monitor that is only 60hz. The issue i'm having seems kind of strange; i plug the DVI cable into the monitor (the one that came with), then into my 970, turn on my computer and nothing. I get power to the monitor as the LED dimmer thingy lights up when i put my finger near or on it, however i have no option to change inputs or see anything on the screen. Tried with a display port cable, still nothing. I used the same cords on my ASUS monitor (60hz) that i'm using right now, and it works perfectly fine. I should mention that windows picks up the BenQ monitor in the NVIDIA control panel, but it is grayed out and crashes the driver when i try and setup the dual monitors. There is a firmware update to V2 on their site for my monitor, however i have no idea how to install it, and if i do install it, will it fix my issue? Could it be a dead monitor even though power goes to it fine? So confused, please help Cheers!
  7. Merry Christmas LTT and forums! I would get an ASUS ZenPad tablet for my mother! She doesn't know much about computers, nor uses them a lot, however she has basically taken over my dad's tablet just to check her email and Facebook, which is unfair to him since he bought his tablet as a replacement for his old shitty dell dimension PC haha.
  8. People like this don't belong on this forum. What a shame
  9. Gotta rep NA with Cloud9, but damn they have sucked lately... in the EU i love NiP and EnvyUS (with love for some titan players). G2.Esports has even convinced me they could be a great team after this major. i like underdogs
  10. EnvyUS vs G2. EnvyUS 2-0 I think G2 are a damn good team and have shown a lot of promise, but EnvyUS is #1 in the world in my mind. They might get a game off EnvyUS, but it'll have to be the first game and depend on the maps. NiP vs NaVi NiP 2-1 Depends on map choice for NaVi, although they are much weaker and have shown nothing impressive in the tourn. imo. If NiP get Inferno and anything other than mirage, i think they'll win 2-0. I'm hoping to score gold with my predictions! Already at silver
  11. I actually just bought the BenQ today, so thanks for the extra advice!
  12. Haha that was direct! I have heard their panel quality is pretty good, and my friend owns an older BenQ and still looks crisp and sharp after about 5 years. Thanks for the feedback! I'm been looking at the BenQ model's more (more specifically because they pop-up on every esports twitch ad ever) and just the fact that they look and seem so similar (design wise) to my ASUS PB248Q. Not so much on a "tight" budget, i more or less just want the best quality for 144hz gaming. Thanks for the feedback though!
  13. Hey guys, so I'm trying to determine which monitor to pick up over the next few months as an early "Christmas" gift for myself. I've wanted to pick up a 144hz gaming monitor for a while now, and i've started to get really competitive into CS:GO, so i figured now would be the best time! I have two options (and possibly open to suggestions); the BenQ XL2420Z and AOC's G2460PQU. Why these? Well, I did a nice bit of research on 144hz monitors and the different between some models in the brands, but ultimately i'm looking to pick up one that has a good response time (evident with all the models i looked at), Height, swivel, pivot and rotation (landscape or portrait), speakers (although i probably won't use them often), and something around the $300-450 CAD. I know BenQ and AOC have a pretty good reputation when it comes to monitors, but i'm looking for a good quality 144hz monitor (24") that won't kill my bank account. I currently have an ASUS PB238Q 24" Professional monitor i use for photo/video editing, as well as game development (where i need to make sure assets are their proper colors), however the 5ms response time hurts in multiplayer games. So, what i need is some feedback on what you guys have used/heard/seen before about these monitors (and maybe others), because i've never owned a 144hz monitor before so i want the best one suited for my needs! BenQ spec link: http://www.ncix.com/detail/benq-xl2420z-24in-led-3d-05-94227-1211.htm AOC spec link: http://www.ncix.com/detail/aoc-g2460pqu-24in-led-gaming-25-103554-1761.htm?affiliateid=7474144 As always, appreciate all the feedback in advanced! Cheers!
  14. Wife, no kids. No offense, but this planet is too fucking crowded as is, no point in bringing another asshole into the world haha